Tuesday, 17 July 2018
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Storm advisory now upgraded to severe thunderstorm warning


Environment Canada has issued a heat warning for Toronto and most of southern Ontario. Gusting winds can send objects airborne, damage buildings, knock down power lines or snap tree branches. Those who may not have air conditioning are encouraged to go to a shopping mal or public library, as "even a few hours spent in air conditioning can help your body stay cooler when you go back into the heat". Read More »

Eight rhinos die after move to a new park in Kenya


World Wildlife Fund (WWF) CEO Mohamed Awer , said in a statement that the organisation was devastated by the news that the translocation, funded in part by the organisation, resulted in the deaths of so many endangered rhinos. The more salty water the rhinos drank, the thirstier they became, leading to a vicious cycle, the ministry reported on July 13. Park management is now closely monitoring the remaining three rhinos. Read More »

South Africa unveils super radio telescope


But infrared, X-ray, and some radio wavelengths, like the ones MeerKAT detects, can penetrate this dust, providing a unique view of the region. The 64-antenna telescope officially opened its doors on Friday, but has already started operations, including the rare image taken of a burst of activity roughly 25 000 light-years away. Read More »

Ghost particles from outer space: Scientists discover distant source of neutrinos


Two papers on the discovery have been published here and here in the journal Science . "This is the first evidence that we have of an active galaxy emitting neutrinos , which means we may soon start observing the universe using neutrinos to learn more about these objects in ways that would be impossible with light alone", said study co-author Marcos Santander , a University of Alabama astronomer. Read More »

Friday the 13th eclipse visible in Antarctica


Interestingly, the solar eclipse on July 13 will be a rare incident as it will occur on Friday the 13th, which also happens to a date that is considered as a harbinger of bad luck by the conservative Christians. Add up to sunlight based shrouds happen on the grounds that the Sun's distance across is 400 times more extensive than the Moon's, however it is additionally 400 times more remote away. Read More »

Earth-buzzing asteroid has NASA scientists seeing double


First discovered last December, near-Earth asteroid 2017 YE5 was initially believed to have a binary structure, composed of two lobes joint by a narrowing middle - much like the famous comet C7P, which took Twitter by storm in April, the Inquisitr reported at the time. Read More »

Greenland village watches looming iceberg, weather forecast


People close to the shore nearest the 11-million-ton berg were evacuated to higher ground in the remote village of Innaarsuit on Friday. The cracking, popping and the squealing sound made by an iceberg can very easily be discovered from two kilometers away underwater. Read More »

Scientists solve century-old riddle about origins of 'ghostly' subatomic particles


Neutrinos are neutral particles with practically no mass that travel at almost the speed of light. Despite being some of the most abundant particles in the Universe, with nearly 100 000 billion passing through our bodies every second, these electrically neutral, subatomic particles are notoriously hard to detect because they interact with matter incredibly rarely. Read More »

Century's longest total lunar eclipse on July 27-28

And the next solar eclipse of 2018 will occur on 11th August this year. The Sun will see a 34% eclipse of its total area. Do not see the eclipse with the naked eyes. It was mostly visible over the open ocean between Australia and Antarctica . NASA has proclaimed that the next total lunar eclipse is likely to be observed in January next year and people of Europe and Americas can observe it. Read More »

NASA Commercial Crew Program for Space Station Reports Delays


As part of its review, the GAO has made a total of five recommendations on the matter, of which it advises NASA to come up with a contingency plan to cover the delays. GAO is making five recommendations, including that NASA develop a contingency plan for ensuring a US presence on the ISS and clarify how it will determine its risk tolerance for loss of crew. Read More »

Jaguar escapes habitat at Audubon Zoo in New Orleans, kills 6 animals


The Audubon Zoo said in a statement that the jaguar escaped around 7:30 a.m. before the zoo was open for the day. Four alpaca, an emu and a fox in nearby enclosures were killed by the jaguar. Today is a hard day for the Audubon family. After the capture of the jaguar, the zoo did decide to remain closed for the rest of Saturday. The jaguar is housed in a location called the " Jaguar Jungle " which also houses the alpaca enclosure and other animals. Read More »

Ireland becomes world's first country to divest from fossil fuels

The Fossil Fuel Divestment bill was passed by the lower house of parliament, Dáil Éireann , on Thursday. In January, New York said it would be divesting its $5 billion in fossil fuel holdings. " Ireland by divesting is sending a clear message that the Irish public and the global community are ready to think and act beyond narrow short-term vested interests". Read More »

Critically Endangered Black Rhinos Die After Transportation To Kenya National Park


According to Cathy Dean, chief executive of Save the Rhino , the relocation of endangered animals, a process called translocation, can help prevent their extinction. In the case of critically endangered black rhinos, the moves can establish new breeding habitats to boost numbers. Seven black rhinos have died in unclear circumstances at the Tsavo East National Park. Read More »

Blue whale SLAUGHTERED by Icelandic hunters - ‘UNACCEPTABLE TRAGEDY’

At the time of writing, there was still conjecture over the exact identification of the whale, with some suggesting it may be a hybrid of a blue whale and fin whale, which do occur in Iceland's waters. Some have accused the company of using that loophole to deflect negative scrutiny of the killing. "This should be a final wake-up call to Iceland that commercial whaling does not belong in the 21st century". Read More »

Israel wants to conquer the moon in early 2019

December space launch is a joint venture between SpaceIL and state-owned Israel Aerospace Industries. The spaceship that Israel will send on a two-month expedition is going to be launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida. Hopefully, the success of the mission will inspire scientific curiosity among Israeli youth.Kahn said, "We are trying to replicate the Apollo effect in America", referring to the American program, which first landed on the Moon in 1969."If we continue to be a start-up ... Read More »

Watch NASA's iconic Cape Canaveral launch towers crumble


The fixed towers were located at Launch Complex 17, just north of Port Canaveral. It toppled over shortly after 7 a.m. As local newsgroup Florida Today reports , the demolition went smoothly, with a pair of huge launch towers and gantries falling lopsided under their own weight. Read More »

First Israeli spacecraft to land on moon next year

Israel announced Tuesday that it will launch its first lunar mission in December 2018, hoping to become the fourth country to land on the moon, following the U.S., Russian Federation and China . Once the mission is accomplished, the developer said the spacecraft will remain on the moon as a " symbol of Israeli success ". SpaceIL participated in the Google Lunar XPrize competition, which wrapped up earlier this year with no ultimate victor. Read More »

Israeli company plans lunar landing next year


Its first task however will be to plant an Israeli flag on the moon, organisers said. SpaceIL's project began as part of the Google Lunar XPrize, which offered $30m (£23m) in prizes to inspire people to develop low-priced methods of robotic space exploration. Read More »

Second solar eclipse of the year today

The Earth crosses the moon and the sun every month as it rotates and revolves around the sun. Unlike the 2017 total solar eclipse , this week's partial solar eclipse won't be visible to Americans - or most of the world for that matter. Some people believe in chanting or praying during this period to protect themselves from its harmful effects. After the eclipse, many people take a bath to purify themselves and change into fresh clothes. Read More »

Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh is a BIG baseball fan


Wade being overturned, making access to reproductive health even harder to gain. He also hopes Democrats will unite to "put pressure on the Republican moderates" and salvage the "future of the Supreme Court for the next 40 years". Later, in a statement provide by her office, Frankel said: "The alarming reality is that we are on the precipice of five men taking us back to the days of coat-hanger medicine, when women were maimed and killed as a result of back alley abortions ". Read More »

Russian cargo ship docks at ISS in record time

EDT July 9 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. It will take the ISS' crew several months to unload all of it, but once Progress 70 has been emptied, it's slated to bring the 16-foot, 8,000-pound Pirs docking compartment , originally attached to the ISS in 2011, back to Earth. Read More »

Giant dinosaur bones get archaeologists rethinking Triassic period


It had previously been thought that gigantism developed during the Jurassic period, around 180 million years ago. Argentine investigators working on the extraction of the remains of a giant dinosaur " Ingenia prima " from the Balde de Leyes formation, near Marayes, San Juan province, Argentina July 9, 2018. Read More »

Senator Graham Slams Democratic Dissent of Kavanaugh


Fallon, who is the executive director of Demand Justice, a new group that promotes progressive judicial nominees, said his organization has been working to persuade senators to oppose Kavanaugh's confirmation. Before that, Kavanaugh worked for Bush in the White House and during his election recount with Democratic opponent Al Gore in 2000. He later joined the administration of President George W. Read More »

UI prof who worked with nominee: Kavanaugh 'a good guy, very smart'


Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is conservative, and not everyone will like his opinions, but he's not the political operative some paint him to be, according to a former colleague from his Whitewater investigation days. Republicans hold a slim 51-49 majority in the Senate - but Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) isn't expected to vote due to medical issues that make it hard for him to travel to Capitol Hill. Read More »

Israel to launch rocket to the moon in December


Ofer Doron, head of IAI's space division, said Israel was "going to show the way for the rest of the world" to send a spacecraft to the Moon at a reasonable cost. Mr Kahn said he hoped the mission would create an "Apollo effect" for the next generation in Israel - a reference to the enthusiasm for science, technology, engineering and maths triggered by Neil Armstrong's Moon walk in 1969. Read More »

Leahy: Trump's Supreme Court Pick 'More Than Frightening'


The confirmation battle could serve, though, as a test run for prospective 2020 candidates to flex their rhetorical muscles and engage with the base in the early stages of the next presidential election. This issue may not get as much buzz as abortion or health care , but it's probably the one that's directly relevant to Trump. Kavanaugh, for his part, has said from the circuit bench that he believes in man-made global warming, but green critics say his rulings have often curbed the reach ... Read More »

Instagram Model Katarina Zarutskie Savaged by Shark During Bahamas Vacation


Her boyfriend's father was taking photos, and he captured the exact moment one of the sharks bit down on her wrist and pulled her underwater. Ms Zarutskie then swam to shore as her arm bled. "[The doctors] now believe that I still have pieces of the shark teeth in my arm and I will forever have a scar", said Zarutskie, who noted she was anxious about the injury affecting her burgeoning modeling career. Read More »

Kepler Spacecraft’s Fuel Tank is Running Very Low


Earlier this week, NASA's Kepler team received an indication that the spacecraft fuel tank is running very low. Flight controllers placed the planet-hunting spacecraft into hibernation last week to save energy. As of now, NASA reports that Kepler has been on its 18 mission since May this year. As the spaceship is in deep space region and is around 94M milers away from the orbit of earth, and there is no possibility that it will hit any life-bearing planet like icy moon, NASA is allowed ... Read More »

European Space Agency Taps Airbus for Mars Sample Return Mission


While ExoMars is created to carry several instruments, the Fetch has only one mission- to find Nasa's 2020 rover, collect samples, and bring it back to Earth, according to release. It is in fact three separate missions that all depend on one another. The Mars 2020 rover's task is to dig and contain the soil sample into 30 tubes and dropping them at various point around the planet. Read More »

Hurricane Chris forms in Atlantic Ocean


Hurricane Maria dealt a vicious blow when it hit Puerto Rico on September 20 with winds close to 150 miles per hour (240 kph), knocking out the island's already teetering electric grid and water supply. North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper warned beachgoers on Monday to beware of unsafe rip currents after an unidentified man in his mid-60s drowned in rough surf just north of Nags Head when he was caught in a rough surf current caused by the storm. Read More »