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Lunar eclipse: Delhi planetarium plans 'moon carnival'

By the time the blood moon is rising on Friday evening in the United Kingdom, it will have begun to pass out of Earth's shadow - although it will still remain quite red. At the same time, Mars will hover near the moon in the night sky, easily visible with the naked eye. What time will you be able to see it? What is Blood moon or Red Moon? Only light that is refracted through Earth's atmosphere manages to reach the moon, with everything outside of the red wavelengths being ... Read More »

'Nigerians Can See Blood Moon Tomorrow From 6:44pm to 9:21pm'


The atmosphere filters out most of the sun's blue light, so the moon looks red. "The rim of the Earth would be glowing because light is being scattered by the Earth's atmosphere". One might think this to be impossible - because an eclipse occurs when the Sun, Earth and Moon are in a straight line, and so if the Moon is above the horizon then the Sun must surely be below it. Read More »

Some California Wines Tainted with Fukushima Radiation Traces


Following the 2011 Fukushima nuclear power plant accident , radioactive waste leaked into surrounding areas and contaminated waters and food. Per CNN , bottles of rosé and Cabernet sauvignon were tested for the radioactive isotope cesium-137, a byproduct of the fission of uranium-235, one of the substances in fuel rods used at the plant when it suffered catastrophic equipment failures following a March 2011 quake and tsunami. Read More »

Giant Liquid Water 'Lake' Discovered On Mars


Is there life on Mars? In just a few days, Mars will make its closest approach to Earth in 15 years . Their first source of water is more likely to be the ice sheets that have been found just below the surface at various spots around the planet's midsection. Read More »

Mars Close Approach: Here's what you'll see from Earth


This summer, opposition occurs July 27, or overnight Thursday into early Friday morning. It will be easy to spot Mars on Thursday night, not only because it will be shining brightly, but also because it will be sitting just below the almost full moon. Read More »

Rare Celestial treat: Longest total Lunar Eclipse of century falls tomorrow


Whichever broadcast you choose, happy lunar eclipse viewing! As per the Indian timings, the eclipse will be in its partial form at around 11.52 pm. This lunar eclipse is especially interesting because it will be a supermoon, which means that the moon will be the closest to the Earth as it can get during its orbit, essentially giving eager lunar observers two astronomical phenomena in one sitting. Read More »

Century's longest total lunar eclipse to occur on July 27


Widened light waves from sunrises and sunsets on the Earth hits the moon's surface, which presents a " blood moon " a visible red exterior. It will be the smallest and furthest full moon of the year. Yes, there will be a total lunar eclipse and full moon on July 27-28. But again, note that a higher altitude also means more cloud coverage. This type of lunar eclipse took place before in India in 1982. Read More »

Flash Flood potential for DC-metro area Sunday


The weather service did not say all areas under warning would experience severe weather, just that the risk was higher. By Thursday and Friday , scattered storms are still expected mainly for the afternoon and evening hours but there may not be as many in the area. Read More »

Water is Buried Beneath Martian Landscape, Study Says


Researchers from the Italian Space Agency say they used radar to detect the lake under the planet's southern polar ice cap. Although the temperature of the lake is expected to be below the freezing point of pure water, the research team notes that salts of magnesium, calcium and sodium - known to be present in Martian rocks - could be dissolved in the water to form a brine. Read More »

Trump Administration Looks to Significantly Amend Emissions Rules


The measure would also cut short the Obama plan that would raise fleet fuel efficiency averages to 50MPG by 2025. President Donald Trump's administration is expected as early as Thursday to propose revoking California's power to set state vehicle emissions rules, setting up what is likely to be a protracted legal battle between the state and Washington. Read More »

Italian Space Agency says it’s found evidence of water on Mars

The discovery was made using Marsis , a radar instrument on board the Mars Express orbiter. Dr Brendan Burns, a microbiologist and astrobiologist from The University of New South Wales, says the find is intriguing evidence for the presence of life below the ice at the south pole on Mars. Read More »

GET READY: Dundee to experience longest lunar eclipse of the century


Lunar eclipses also only take place when the moon is full. This month's Full Buck blood moon will star in the longest total lunar eclipse of the century . An eclipse occurs when the Earth comes between the moon and the sun, causing the Earth's shadow to cover the moon. Brad Tucker, researcher at Australian National University 's Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics, explained why we don't get a lunar eclipse every lunar cycle. Read More »

Life on Mars? Scientists discover underground 'lake' at south pole


Orosei and co. used MARSIS to measure a section of Mars' canyon-filled southern ice cap called Planum Australe, which had been returning abnormal radar readings for a section of land in that area, between May 2012 and December 2015. The radar profile of this sub-surface Martian lake is similar to lakes found under the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets here on Earth, this suggests that there is indeed a subglacial lake on Mars. Read More »

Mars close approach and Blood Moon on July 27 will spark apocalypse


The longest lunar eclipse of the century also coincides with the Mars opposition. During the Mars opposition, Mars will be about five times brighter than usual! The same day, Mars will be at its brightest as it travels close to earth, so observers may be able to see what looks like an orange-red star which is in fact the so called red planet. Read More »

Underground lake with liquid salt water found on Mars

The results , published July 25 in Science , provide some resolution to a decades-long debate over whether a sizable body of liquid water is present on Mars. A total of 29 sets of radar samplings showed a "very sharp change in its associated radar signal", allowing scientists to map the outlines of the lake. Read More »

Huge underground lake found on Mars

There is already ample evidence that Mars likely had an environment that would have been friendly to life as we know it, long in the past. "We interpret this feature as a stable body of liquid water on Mars". It will also interest those studying the possibilities for life beyond Earth - though it does not yet raise the stakes in the search for biology. The researchers noted that together, with the pressure of the, this lowers the melting point, allowing the lake to remain liquid , as ... Read More »

Scientists find lake of "liquid water" on Mars

Mars long ago was warmer and wetter, possessing significant bodies of water, as evidenced by dry lake beds and river valleys on its surface. "Those are not ideal conditions for life to form", Siebach said. "The limited raw-data coverage of the SPLD (a few percent of the area of Planum Australe) and the large size required for a meltwater patch to be detectable by MARSIS (several kilometers in diameter and several tens of centimeters in thickness) limit the possibility of identifying small ... Read More »

A lake of actual water has been discovered on Mars


But Orosei and his colleagues knew better than to run right out and announce to the world they'd found liquid water on Mars. First, scientists have discovered evidence of a buried lake; that's not the same as finding an actual lake. "They rule out a number of possible explanations...leaving the existence of liquid water, either as a distinct water layer or as saturated sediments, as the only explanation". Read More »

Tech and science will keep the Parker Solar Probe from melting


The main objective of the mission is to revolutionize our understanding of the sun. The launch will be on August 6 between 4am and 6am EST, with the launch window open until August 19. This carbon-composite shield will also protect Parker and its delicate instruments from the extreme coldness of space as it travels to the sun. The probe will eventually be closer to the sun than Mercury. Read More »

The moon will turn blood red in Canberra early on Saturday morning


A total lunar eclipse occurs when the moon and the sun are on exact opposite sides of Earth. Alas, those of us in the USA will miss it because the eclipse will begin at around 1:14 p.m. This phenomenon will also take place alongside the Blood Moon. It's a good time for Americans to start getting excited about the moon, as NASA will begin celebrating the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, the the spaceflight that made astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin the first two people on the moon, ... Read More »

Longest lunar eclipse of the century happening this week


The eclipse will be visible in parts of Australia, Asia, Africa, South America and Europe. During a total lunar eclipse, the moon passes through the Earth's shadow. The total eclipse will start in Eastern European hubs like Bucharest and Moscow at 10:30 p.m. local time. Once the clock strikes midnight, the moon will be returning to normal and the penumbral eclipsing will end by around 12.30am BST. Read More »

Mass Shooting in Toronto, UPDATED - SHOOTER DEAD


Andrew Van Eek, who lives near the shooting , told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp . that he stuck his head out of his window after the gunfire started. "I can not imagine what they are going through, the pain, the loss". "It was like he was in a stance, his arms were straight out", she said. Police said the suspected gunman exchanged fire with officers and was later found dead in the area. Read More »

Forget Brexit for a while and count the butterflies, Attenborough tells Brits


It was launched in 2010 and has rapidly become the world's biggest survey of butterflies. Backing the unique count, the 92-year-old naturalist said watching butterflies in his garden takes his mind off "the woes of Brexit", referring to the ranging controversy over the United Kingdom leaving the 28-member European Union on March 29, 2019. Read More »

Blood moon: Longest lunar eclipse of the century is coming this week

For the duration of the total lunar eclipse , the Moon will be completely engulfed by the Earth's shadow. This will be a historical eclipse as it will last three hours and 55 minutes, making it the longest eclipse of this century. The total lunar eclipse will last almost 103 minutes, which makes it the century's longest. Lunar fans across the United Kingdom will be able to catch a glimpse of the spectacular event during which the moon's surface is stained red. Read More »

New armored dinosaur discovered in Utah


Excitingly, casts of the Akainacephalus johnsoni fossil are now on public display at the Natural History Museum of Utah in Salt Lake City If you're in the area, check it out and leave us a review of the exhibit below. Akainacephalus walked on four legs directly beneath its body and was considered medium-size, measuring between 13 and 16 feet long and 3½ feet tall. Read More »

Neil Armstrong's private collection goes to auction


AM 760's Mark Larson chatted with Colonel Buzz Aldrin to reflect on such a monumental observance, and details on the possibility of the astronauts not coming home. Armstrong's son, Mark Armstrong, said his father never talked to him about what he wanted done with the large amount of items he kept. " We felt like the number of people that could help us identify them and give us the historical context was diminishing and that the problem of understanding that context would only get worse over ... Read More »

Fossilised snake embryo found in 105 million-year-old amber


Scientific discovery will trace the relationship between ancient and modern species. The baby is the first one to prove that snakes lived in forests, too, fleshing out understanding of both ancient reptile and forest ecology. Study co-author Dr. Lida Xing is a paleontologist from the China University of Geosciences in Beijing. "This indicates that the mode of development of snakes seems to have been quite constant since a hundred million years ago until today". Read More »

Blue Origin successfully tests escape system in latest New Shepard launch


The rocket chalked up a seemingly flawless launch and then fell back to Earth, re-starting its hydrogen-fueled BE-3 main engine, deploying four landing legs and settling to a picture-perfect touchdown on a circular pad. The New Shepard reusable rocket lifted off from the Washington-based company's suborbital facility in Van Horn, Texas , about 10 a.m. "We are stressing the rocket to test that astronauts can get away from an anomaly at any time during flight". Read More »

USA researchers discover 12 new moons around Jupiter


There's many more smaller moons around Jupiter . For greater detail, a spacecraft is needed. After the team of scientists initially saw the moons via a telescope at Chile's Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory, at least four other telescopes were used to verify the moons. Read More »

Scientists discover 'quadrillion tons of diamond' beneath Earth's surface


Diamonds are made of pure carbon and formed under enormous heat and pressure over many millions of years. The very deepest portions are known as the "root". However, the discrepancy was too much and the coolness of the rock did not adequately account for the significant uptake in wave speed. The findings, however, are unlikely to set off a diamond rush, say scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States and colleagues. Read More »