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Assassin's Creed: Origins will be several levels of difficulty


Ubisoft has announced the system requirements for Assassin's Creed Origins by releasing the system requirements for the lowest and recommended settings for for the game. Barring any major glitches or hiccups, PC should be the definitive platform to experience Origins in terms of frame rates.albeit the game does use dynamic resolution rendering on all platforms, including PC. Read More »

New Unicode 10 emojis to come to iOS 11 soon

Every time more emojis are released we have to spend less time using actual words, sentences and punctuation to express what we want to say - praise technology. Android Oreo already has equivalent emoji but as you know, only a few users have access to Android Oreo. Unfortunately there is no word on when the new operating system will be released, so until then you'll just have to make do with the 2000 plus emojis now available. Read More »

Google revamps Daydream VR headset, launches Pixel 2


The translation feature will also be made available in an update to Pixel models released past year. Wonder how much will it cost to buy a new dongle for the Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL? However, Google is not the first tech-giant to have attempted the possibilities of AI with its Pixel Buds . Read More »

Apple Gave Uber Unprecedented Access to Your iPhone Screen: Researcher


This sensitive entitlement that turned out to be recording a user's screen wasn't granted to Uber to track drivers or Uber users. No other software on the App Store appears to use it. "Essentially it gives you full control over the framebuffer, which contains the colors of each pixel of your screen". It was spotted by security researcher Will Strafach, who described it as "very unusual" and said it was "totally unprecedented" that Apple granted such a permission to the taxi-hailing app ... Read More »

Destiny 2: First Iron Banner Dated and Gear Revealed

You earn Iron Banner Tokens each match, with more if you win, and there are Daily milestones for you and Season milestones for your clan - more details on those are coming. Rather than making big changes to the Raid mechanics, Bungie said the idea is to throw you into "a more punishing sandbox" with Prestige difficulty. Read More »

MacOS High Sierra bug reveals passwords in plain text, no hacking required


The flaw , discovered by Synack's chief security researcher Patrick Wardle, allows an unauthorised party to exfiltrate passwords from the Keychain by bypassing a kernel extension called Secure Kernel Extension Loading (SKEL). And put a password (mypassword) with a hint. As always, you can update your Mac through the Updates tab in the Mac App Store, or you'll get this build automatically if you're only upgrading to High Sierra now. Read More »

Trump Calls For Senate To Investigate News Networks

According to NBC News , tensions between Trump and Tillerson reached a peak when Trump delivered a politicized speech in July to the Boy Scouts of America, an organization Tillerson formerly led. What's Behind It: On Wednesday, the Republican chairman and Democratic vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee held a press conference to give an update on the Russian Federation investigation. Read More »

Senate Launches Probe of NNPC GMD Over Kachikwu's Allegations


Less than 10% percent of that ($2 billion) is involved in the so called arms fund allegedly converted by the former NSA for which hundreds of Nigerians have been arrested and hounded. "We are not surprised that Baru was accused of insubordination by the minister, because if the GMD has allowed himself to become an errand boy to the minister just as some of the past GMDs did, he would not have been accused of such". Read More »

Put A Camera Sneakily Anywhere — Amazon's Echo Spot


Beyond Amazon branding, all of these have something in common: Alexa . Not only do all of these devices carry Amazon's internet-connected voice assistant, they're actually pretty: there's some Feng Shui around Amazon's new products - and none too soon. Read More »

California governor signs 'sanctuary state' bill


It also does not prohibit sheriff's departments from granting access to federal agents to enter California jails or the cooperation of law enforcement agencies in helping to carry out deportation proceedings for those undocumented residents in custody for serious offenses. Read More »

Florida State vs. Miami Game Time Could Reportedly Be Moved Earlier


Florida State is monitoring the path of a tropical depression that could develop into Tropical Storm Nate (maybe even a hurricane) this week and affect Saturday's game, which has a 3:30 p.m. Gators lose key receiver • Florida will be without leading receiver Tyrie Cleveland on Saturday, when the No. 21 Gators face Louisiana State. Tallahassee, however, could still be affected by wind and rain. Read More »

Did Amazon just win the smart home?


Most notably, it tanked in its attempt to make a smartphone, putting it at a disadvantage against Google and Apple - the makers of Android and the iPhone, respectively - in the battle to stay connected with consumers when they're on the go. Read More »

SC17 Video Highlights Nobel Prize Winning LIGO Collaboration


In October 3rd, scientists Rainer Weiss, Barry C. Barish and Kip S. Thorne were awarded the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics for detecting gravitational waves- which were all but a theory until past year. He worked on the LIGO project and joins us in discussion. "And all of a sudden, we discovered that the universe was much vaster than we used to think about", Goobar said. Read More »

OnePlus 5 Android Oreo update gets seen on Geekbench

Now, HMD also committed to updating their smartphones to the upcoming Android P when that launches next year. Promising to update them to a still non-existing version almost reeks of pure, and ambitious, marketing. Mark Trundle, General Manager ANZ & Indonesia for HMD Global said, "We're excited to be partnering exclusively with Spark to launch the Nokia 3, Nokia 5, Nokia 6 and Nokia 8 in New Zealand". Read More »

In Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon you can go through a wormhole


Since we see the player character using Lunala and Solgaleo to get to travel through Ultra Wormholes, it seems that visits to these other worlds will be either end-game or post-game content. Like all previous Ultra Beasts, all three of the new Pokemon have the Beast Boost ability. You will discover a new city, Megalopolis, which happens to have had its light stolen by Necrozma. Read More »

Amazon tests delivery service


Amazon declined to comment. For years now, speculation about Amazon's delivery ambitions have swirled, with some analysts predicting that, beyond solving its own internal logistics problems, it could be an Amazon business unto itself. Amazon doesn't always offer the cheapest price for goods. That centralized approach can create logjams, particularly during the busy holiday shopping season. Read More »

NASA conducts 203rd spacewalk on International Space Station


The six-hour spacewalk is scheduled to begin at around 8am EDT (12:00 GMT) and is being streamed live on NASA TV. While this will be the first-ever spacewalk of the latter, it will mark the third one of Bresnik. That way, the arm can move like an inchworm across the sprawling structure. The astronauts will retrieve a spare end effector from the station's mobile transporter, a cart that runs up and down the length of the truss. Read More »

Rick and Morty Is Now the No


Fans will have to wait for a new season to find out the truth about Beth. There wasn't much wrong with the episode itself - most agreed that The Rickchurian Mortydate, which saw the pair take on the US President, was a fun enough romp - but the die-hard fans of the dark-humoured cult hit were expecting more. Read More »

Firefox Will No Longer Support Windows XP and Vista next Year


Mozilla stopped its support of Windows XP and Windows Vista when it released Firefox 53 in April 2017. Past year we announced that Windows XP and Vista users would be automatically moved to the Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR), ensuring them continued updates until at least September, 2017. Read More »

Google's new Pixel 2 open for pre-orders at Verizon

If you need to pause and play what you're listening to, it just takes one tap on the earbud while swiping on it means adjusting your volume. Say you're trying to get directions in rural Japan: You ask a kind stranger where the nearest café might be, and your phone will repeat the question in Japanese. Read More »

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 set to release in India on October 10


The company's India head, Manu Kumar Jain, announced it through his official Twitter handle saying the anticipated smartphone will arrive next week on October 10. Motorola Moto X4: Moto X4 was supposed to launch in India in the first week of October, so we can expect an unveiling soon. It has an aspect ratio of 18:9. Read More »

Google launches Pixel 2 and more in push towards hardware

The company claims that the rear camera scored an unprecedented DxO Score of 98. The phones both have optical image stabilisation for taking pictures, improved auto-focus for objects and cameras optimised for augmented reality applications from third-party developers. Read More »

SpaceX plans to send 100 passengers to Mars by 2024


At a presentation Friday in Adelaide, Australia, Musk showed a video of images of a rocket taking off in NY and landing in various places around the world, including Tokyo and Shanghai. However, the development of the new spaceship will cost $10 billion and it is unclear whether the revenue SpaceX now obtains from launching satellites to the International Space Station is enough to fund the project. Read More »

Google unveils $159 Pixel Buds, its answer to Apple AirPods


The new Pixel 2 features a water-resistant metal unibody and runs on the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor for up to 7 hours of battery on 15 minutes of charging. Pre-orders for Pixel Buds are open today, and they will launch in the United States during November for $159. As part of the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL announcement Google has obviously detailed some of the devices features which include an augmented reality-optimised camera for a new function called AR Stickers . Read More »

How to Watch Google Event Live In India

Both phones have OLED screens , like previous year, but the Pixel displays don't cover the entire front of the devices, unlike Apple's new iPhone X and Samsung's S8 models. It could also be an AR or VR accessory for the new smartphones, like a detachable camera . It would be smaller in size, so you can expect lower volume levels, but the brains behind the Google Home - Google Assistant - will be the same, so the new speaker will be equally capable in answering your questions or ... Read More »

Paul Otellini, Intel's former CEO, dies at 66


According to Intel, the company generated more revenue during Otellini's stint as CEO than it did during the company's prior 45 years. " We are deeply saddened by Paul's passing ", current Intel CEO Brian Krzanich said in a statement. A San Francisco native, Otellini graduated from the University of San Francisco in 1972 and received an MBA from the University of California in Berkeley in 1974. Read More »

Google Clips is a smart mini camera for $249


Google also said users won't need an internet connection to take pictures as Clips can be connected to a phone to see the photos. If you prefer to grab photos instead of video, just save a frame from one of the clips it snagged. The idea of a wearable camera is not new, but Clips is created to sit in a room or attached to a wall to capture images without having to be worn on your body or even controlled using the shutter button. Read More »