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When Does Winter Start? The Shortest Day of the Year Is Approaching


Here are six things to know about the longest night of the year. Neither seasons nor solstices are a reflection of the distance between Earth and the sun, although that distance does change a little over the course of the year. The solstice has always been an event celebrated by various cultures around the world. It's also aligned to mark the summer solstice in June. During the other half of the year, between September and March, the south pole is pointing toward the sun, with the solstice ... Read More »

Unveiled: Boeing's revolutionary new unmanned aircraft


Boeing has unveiled its proposed unmanned aircraft offering for the U.S. Navy's MQ-25 carrier-based aerial refueling tanker drone program. US Navy requires the MQ-25 to be able to carry almost 15,000 pounds of fuel to a distance of 500 miles from a carrier, enough to extend the range of combat aircraft 300 or 400 miles beyond their typical range. Read More »

Samsung Mass Producing Industry's First 2nd-Gen, 10-Nanometer Class DRAM


The chip can be used in a wide range of computing systems. Belonging to the 10nm class just like its predecessor, the 8-gigabit chip also features a 15% improvement in energy efficiency and a 10% increase in performance. The company hasn't relied on a new process to make the RAM smaller. There's more efficient error checking as well as a progressive "air spacer" scheme which enables a higher level of scaling and rapid cell operation. Read More »

First pictures of Falcon Heavy


SpaceX is now aiming to do its first Falcon Heavy launch in January - and it's apparently going to carry Musk's own Tesla Roadster as its payload - something that seemed like a joke until it wasn't. You've tripled the vibration and acoustics. "The amount of load you're putting through that center core is insane because you've got two super-powerful boosters also shoving that center core, so we had to redesign the whole center core airframe". Read More »

Worst Passwords of 2017: '123456,' 'Password,' 'Starwars'


We humans always tend to reduce the stress of memorising different password for different use and thus we make a password can go right with our daily life use and can be recalled quickly. It is believed that nearly 10% of computer users have used at least one of these. We're less than two weeks out from the start of 2018, and that can only mean one thing: it's time to look back at some of the worst passwords of the year. Read More »

Pokemon Go's New AR Mode Revealed

These improvements come care of Apple's ARKit framework, meaning they are Apple-exclusive. Unfortunately for some, AR+ will only be coming to the iOS version of the app. The first big change is scale. You'll want to walk slowly, when the Pokemon's excitement meter is low. Should a trainer move closer or further away to the monster on the screen, for example, it will respond accordingly. Read More »

Super Mario Odyssey sells over a million copies in Japan


The Escapists 2 will release on the Switch eShop on the January 11th next year for £19.99 / $19.99 United States dollars, giving it price parity with other platforms. This is followed by the Nintendo Switch at three, the Samsung Galaxy 8 at four and the Xbox One X at five. At a suggested retail price of $19.99, The Escapists 2 represents good value for the Switch, particularly considering the relative price of other recent ports to the system. Read More »

Apple might be slowing down your old iPhone on objective

To verify, he also visited Geekbench and compared the benchmark scores and he was able to notice a clear performance boost after a new battery was added. "If the performance drop is due to the " sudden shutdown " fix, users will experience reduced performance without notification", Geekbench explained. Read More »

Apple will reportedly unify iOS and macOS apps in 2018


Also look for typos or sloppy writing in the app description, promises of shopping discounts, or a full website URL as the app's name-these are all dead giveaways that the app is fake. What is more disturbing is that the app made it through Apple's submission process, even with the obviously fake information. There was one giveaway, however-although you couldn't find it in the App Store listing . Read More »

Pradyuman murder case: Juvenile accused to be treated as adult, says JJB


The Juvenile Justice Board on Wednesday declared that if convicted, the 16-year-old accused will serve his punishment until he is 21 years old in accordance with the juvenile justice laws. "During subsequent proceedings, the convict will be considered as an adult", lawyer of Pradyuman's family, Sushil Tekriwal informed. On December 15, the juvenile accused was denied bail by the JJB. Read More »

Galaxy S9+ spotted on Geekbench with Snapdragon 845


While we still have some months left until the actual launch the leaks are definitely getting intense. A single rear-facing camera can be seen on the rear side of the Galaxy S9 . The attempt by the majors to provide some of the special features in the mid-segment phones also is being followed by Samsung too. There is a possibility that the company could put them in the Galaxy S9 . Read More »

Uber is officially a cab firm, says European court


The decision is binding and can't be appealed. The ruling added: "As EU law now stands, it is for the member states to regulate the conditions under which such services are to be provided in conformity with the general rules of the treaty on the functioning of the EU". Read More »

Android apps must have 64-bit support by August 2019

In an effort to ensure a higher degree of security and performance among Android apps, Google noted today that it will only allow 64-bit apps in the Play store starting in August 2019. The blog goes on to state how future versions of Android will restrict the access older apps have that don't target a recent version of Android. Next August, all new apps submitted to Google Play will have to be targeted for Android Oreo . Read More »

Google Chrome's built-in ad blocker will go live on February 15th

The company originally stated that Chrome's ad-blocker would launch at some point in early 2018, but we now have a specific date of February 15, 2018 , as the official launch of it. 15, Chrome will work with the Coalition for Better Ads and remove all ads deemed non-compliant or "failing" for more than 30 days. In an effort to further diminish Edge's role as "the browser you use to install Chrome", Google has published a Chrome installer application to the Microsoft Store . Read More »

The Pentagon Has Spent Millions on a Secret UFO Program


Reid, the Times says, was also supported in his efforts to fund the program by the late Sens. On Saturday, Reid renewed his call for the U.S. to fund UFO research in a tweet that linked to the Times' report and borrowed "The X-Files" tagline that "the truth is out there". Read More »

Google Chrome Lands On Windows Store As A Download Link

But it was only in the form of an app that opened a browser tab so you could download it the regular way. The company has quietly released a Google Chrome installer app in the Microsoft Store, but it's a simple web wrapper that will redirect you to the Chrome download page in your default web browser (via The Verge ). Read More »

Google Chrome's ad-blocking feature launching in February


Ads are the biggest source of Google's revenue, so it was a little surprising to see the search giant announce that Chrome, its homegrown web browser, would stop showing certain kinds web ads in early 2018 . If just one ad causes the site to receive a "failing" status for more than 30 days, Google will remove all ads from that site. By doing this, Google will be able to root out "bad or aggressive" ads thanks to the guidelines that are put in place by the Coalition. Read More »

Jeep Cherokee adopts more conventional styling


But along with these four images, it has confirmed that the 2019 Cherokee will encompass a more athletic yet upscale design and more efficient powertrain options. As spy shots taken in mid-2017 indicated, the 2019 Cherokee eschews the current mid-size SUV's polarising "double-decker" front-end design for a more traditional corporate face. Read More »

Honda to slot third-gen Insight hybrid above Civic


The Honda Civic Hybrid is dead! In a statement the company refers to the new Insight as an "upscale, stylish five-passenger sedan positioned above the Civic in Honda's passenger vehicle lineup". The company says it's bringing back the Insight name for the compact auto that will offer mileage competitive with other hybrids. That nearly surely means the Toyota Prius , with a combined EPA rating of 56 mpg for its most efficient version, and the Hyundai Ioniq, at 58 mpg. Read More »

Google brings a Chrome… installer… to the Microsoft Store ars_ab.settitle(1234555)

You can download the app from the link given below. Apple previously confirmed that iTunes will be available for download via the Windows Store . While Microsoft has developed a system, "Centennial", for packaging existing Windows applications and distributing them through the Store-a convenient capability, as it provides centralized upgrading and clean uninstallation-Google is not using that for Chrome. Read More »

Reddit adds mods tools and improved visual experience in major app update

Mod Management: Tools for keeping track of a community's moderators and approved submitters as subscriber numbers grow. "Theater Mode" is Reddit's way of acknowledging the importance of images to communities. Now users can see what others have accomplished, and will see the infamous Cake icon on users' profile pictures when they are celebrating their anniversary of joining Reddit. Read More »

Pixel 2 users complain about useless headphone jack dongles


Earlier, the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL also reported a crackling sound through the earpiece, as well as a mismatch in the audio levels of the top and bottom speakers. "Anyone else's fingerprint unlock slower than before the 8.1 update". Last month, Google launched the devices in India too. After the update, users noticed the delay. Read More »

You Will Soon Be Able To Switch Mobile Providers By Text Message


The 18-month delay in instituting the reforms gives operators the time they'll need to make the necessary changes to their systems - setting up the short codes and automated response systems, making arrangements to coordinate switchovers with their competitors and making new billing arrangements to end notice-period double payments . Read More »

Catherine Full Body Revealed for PlayStation 4 and Vita


More information on Catherine Full Body will be released soon in Japan when the latest Weekly Famitsu magazine publishes this week with extensive coverage and interview. Studio Zero is at a point where the staff has a good feeling they can make something good now; however, although they recruited some new members they are still low on programmers and designers for the project. Read More »

Confirmed: Life On Earth Started At Least 3.5 Billion Years Ago


Scientists now have evidence that there was life on Earth before 3.5 billion years ago. In the late research, William Schopf, a paleobiologist at the University of California, Los Angeles and the discoverer of the Australian microfossils teamed up with John Valley, a geoscientist at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Read More »

Brokers Opinions on: Discovery Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ:DISCK)

About 2.56 million shares traded. Piper Jaffray Companies initiated coverage on shares of Discovery Communications in a research note on Friday, August 11th. Moreover, Axa has 0.05% invested in Discovery Communications, Inc . Goldman Sachs Gru accumulated 5.64M shares. State Of Tennessee Treasury Department holds 587,613 shares. Read More »

CNIL orders WhatsApp to stop sharing data with Facebook


France's data privacy agency CNIL has ordered WhatsApp to stop sharing data with its owner Facebook, the Verge reported , saying users never consented to sharing data for business intelligence or targeted advertising functions when Facebook disclosed the collection past year. Read More »

Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018), Galaxy A8+ (2018) unveiled with Infinity Display


Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018 ) and A8 Plus (2018) have officially been announced in the South Korean market. Because of the design of its Infinity Display , there wouldn't be any room on the sides where the screen could extend, so it is expected that the new phones' display will stretch all the way to the bottom of the handset. Read More »

Our First Interstellar Visitor Is Covered in a Layer Of "Organic Sunscreen"


The first paper researchers published about it in November concluded that it was the first interstellar object to visit our solar system (at least that we've detected). "We don't have a very decisive picture of this thing; all we can say is our measurements are consistent with this idea". Dubbed Oumuamua , Hawaiian for "messenger" or "scout", the object was first viewed by telescopes in October. Read More »

Kaspersky challenges DHS software ban in court


The Moscow-based company alleges that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's decision is unconstitutional and relied on subjective, non-technical sources such as uncorroborated media reports, repeated claims and rumors. Specifically, Kaspersky says that, due to the way DHS' Binding Operational Directive (BOD) was issued, the company didn't have adequate time to respond to the government's concerns, which immediately had a deleterious effect on its business. Read More »

What the Technicals Say About Activision Blizzard, Inc. (ATVI)

Beta is also an important valuation ratio for analyzing the stock of the company, ATVI's beta remains at 1.00. Moreover, Teachers Retirement Systems Of The State Of Kentucky has 0.14% invested in Activision Blizzard, Inc . ( ATVI ) traded up $1.70 during trading on Friday, reaching $66.73. Shares are now up over the past year, outperforming the broad market by -100% and outperformed a peer group of similar companies by 127%. Read More »

A fraudulent Cuphead game briefly appeared in the App Store


Fake apps have certainly appeared on the App Store before. We've posted about scam apps in the past and historically, these things are super easy to spot. It's just not Cuphead . So, imagine our surprise when we heard that the game was released for Apple devices today, with an iOS listing that looked all too official, as you can see from the image below. Read More »

The Dragon managed to launch to the ISS


A SpaceX-built spacecraft reached the International Space Station Sunday to deliver approximately 4,861 pounds of scientific experiments and crew supplies in support of more than 300 investigations aboard the orbiting laboratory, NASASpaceFlight.com reported Sunday . Read More »