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Canada to soften carbon tax as firms fret about U.S….


The change only reduced the amount that heavy emitters or large corporations have to pay on emissions, but did nothing for Canadian households, said Moe. However he said the lighter burden should help industry but doesn't reduce the burden the carbon price will place on individual consumers. Anything beyond that raises the cost to business without changing behaviour, and that's where companies start looking to move to jurisdictions with lower taxes. Read More »

NASA names astronauts for first manned US space launches since 2011

NASA also said SpaceX will launch an uncrewed flight test in November, with Boeing not expected to do that until late in 2018 or in the early part of next year. Sunita Williams, a veteran astronaut with roots in Needham, is going back into space. After announcing the crews, Bridenstine engaged in a largely lighthearted question-and-answer session with the selected astronauts, who expressed their delight in being selected and anticipation in flying on these next-generation vehicles. Read More »

Earth Overshoot Day 2018

As part of its mission to address the issues of clean and sustainable energy, the South African National Energy Development Institute (Sanedi) will be participating in this year's global Earth Overshoot Day , taking place on August 1, by urging South Africans to check their ecological footprint and be mindful of this where possible. Read More »

NASA names astronauts for Boeing, SpaceX flights


In a recent report , the Government Accountability Office said that further delays in NASA's so-called "Commercial Crew" program could "disrupt access to" the space station, which would be an enormous embarrassment for NASA after investing about $100 billion to build and operate it. Read More »

Mars is invading Earth!

The record for the closest Mars ever got to Earth was set in 2003, when the red planet was only 34.6 million miles away. The next time the red planet approaches close to Earth will be in September 2035. Unfortunately, weather conditions might make it hard to see Mars clearly. Mars will be visible in the event horizon at sunset on Tuesday, making its way to the centre of the sky where it will be most visible at midnight. Read More »

Next Month, NASA Will Be Declaring Crew Members For SpaceX And Boeing


Each company's new ship could be test-launched (without any astronauts inside) by the end of the year. " NASA will announce on Friday, Aug. 3 the astronauts assigned to crew the first flight tests and missions of the Boeing CST-100 Starliner and SpaceX Crew Dragon , and begin a new era in American spaceflight", the agency said . Read More »

Trump team wants to roll back Obama-era mileage standards


The proposal from EPA and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration outlines a series of options for the auto rules. Public health experts and environmental groups condemned the White House proposal even before its official release , arguing that it overlooks how much money Americans would save at the pump if cars were more efficient and also squanders a chance to cut pollution from the transportation sector, which has become the nation's largest source of carbon dioxide ... Read More »

'Earth Overshoot Day': How Humanity Is Living On Borrowed Time

Since we only have one, Earth Overshoot Day raises awareness of our consumption level. Earth Overshoot Day was created by the Global Footprint Network ( GFN ), an independent think tank that provides research as well as insights into natural resource consumption and tools for making informed, sustainable decisions. Read More »

Longest lunar eclipse of 21st century turns moon blood-red


Mars is also at its closest approach to Earth this week since 2003, making it appear bigger and brighter . The eclipse will already have started by the time the Moon rises over the United Kingdom and Western Europe. "South-eastern observers will be able to see the eclipse for somewhat longer than north-western ones". But if it's not visible in North America, how can you get a glimpse of today's lunar eclipse? He said: "The moon passes into the shadow of the Earth, blocking ... Read More »

Mars Close Approach: How to view the celestial event


By mid-August, the planet will become fainter as Mars and Earth travel farther away from each other in their orbits around the sun. At only 35.8 million miles / 57.6 million kilometres from us, the Red Planet is closer to Earth this summer than at any time during the 32-year interval 2003 - 2035, allowing those with clear skies and without light pollution to see it quite clearly. Read More »

Scientists spot rare dolphin hybrid


Researchers in Hawaii say they have discovered a whale-dolphin hybrid, which is essentially a mule of the sea. Kimberly A Wood/Cascadia Research The hybrid is in the front, with the melon-headed whale that researchers suspect is the mother. Read More »

Giuliani: 'I want you to hear' Cohen tapes


Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner, son Donald Jr., and top campaign official Paul Manafort met at Trump Tower on June 9, 2016 with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, who had said she was offering information from the Russian government aimed at helping Trump to victory. Read More »

How to see Mars as it's visible alongside 'eerie' blood moon eclipse


As for the next order of business, the reservoir is mostly likely between -10 and -20 degrees C , so that leaves us with the questions: Can any form of life survive at these below freezing temperatures? And recently scientists analyzed from the 2012 data of MARSIS , a radar device on Mars Express, and found a small but extremely bright zone from the reflection of its sent electromagnetic waves. Read More »

Longest Blood Red Moon Witnessed Friday for Two Hours


During Friday's eclipse, the moon will gradually take on a reddish hue as it advances into the Earth's shadow and the colour will look "a little like when the sun sets on the horizon", according to a spokesman for the French Association of Astronomy Clément Plantureux. Read More »

Eclipse 2018 in pictures: Best photos of the Blood Moon


At the same time, Mars is travelling closer to Earth than it has done since 2003, so some observers may see what looks like an orange-red star - and is in fact the red planet. Earlier, on Friday night, about 200 people from the ASV gathered at Braeside Park and watched Mars through 20 telescopes as it sat close to the moon. Read More »

Santa Barbara Raises Stakes For Straws With Jail Time


San Francisco is in the process of enacting a ban on straws and other plastic items, which would begin next July 1. The second offense could be met with a fine of up to $1,000 and a prison term of up to six months. Santa Barbara officials have made a similar argument. SeaWorld Entertainment, which is comprised of 12 theme parks including Busch Gardens and Sea World, announced in June it would be making the move to remove all single-use straws and plastic bags. Read More »

Einstein theory passes black hole test


Artist's illustration of some of the stars orbiting the black hole. When this star is so close to the black hole, begin to affect the effects of General relativity - the gravity of a black hole bends the path of light rays from a star in a particular way, which does not describe the Newtonian theory of gravitation. Read More »

Early-risers impressed by 'super long' blood moon eclipse


Mars is also at its closest approach to Earth this week since 2003, making it appear bigger and brighter . Whether a full moon turns coppery red depends entirely on the atmospheric conditions and how much dust is in the air to bounce off the light from the sun. Read More »

Scientists find underground lake on Mars


Australian experts have applauded the find, saying the discovery of liquid and frozen water resources is key due to their ability to produce fuel and provide life support for astronauts during deep space missions, allowing lower cost launches and space operations. Read More »

A large body of water is under the Martian surface, scientists say


Still, the more measurements scientists can collect, the more confident they can be. But he pointed out that similar salty subglacial lakes in Antarctica had been found to support life. Radio waves beamed down to the surface by Marsis penetrated through the ice and bounced back to the spacecraft. Mars and Earth were closer than this year in 2003, when the two planets were just 55.7 million km apart, which was the closest in almost 60,000 years and won't happen again until 2287, NASA ... Read More »

Yosemite Park Closed While Ferguson Fire Reaching Nearly 40000 Acres


The closures also come during the park's second-busiest month for tourists (after August), with almost 600,000 visiting the park throughout the June, USA Today reports. "They closed Half Dome Village yesterday, and they said they were going to close the (Yosemite Valley Lodge) by 12 so everyone was to leave the park by 12", Vishal told KFSN-TV . Read More »

World treated to incredible blood moon

When the full moon moves into Earth's shadow , it will darken, but it won't disappear. The eclipse will turn the light color of the moon to deep red. EarthSky.org has a map showing more exact locations, and TimeandDate.com has timings based on your location. Chandra Grahan or Lunar Eclipse 2018 tonight LIVE UPDATES: During this rare phenomena, the Moon will turn bright red and it will be visible in India as well. Read More »

'Blood moon' to appear for 21st century's longest lunar eclipse


A lunar eclipse will be visible over much of the Earth on July 27, 2018. The entire event lasts closer to four hours. While this morning's lunar eclipse was long, they can be longer - up to one hour and 47 minutes. For this eclipse, Diego says skywatchers can expect to see a "bright red-orange moon". It's a great time to be a stargazer. The best visibility will be in Africa and Asia. Read More »

Lunar eclipse visible from Prague


The total lunar eclipse is a unique celestial phenomenon in which people will have a chance to take a glimpse of the so-called " blood moon ". Weather forecast shows that the Northern and North-central provinces will have moderately to heavy rain on the night of July 17, which means the sky will be quite cloudy. Read More »

Nigeria to experience longest total lunar eclipse Friday - Scientist


Stargazers in Northern Ireland could miss out on a rare opportunity to catch a glimpse of the lunar eclipse when it appears on Friday. With totality lasting for an incredible 1 hour and 43 minutes, this eclipse clocked in only 4minutes shorter than the longest possible such event calculated by astronomers. Read More »

Century's longest lunar eclipse tonight: All you need to know


As with most eclipses , conspiracy theorists believe it is a sign of the end times and is referred to as the Blood Moon prophecy . Moonrise will be at 8.49pm BST in London, 9.46pm in Glasgow, 9.02pm in Cardiff and 9.27pm in Belfast, with mid-eclipse occurring at 9.21pm and the "total" phase ending at around 10.13pm. Read More »

When is the Blood Moon and how can I see it?


The best visibility will be in Africa and Asia. During the eclipse, the Earth will be moving directly between the Sun and the Moon. The moon appears red (rather than in complete darkness) due to blue light from the earth's atmosphere refracting sunlight onto the surface of the moon. Read More »

Portugal set for total eclipse of the moon


The Moon will begin a long journey through Earth's shadow on Friday afternoon, with the complete trip taking just over 6 hours. July's total lunar eclipse is a rare event, as the light from our life-giving Sun will become blocked for one hour and 43 minutes , the longest totality of the 21st Century. Read More »

Paleontologists Discover Largest Dinosaur Foot to Date


That said , the Wyoming brachiosaur is not the largest dinosaur known to man - other excavations have turned up fossils from animals that were likely larger - but it is the biggest foot in evidence. The specimen, which measures 3.2 feet wide, was big enough it was immediately apparent that it belonged to an extremely large animal . A rendering of Brachiosaurus-araucaria, or "Bigfoot". Read More »

SpaceX has once again failed to catch the Falcon 9 fairing


SpaceX also made its fourth attempt at a first in spaceflight history: Recover a used fairing, which encloses the payload aboard a rocket. The booster in question, Falcon 9 B1048, is the third Block 5 booster to roll off of SpaceX's Hawthorne, CA assembly line and is now the first Block 5 rocket to launch from the company's California launch facilities. Read More »

Total Eclipse of the Moon on 27 July 2018


Sometimes they are penumbral eclipses , where the moon passes through Earth's fainter outer shadow , which isn't quite visible to the human eye. Explaining about the phenomenon, he said, "Throughout the eclipse , the moon will look a bit reddish". Read More »

Longest Lunar Eclipse of the Century

The shadow of the Earth's atmosphere filtered through sunlight appears red when it hits the surface of the Moon, giving the eerie-looking blood moon. What time will you be able to see it? However, the partial eclipse will be visible for nearly four hours. This eclipse is a total lunar eclipse , which means it will be particularly red. Read More »