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Asteroid headed straight for Earth burns up in sky

NASA says it disintegrated several miles over the surface as it lit up the sky. The dinosaurs were blasted into extinction 66 million years ago when a far bigger asteroid hit Earth but for the African wildlife living below this asteroid they had a lucky escape. Read More »

The Moon's Gradual Retreat is Lengthening Earth Days


The way skater slows down his spinning speed by stretching his arms out, the spinning speed of Earth is slowing down as the moon is distancing itself from the planet. This result is an outcome based on a new statistical method of astrochronology by combining the astronomical and geological concepts and its objective was to study the Earth's geologic past to understand the ancient climate change phenomena. Read More »

No need for Planet Nine? Small objects’ gravity could explain weird orbits

Some TNOs are "detached objects", which orbit so far from the sun that they're not appreciably affected by the gravity of Neptune or any other known planet. Sedna itself was only discovered in 2003, while the second-largest (by volume) and most massive dwarf planet, Eris, was found in 2005. Using the simulations, they had calculated that the orbits of icy objects beyond Neptune circle the sun like the hands of a clock. Read More »

Scientists spot small asteroid hours before collision with Earth


EDT (1644 GMT) while hurtling down at a whopping 38,000 miles per hour (61,155 km/h). It was moving an incredible 10 miles per second when it reached Earth. Smaller objects are fainter and more hard to spot in a large sky, though efforts like the NASA-funded Catalina Sky Survey are increasingly able to search a wider field of sky to find these somewhat elusive objects. Read More »

Trio head home from ISS with football slated for World Cup


A Soyuz space capsule carrying Russian cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov , US astronaut Scott Tingle and Japanese astronaut Norishige Kanai lands safely in Kazakhstan. HDEV cameras aboard the International Space Station are constantly recording, as the ISS circles the earth at 380 kilometres above the planet, on the edge of space in low earth orbit. Read More »

Whale Dies After Eating More Than 80 Plastic Bags


During an autopsy veterinarians removed more than 80 plastic bags from the whale's stomach, said Jatuporn Burutpat , Director-General to Thailand's Department of Marine and Coastal Resources. Every square kilometre of the world's oceans is believed to contain 13,000 pieces of plastic, and for creatures that eat jellyfish and squid, a synthetic bag can be easily mistaken as a prey item. Read More »

SpaceX prepares for Monday launch of SES-12 satellite


According to the mission's press kit , the Falcon 9 rocket's second stage will deploy the satellite 32 minutes and 14 seconds after liftoff. SpaceX has successfully launched a satellite using a pre-flown rocket yet again. Operating under such heavy reuse is the breakthrough expected to slash the cost of spaceflight, helping more lofty space exploration goals to be financially feasible, SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk has said . Read More »

Trump administration taking steps to save coal plants; effect on Colstrip unclear


After the Energy Department conducted a reliability study a year ago, Energy Secretary Rick Perry proposed a rule that would have compensated coal and nuclear plants for their ability to store months' worth of fuel on site. The Defense Production Act, adopted in 1950 at the start of the Korean War, allows the federal government to intervene in business to promote national security. Read More »

Trans Mountain seeks stricter injunction to limit protests at B.C. terminals


Construction on the 590,000-barrel-per-day expansion to the existing 300,000-bpd line, halted by Kinder Morgan in April, is to be restarted immediately in the wake of Tuesday's announcement of Ottawa's $4.5-billion purchase. The Federal Government stepping in to save a controversial energy project is not without precedent, notably when Brian Mulroney's Conservative government forged ahead with the Hibernia oil field off the coast of Newfoundland despite heavy opposition. Read More »

Pluto's 'Ice Dunes' Are Proof It Has 'Earth-like Characteristics'


Writing in Science , an worldwide team of geographers, physicists and planetary scientists have analysed detailed images of the dwarf planet's surface, captured in July 2015 by NASA's New Horizons spacecraft . Within these highly detailed images, researchers noticed what looked to be an extensive system of odd dunes stretching 75 miles along the boundary of Pluto's massive Al-Idrisi Montes mountain range and Sputnik Planitia - a nitrogen-ice plain that forms the left lobe of the planet's ... Read More »

Pluto's dunes made of frozen methane

The dwarf planet hangs out at the far reaches of the Solar System and it's an incredibly chilly place to be. It could have been made from lumps of ice with a chemical composition closer to that of our Sun. Scientists know this because of the shape of the piles of sand whose dark streaks allowed them to retrace the direction from which the wind blew. We are used to seeing dunes on different bodies - Earth, Mars , Titan (Saturn's largest moon), and now Pluto. Read More »

Flash flood watch Thursday with more rain on the way


Bodies of water such as rivers and creeks could rise rapidly due to the heavy rain, potentially overflowing. Flash flooding is a very risky situation.You should monitor later forecasts and be prepared to take action should Flash Flood Warnings be issued. Read More »

Japanese fishermen slaughter 122 pregnant whales for 'scientific research'


But Local media said that whale flesh was also being sold by the bucket load in Japan's fish markets. In this case, the cannons were fitted with 30g penthrite grenades. Despite global condemnation, Japan conducts its annual summer whale hunt. Japan says its whaling programme is for scientific purposes, despite a 2014 United Nations ruling against its " lethal research " and widespread condemnation. Read More »

Scientists finally find the 240-million-year-old 'mother of all lizards'


The team combined data from both living and extinct reptiles-which involved anatomical data drawn from CT scans and DNA, revealing that the once enigmatic reptile was actually the oldest known squamate. An artists impression of Megachirella wachtleri walking through the vegetation in the Dolomites 240m years ago . Flowers had not evolved, and the ground was dominated by primitive plants called lycopods (ancestors of club mosses and quillworts). Read More »

Lions, tigers, jaguar on the loose at German zoo; bear shot


Residents in the nearby are are being warned to stay indoors. A recent storm caused damage in some parts of the region, though it was unclear whether the animals escaped because of damage caused by the storm. Wildlife lovers said the case showed wild animals should not be kept in cages. Official were now examining whether the animals should be moved to another zoo while clear-up operations continue. Read More »

Great Barrier Reef on sixth life in 30,000 years

For scientists, this has particularly concerning ramifications as the rate of sediment input is continuing to increase due to human activities. It said the Reef adapted to sudden changes in the environment in the past by moving across the sea floor as the oceans rose and fell. Read More »

Alberto expected to weaken as storm moves through Alabama, Tennessee


Bands of dry air wrapped up with the storm spared Central Florida much of the feared rainfall that had triggered a flood watch, and the watch was discontinued Sunday afternoon. An EOSDIS satellite's view of subtropical storm Alberto to the south west of the Florida seen in a handout photo made available by Nasa Worldview, on May 27, 2018, by the US National Hurricane Center (NHC). Read More »

Feds explore buying Trans Mountain; Morneau's decision coming Tuesday


To do so, Canada will pay the pipeline's current owner, Kinder Morgan, $4.5 billion in Canadian dollars - about $3.5 billion in US currency. "We invested in Hibernia, for example", he said . Kean did not say why he made a decision to sell rather than absorb the risk of further delays. Notley said the pipeline will be under federal jurisdiction, which will limit how British Columbia laws can be applied to the project. Read More »

Subtropical Storm Alberto heads to the US Gulf


National Hurricane Center forecasters said that as of 11 a.m., the storm was about 130 miles (210 kilometers) southwest of Tampa. Alberto is scheduled to make landfall on the Florida Panhandle early Monday, and the three states likely to bear the brunt of the storm have begun preparing states of emergency. Read More »

Alberto expected to make landfall Monday


The moisture pouring northward coincides with Subtropical Storm Alberto , which approached the Florida Panhandle from the Gulf on Monday morning with sustained winds of up to 65 miles per hour. Winds from the storm are forecast to hit Florida's Panhandle on Sunday night. Some tourists said the rainy weather would not dampen their vacations. Read More »

Tropical storm closes in on Florida, Alabama and Mississippi


The storm's effects were being felt in South Florida, in the Keys and across the state, with 1 to 3 inches of more rain expected Monday, forecasters said , in areas already saturated from an above-normal rainfall in May. But the storm still poses a considerable threat to the Florida Panhandle as it is predicted to move ashore there on Monday. A waterspout, a unsafe vortex of wind and water, was spotted late Sunday about 7 miles off shore of Alligator Point, Florida, said Roth. Read More »

Brexit customs 'mess' will hurt peace in Ireland, says Labour's Corbyn


Jeremy Corbyn wants the Irish government to have a role in Northern Ireland in the continued absence of a power-sharing agreement, he will say in a speech in Belfast. Convening the BIIC is favoured by nationalists , but opposed by the DUP and the Ulster Unionist Party (UUP) who regard it as a "talking shop". Mr Williamson said Mr Austin's critique "betrays the fact that he is trapped in a New Labour time warp", and added: "Contrary to Ian's protestations, Jeremy Corbyn has been the ... Read More »

Alan Bean, astronaut, moonwalker - and artist - dies


Alan Bean stepped onto the lunar surface preceded by Pete Conrad, the mission commander of their Apollo 12 flight, in November 1969, four months after Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first lunar explorers. Bean was born in 1932, in Wheeler, Texas , and received a Bachelor of Science degree in aeronautical engineering from the University of Texas in 1955. Read More »

SpaceX launch destroys NASA photographer's camera


As it turns out, his Canon DSLR was melted in a brush fire that was ignited by the Falcon 9 launch, Ingalls wrote in a Facebook post . In September previous year, for example, a number of photographers ruined their camera kit while trying to capture the much-anticipated solar eclipse . Read More »

Timeline of Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain pipeline


Both Manitoba and Saskatchewan have supported the pipeline project against British Columbia's objections, but Mr. Pallister said the western provinces need to focus on obstacles to free trade - both global and interprovincial. "We're very close to some very important decisions that need to be made, very complex decisions with a lot of moving parts, so I need to be here". The company has set May 31 as a deadline for getting those guarantees. Read More »

Scientists told about the birds survived the asteroid impact


The finding, described in the journal Current Biology , reveals how the avian winners and losers in the wake of the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event shaped the evolution of all of the birds we see today. This seems to match with their reconstructions, which show that the birds that survived the extinction event had ground-dwelling features, such as relatively long legs. Read More »

Subtropical Storm Alberto Heads Toward Gulf Coast


Check this page for all watches and warnings issued for our area by the National Weather Services and NOAA . Alberto is expected to transition from a subtropical cyclone to a tropical cyclone over the weekend as environmental conditions become more favorable. Read More »

Tropical depression formation expected Saturday


Friday update . Heavy rains from the Gulf of Mexico spawned flooding in the Southeastern states ahead of what forecasters said Wednesday could become the year's first tropical storm just as tourist season begins. Because of its slow movement, there will be a continuous flow of moisture into the region. The Mexican government has issued a tropical storm watch for the Yucatan Peninsula's east coast, and the Cuban government has issued a tropical storm watch for Pinar del Rio. Read More »

Michael Cohen Associate Agrees to Cooperate With Prosecutors


Mr Cohen, who was not registered as a representative of Ukraine , was brought in because Ukraine's registered lobbyists and its embassy in Washington could get Mr Poroshenko little more than a photo op with Mr Trump while the Ukrainian leader, "needed something that could be portrayed as "talks", the broadcaster reported . Read More »

Amazon helps law enforcement with facial recognition technology


In a blog post previous year, Amazon said a new feature let customers "identify people of interest against a collection of millions of faces in near real-time, enabling use cases such as timely and accurate crime prevention". Already, they've done so with more than 30,000 mugshots. A recent House oversight committee hearing on facial recognition technologies revealed that the algorithms used to identify matches are wrong about 15 percent of the time , and evidence suggests that ... Read More »

NHRC issues notice to TN Govt over Sterlite protest


On the other hand, Kamal Haasan , who is now the chief of Makkal Needhi Maiam (MNM), met some of those injured during the violence at the General Hospital in Thoothukudi on Wednesday. A plea for a CBI probe into the matter was also dismissed by the bench. After being chased away from the GH, the mob pelted stones on the police and their vehicles. Read More »

$4300 iPhone X with attached solar charger goes on sale


Additionally, it has IP67 water and dust resistance while each device will be numbered in the order they were made. "Reportedly Musk's one will also bear the following engraving, "Made on Earth by Humans" . It will be a limited run with 999 units, where it was originally planned for 99 units but apparently there was a greater demand than expected during development. Read More »