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Shell says it has approved huge gas project in Canada

Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver was among a number of voices critical of a massive liquefied natural gas project in northern British Columbia that received final approval on Tuesday. With prices nearly tripling from 2016 lows to over $11 per million British thermal units (mmBtu) as demand gathers steam, the industry has regained confidence and is preparing to invest in new projects again. Read More »

American scientists simulate, sell Martian dirt


That sure seems like a fair price for something you'd otherwise have to fly to another planet to get (or make yourself), and the team reports that they already have approximately 30 pending orders. If we are going to go, we'll need food , water and other essentials. More modern soil might also be red, due to a different type of oxide. He admits that some minerals needed are very hard to obtain. Read More »

An asteroid the size of big Ben is approaching the Earth


Until researchers find the origin of the asteroid, let's just wait for November 11 when it flybys close to the Earth at a distance of 25 million miles without causing any harm to our planet. NASA experts monitor SP1 from 19 September. "We found that the object reflects about six percent of the light it receives from the sun". First discovered on October 10, 2015 by the University of Hawaii's Pan-STARRS-1 (Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System), the "Halloween asteroid" is ... Read More »

Toxic chemicals 'to halve' population of killer whales


The study, in the journal Science , found declines in the number of killer whales in ten out of the 19 groups investigated. Dave Duffus, who directs the whale research lab at the University of Victoria in Canada and was not involved in the new research, said its conclusions are "shocking, but I don't doubt them". Read More »

In South Africa found a new giant dinosaur

Like L. mafube , it was a sauropodomorph, a type of dinosaur which had a small head and long neck , but it was smaller (it weighed about 10 tons) and lived about 210-million years ago. By analysing the fossil's bone tissue, Dr Jennifer Botha-Brink from the South African National Museum in Bloemfontein established the animal's age. Read More »

Ryugu’s Surface Photographed By The Two Japanese Rovers In Mid-Jump


Hayabusa2 sample-return mission dropped the two almost identical rovers, named Minerva-II1A and Minerva-II1B, onto the surface of Ryugu on September 21 . As the asteroids have low gravity, these rovers will jump as high as 49ft and stay in the air for 15 mins to analyze the geographical features of the asteroid. Read More »

Beluga whale spotted in the Thames


The RSPCA says it is "working with other agencies to monitor the situation". Throughout the day, Andrews continued to share whale updates and additional video footage, much to the delight of those following the story on social media. A "very lost" beluga whalespotted in the Thames on Tuesday has been sighted again. Highly sociable, they typically form pods and are often seen in river estuaries in the summer. Read More »

NASA found the Mars Rover Opportunity


Interplanetary station Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) orbiting the red planet on September 20 measured the index tau (τ) is a unit of measurement of the opacity of the atmosphere above the Valley of Perseverance. "(It puts the red in Red Planet.)", sent out by the rover on Sunday. NASA has stepped up efforts to contact Opportunity , but acknowledge the almost 15-year-old rover may not have survived the prolonged power outage. Read More »

Japan firm signs with SpaceX for lunar missions


The first two lunar mission of the company iSpace will be performed in the framework of the LONG-LONG R. the Name means "white rabbit", it is based on local folklore about the rabbit in the moon. The finance will enable it to begin developing its lunar lander programme and to develop lunar exploration transport. The company having 65 staffs, has offices in Japan, which is the headquarters, besides their office in Luxembourg and the US. Read More »

Japanese rovers send back first video from asteroid 280 million km away

A video released Thursday and taken by one of the two bouncing rovers now on the surface of the asteroid Ryugu - over 200 million miles away from Earth - shows you just this. That hop propels the rovers into the air for up to 15 minutes and allows the rover to move up to nearly 50 feet horizontally along the asteroid's surface. Read More »

Alien object 'Oumuamua may have come from one of these stars


It should be noted that Gaia probe is a space observatory that studies more than a billion stars in our Milky Way. Artist's impression oft he interstellar object 'Oumuamua . Bailer-Jones and his colleagues found four stars that are possible candidates for 'Oumuamua's home world. The closest match to the path of 'Oumuamua was with the dwarf star HIP 3757 . Read More »

Study of puzzling fossils confirms they came from an animal


It's not clear when Dickinsonia lived, but well-dated fossils are 558 million years old, said Jochen Brocks of the Australian National University in Canberra, a study author. The evidence of large amounts of fat found in the biofilm that covers the Dickinsonia fossils is therefore not proof within itself that these creatures were animals - rather this feeds into further evidence that has been mounting on where they fit on the evolutionary tree. Read More »

Florence: Severe flooding feared near SC coast


Eleven days after the once-fierce hurricane arrived on the coast, and more than a week after it blew north and dissipated, rivers swollen by its relentless rains are still flooding homes and businesses in their paths as they make their way to the sea. Read More »

After Hurricane Florence: Aerial views of flooding in the Carolinas


Association CEO Graham Boyd said about 40 percent of the crop was still in the field when the storm hit. Henry McMaster said during the same briefing that "the worst is yet to come" for his state. "He also wanted to meet with the people from those areas". New Bern is part of Craven County, which voted almost 60 percent for Trump in 2016. He's passing out Styrofoam containers with food, including hot dogs, chips and fruit and asking how those driving through are doing. Read More »

The man who was slapped in the face by an octopus

Meanwhile, the seal made a decision to call it quits and swam off to find a different meal. "Eventually we were able to get it off", Mullinder said. According to Mulinder, the octopus managed to escape being the seal's dinner as it latched onto the end of the kayak while the seal went on to search for other, less hard food. Read More »

Former Tropical Storm Kirk could make a comeback


Reconnaissance aircraft has indicated that maximum sustained winds have increased to near 60 mph (95km/h), with tropical storm force winds extending outward up to 115 miles (185 km) to the northeast and 90 miles to the southeast of the centre. Read More »

St Lucia under Tropical Storm warning

Taking a shift now to the east, what was Subtropical Storm Leslie was also downgraded yesterday, and it doesn't look impressive at all on the satellite. On the forecast track, Kirk is expected to approach Barbados and the northern Windward Islands Thursday afternoon and move into the eastern Caribbean Sea by Friday morning. Read More »

Mathematician Claims to Have Found Solution for 160-Year-Old Riemann Hypothesis


But before the bubbly is cracked, the 89-year-old has to convince fellow mathematicians of his feat, and they sound very skeptical . The hypothesis was first put forth by German mathematician Bernhard Riemann in 1859. Nobody believes any proof of the Riemann hypothesis, let alone a proof by someone who's 90, he said, but he hoped his presentation would convince his critics. Read More »

Thousands in South Carolina Brace for Post-Florence Flooding


Tammie Hedges and upon entering the facility they developed serious concerns regarding the practice of veterinary medicine without a license and the presence of controlled substances", said the statement . White and Lloyd, who live in the North Carolina town of Kelly, were given little time the night of September 20 to evacuate when the Cape Fear River came rushing onto their property. Read More »

Whale in the UK's River Thames


Beluga whales , also called white whales, are typically spotted off the coast of Scotland, as this is closest to their native waters. A beluga whale has been spotted in the Thames, between Gravesend in Kent and Tilbury in Essex. The animal welfare group says it is ready to provide help to the whale if asked to do so by other agencies. She died from convulsions as she was being rescued. Read More »

Wyoming disappoints by grizzly bear protections


Fast forward to August of past year when the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service revoked protections, declaring the population not only had made a successful recovery, but that they had done all they can to address all other threats. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service initially declared a successful recovery for the Yellowstone population in 2007, but a federal judge ordered protections to remain while wildlife officials studied whether the decline of a major food source - whitebark pine seeds - ... Read More »

No-deal Brexit could ends UK-EU flights, government says

On the eve of his speech to the Labour conference in Liverpool , Mr Corbyn said his MPs would be ordered to vote against any Brexit deal that fails to meet the party's six tests. "But if we need to break the impasse our options must include campaigning for a public vote and nobody is ruling out "remain" as an option", he said to a prolonged standing ovation in a packed conference hall. Read More »

Tornadoes hit Ottawa area with top wind speed of 265 km/h


Meanwhile, across the river in Gatineau, Hydro Quebec said 165,000 customers were without power after Friday's storm, but that number has been widdled down to 114,000 as of 7 a.m. "But the house just across the street lost the second storey". "I asked the mayor, and he felt it's probably best to let the first responders and emergency services do their job, don't distract them", he said. Read More »

A Japanese spacecraft just landed two rovers on an asteroid


Japanese unmanned spacecraft Hayabusa2 released two small Minerva-II-1 rovers on the asteroid Ryugu on September 21. One picture from the surface is blurred as it was taken mid-jump. Yuichi Tsuda, Hayabusa2 project manager said: "I can not find words to express how happy I am that we were able to realise mobile exploration on the surface of an asteroid". Read More »

Hayabusa 2: Japan's mission to land rovers on asteroid Ryugu


The spacecraft is set to release a German-French lander called MASCOT carrying four observation devices in early October and a bigger rover called Minerva-II-2 next year. If it works, Hayabusa2 itself can descend to the surface of Ryugu to analyse the underground makeup of the asteroid, and collect some samples to bring home. Read More »

Hurricane tracker: Tropical Storm Kirk projected path - where is Kirk now?


Kirk is expected to move west toward the Caribbean Ocean over the next several days. It may strengthen some in the next two days, but some dry air will prevent too much strengthening. According to the discussion: "Leslie is embedded within very light steering currents, and most likely the cyclone will be meandering today and tomorrow". Read More »

Dam breach could mean coal ash in Cape Fear River


As flood waters continue to travel through the lake, the smaller breaches are widening. Duke was excavating the two coal ash pits at the Sutton plant in accordance with a 2016 legal settlement with various environmental groups that had sued the company. Read More »

Two little hopping robots deployed to asteroid Ryugu


Since Hayabusa 2 first rendezvoused with the asteroid earlier this summer, the probe has been regularly snapping photographs of the target. The release of Hayabusa 2's MINERVA-II-1 rovers occurred at 9:06 p.m. And all the world knows about the only mission that has ever executed a soft landing on a comet. And only one mission was able to make a soft landing on a comet: space station ESA "Rosetta" flat lander "Phil" on the comet 67P/Churyumov - Gerasimenko. Read More »

Remnants of Florence Bringing Flood Threats to Northeastern US


About 70 miles (115 kilometers) away from the coast, residents near the Lumber River stepped from their homes directly into boats floating in their front yards; river forecasts showed the scene could be repeated in towns as far as 250 miles inland as waters rise for days. Read More »

Michael Jordan donates $2 million for Florence relief and recovery aid


Officials in the Carolinas are anxious about what deaths are still to come amid the swelling rivers and flooding from Florence's crawl across both states. Former basketball star Michael Jordan, a native of Wilmington, North Carolina, and the principal owner of the Charlotte Hornets of the National Basketball Association, donated $2 million to the Florence recovery effort, the team said. Read More »

This town is draped in thousands of spider webs


Spiders in the Tetragnatha genus are found all over the world but mostly occur in the tropics and subtropics. When that happens, the spider population will decrease as well. Spiders will hold your party and will soon die. They are often known as stretch spiders , as they have elongated bodies - and in another worrying development for those who fear spiders - Tetragnatha extensa are small enough and light enough to be able to run across water faster than they can move on land. Read More »

Tropical Storm Kirk forms in Atlantic Ocean


Forecasters say it's a reminder that the 2018 hurricane season is far from over. A wave rolling off the African coast and 500 miles south of the Cabo Verde Islands is growing, however, the center said in its 8 a.m. The other, located about 1,000 miles north-northwest of the Azores, has a 70 percent chance of formation. Forecasters expect some strengthening through Sunday. Read More »

NASA’s telescope discovers two exoplanets five months after launch


According to a statement made by NASA Astrophysics division director Paul Hertz back in July: "Now that we know there are more planets than stars in our universe, I look forward to the odd, fantastic worlds we're bound to discover". 7. The role of TESS is to identify them by observing the light of stars. The images include parts of a dozen constellations, from Capricornus to Pictor, and both the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds, the galaxies nearest to our own. Read More »