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Rockstar Announce Red Dead Redemption 2 Release Date


According to the studio , the game requires a "little extra time to polish" and so an October release date is required. Rockstar is a studio well known for putting out quality games and we can only look forward to the release of their next major title with anticipation. Read More »

Google Home will now wake you up with your song of choice


Now, you can just tell the Assistant to "set an alarm for 7AM that plays Bob Dylan", and it'll wake you up to whatever artist, song, or playlist you asked for. We've worked closely with Netflix to make your Netflix casting experience more personal. You can set an alarm just for that, too. The same command doesn't work for the Assistant on a phone, unfortunately . Read More »

SM-3 interceptor fails to hit target in missile defense test


The U.S. military also conducted an unsuccessful missile intercept test in June a year ago after carrying out a successful one the previous February.At present, Japan has a two-layer anti-ballistic missile system, consisting of Aegis destroyers carrying SM-3 missiles and ground-based PAC-3 batteries. Read More »

Emery Lehman to compete in 5000m at 2018 Olympics


Twenty-eight Russian athletes have had their Olympic doping bans overturned, plunging the International Olympic Committee's policy on Russian doping into chaos a week before the 2018 Winter Games begin in Pyeongchang. compete under the title 'Olympic Athlete from Russia (OAR),' " NPR's Bill Chappell reported in December . One Russian athlete who didn't receive an International Olympic Committee invitation, biathlon world champion Anton Shipulin, was in the audience along with boxer ... Read More »

Larry Nance Jr. scores 8 points in Lakers loss


The Los Angeles Lakers will play the Orlando Magic in one of the National Basketball Association games on Wednesday, start time at 7:00 PM ET, at Amway Center, Orlando, FL. "We weren't committed to guarding anyone tonight", Walton said. Orlando (15-35) piled up a season-high 43 points in the third quarter. On the night, the Magic shot an outstanding 18-of-32 (56.3 percent) from behind the arc and had six of their players make at least two 3-pointers. Read More »

Government officials question Apple about software update that slow down older iPhones


In a statement provided to various media outlets on Wednesday, Apple confirmed it had received "questions from some government agencies and we are responding to them". It was said to be too early in the probe to speculate regarding the potential for Apple to be accused of wrongdoing. The update will also give users the ability to disable the throttling of the processor on the phone . Read More »

Nintendo confirms Super Mario animated film and Mario Kart mobile game

Finally! While some people have some weird attachment to the Super Mario Bros . live action theatrical atrocity that was made, many people would rather forget that ever existed. For this project Mr. Chris Meledandri , Founder and CEO of Illumination and Shigeru Miyamoto , Representative Director, Fellow of Nintendo will co-producing the film. Read More »



He initially indicated he supports the memo's release. The president responded that he would "100 percent" make it public . But he stressed that "the chairman went to the Federal Bureau of Investigation to make sure we were protecting sources and methods", calling it "ironic" that Democrats were complaining as "Devin actually made the motion" Monday to make the Democrats' memo available to other House members. Read More »

Amazon Greenlights 'Jack Ryan' Series Starring John Krasinki From Carlton Cuse


Tom Clancy character Jack Ryan is back, and this time he's played by John Krasinski of The Office . Now comes another ad, relying on a more traditional hero to deal with trouble in a spot for Amazon Prime Video. Other stars include Wendell Pierce ( The Wire ) and Abbie Cornish ( Candy ), with Carlton Cuse acting as executive producer and showrunner. The trailer , released Tuesday, is set to be aired during Super LII on February 4 following Justin Timberlake's halftime show. Read More »

Super blue blood moon sighted after more than 150 years


On January 31st starting at around 17:18 IST, India will witness a rare celestial event- a total lunar eclipse coinciding with a supermoon and a blue moon . "To see this many people on a chilly morning who are interested in what's going on with the Earth, that's really encouraging", Stuever said. Today is the time for the total lunar eclipse . Read More »

Two PlayStation Plus Free Games for February Revealed Early


If you're a sucker for vibrant worlds, chances are either title above will satisfy you during the short month that is February. None of these games are what was rumored a week or two ago. At the very least, if you've never played Knack before, you can see how far the PS4 has come since its 2013 launch. Mugen Souls Z takes place directly after the first Mugen Souls RPG and you play as the goddess Syrma. Read More »

Super blue blood moon eclipses over Anchorage


Super: It's a full moon on it's closes approach to earth, making it appear a bit larger. Advertisement If there are two full moons in the same month, that second one is called a " blue moon ." . The last time a complete lunar eclipse occurred was September 28, 2015. Time and Date scientific website reveals that those who are interested in watching the lunar eclipse can do so with naked eye. Read More »

Google is learning machine to predict flight delays


Flights will also start showing the reasons why a flight is delayed. Google is rolling out a few new features to its Google Flights search engine to help travelers tackle some of the more frustrating aspects of air travel - delays and the complexities of the cheaper, Basic Economy fares. Read More »

Tom Hardy Just Got A Leonardo Dicaprio Tattoo After Losing A Bet


The 40-year-old actor eventually lost out on the gong, to Mark Rylance for Bridge of Spies , and now, almost two years on from the pair's bet, has had the inking added to his already vast tattoo collection. Looks like Leo got his handwriting in place and his reward for the bet. Instagram images have emerged that appear to show Hardy with an usual design at the top of his left bicep, it reads: "Leo Knows ALL". Read More »

Orcas Can Say 'Hello', 'Bye-Bye' and 'One-Two-Three'


Wild orcas are known to live in groups and comm- unicate in dialects that are often unique to their pod. The creatures already have the ability to copy the movements of other orcas and now this new research reveals that the creatures can also emulate unknown sounds produced by other orcas. Read More »

IOS 12 Will Focus More On Security

Meanwhile, other reports are pointing to a shift in focus for Apple's next update to its mobile operating system. Numerous major feature additions and upgrades Apple had planned may be delayed until 2019. Apple's big software update for iPhones and iPads may not be available until much later in the year, but reports already indicate there may not be major feature additions and overhauls for iOS 12. Read More »

Child experts urge Facebook to discontinue its Messenger Kids app


A Facebook spokeswoman told CNN Tech the company has no plans to shut down the Messenger Kids app . Facebook is under fire from child health experts over its new app, Messenger Kids . Messenger Kids launched previous year, but has since become the focus of a campaign for Facebook to scrap the app over concerns about the health of children. Read More »

Trump puts Twitter aside as he prepares for big speech


White House aides Kellyanne Conway, Stephen Miller and Hope Hicks were also in the meeting and Vice President Mike Pence dropped by. In the same survey, 67 per cent of Americans said the country was more divided because of Trump. Some Democratic lawmakers plan to boycott the president's address. Precisely because no analysis of Trump's speech can forgo the issues that have so far shaped his tenure - his unpredictability and penchant for fiery language, his shifting policy stances and his ... Read More »

Google removed over 700000 malicious apps from the Play Store in 2017


For most users, though, the main Android app store is Google's own Play Store and as the company announced today, the company removed 700,000 potentially harmful or deceiving apps from its store a year ago. Inappropriate content: Apps that contain or promote content such as pornography, extreme violence, hate, and illegal activities are not allowed. How many of those were bad apps, however, is anyone's guess. Read More »

'Who Is Jesus?' Google Home Couldn't Answer and People Weren't Happy


Soon, smart audio will be in our vehicles. Then he asked, "who is Buddha?" and Google Home read the first sentence of the Buddha Wikipedia page. And when she asked who Jesus was, the device responded, "Sorry, I'm not sure how to help". " I don't think Google needs any kind of controversy with retailers ". But the same videos showed Google Home easily answering that same question about other religious figures, including Buddha and Mohammed. Read More »

LG Announces New G6, Q6 Color Options Ahead Of MWC 2018

The LG Q6 range is expanded with moroccan blue and lavender violet models too. LG G6's colors will be added to the numerous colors ready: Marine Blue, Terra Gold, Mystic White, Ice Platinum, and Astro Black. "With the introduction of the new LG G6 and LG Q6 colors, consumers have more options than ever before in finding a smartphone that best expresses their individuality", LG explained its latest move in a press release. Read More »

Hard work awaits Aussies in South Africa

Kohli termed the win in the third Test as a massive milestone for his team and said it could help the side win more matches in alien conditions in the upcoming series. The side also comprised players who were either over the hill or not entirely match-fit. Kohli finished as the series' top-scorer with 286 runs, including a counter-attacking 153 at Centurion and innings of 54 and 41 in Johannesburg , which must rank among his best in the format for his sheer conviction in plonking his front ... Read More »

"Once in a blue moon" rare occurrence to happen tomorrow night


The Super Moon coincides with the Blue Moon, which makes it extra Special. This so-called "blood" moon also happens to be the second full moon of the month, earning it the additional label of a blue moon. You may want to look up early Wednesday morning. It will also be a full moon, the second one in January, which is where the name Blue Moon comes in. Read More »

Clashes over European Union worth for Brexit transition


The negotiating guidelines were agreed by the member states after only a two-minute discussion, the European Commission's Deputy Chief Negotiator Sabine Weyand said on Monday afternoon. Clark told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: 'I think it's very important that as we leave the European Union - which is absolutely, unambiguously the case that we are - that businesses have been very clear all across the country, large businesses and small businesses as well, that we need to take the time to ... Read More »

Microsoft snaps up backend service platform PlayFab


PlayFab has served 700 million gamers worldwide and is now powering more than 1,200 games, including games from Disney , Rovio , and Atari. Microsoft aims to help developers manage their games through the merging of these two platforms by providing knowledge of server capacity and analytics. Read More »

WhatsApp new update brings Apple CarPlay integration


However, people from iCulture noted that the integration automatically comes after the installation of the new version of WhatsApp and they said the integration is nearly the same with the iMessages integration for CarPlay . The updated WhatsApp for iPhone with the CarPlay support is accessible for download on App Store. It'll work like any other messaging app due to Apple's strict rules for CarPlay messaging apps . Read More »