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Complete Tax Reform To Be Handed Over To Congress By White House

Twenty years ago, as Politico pointed out, Clinton lost an argument in court that White House communications with government attorneys was protected by attorney-client privilege. Revenue-neutral legislation that cuts business tax rates significantly-a stated goal of many Republicans-will require lawmakers to make hard calls about what tax breaks to eliminate. Read More »

Conservatives Say They're Losing Health Care Bill Fight


However, while the media's attention was laser focused on the Comey hearing, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans were working feverishly to push their version of the House-passed American Health Care Act through the Senate. Read More »

Trump's first press conference since Comey hearing

Franken, " Leahy said following Comey's Thursday Senate testimony. Trump: And there'd be nothing wrong if I did say it, according to everybody that I've read today. On May 3rd, in response to Republican senator Chuck Grassley, the committee chairman, Mr Comey said he had never been an anonymous source for news outlets about the investigation involving Mr Trump's team or authorised anyone at the FBI to be. Read More »

Majority of Americans think Trump's tweets are bad for the country

Dan Scavino Jr., the director of the president's social media, tweeted out a baffling reaction to the institute's letter a few hours after it was sent. "This is what we decided, President Trump and I, to make our partnership stronger, better, more enduring". Trump's tweets have implications, especially outside of the US. Read More »

Health care on Senate Republicans' Agenda

In the weeks since the House approved a politically toxic Obamacare repeal that, according to the CBO , would deprive 23 million people of their health care coverage and impose $834 billion in cuts to Medicaid, Senate Republicans have hosted twice- or thrice-weekly health care policy meetings to hammer out their own Obamacare repeal bill . Read More »

Climate change rift raises temperature for G7 meet

French President Emmanuel Macron is offering US scientists a sweet deal. The only agreement where India and Pakistan , Israel and Palestine, South Korea and North Korea, and Russian Federation and United States (until last week) were on the same side! This century also saw a 10-to-20-centimentre rise in average sea level due to melting of permafrost and glaciers and which, in turn, caused increase in temperature and expansion of ocean water. Read More »

Rallies against Islamic law draw counterprotests across US

They organized the march claiming that Sharia goes against human rights and democracy while stating that it was done to protect women and children who had been mutilated or worse under Sharia law . Police on foot, on horseback and in helicopters kept watch. "The theme of today is drowning out racism ", said NY counter-protester Tony Murphy. Read More »

Twitter could be Trump's undoing, allies warn

Unable to wrestle away the president's cellphone, Team Trump's newest tactic is to suggest the president's tweets are unimportant, even as they tout social media as the president's link to the masses. Supreme Court. The president acknowledged the pressure to curb his Twitter use in a series of tweets Tuesday, although he appeared to blame the push as a result of the mainstream media. Read More »

Church bus crash in Alabama leaves one dead, several injured


The 17-year-old and almost 40 people from Huntsville's Mount Zion Baptist Church were aboard a bus headed to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Sarah's mother Karen Harmening told reporters. People throughout north Alabama and beyond want to support the victims of the tragic Mount Zion Baptist Church bus crash in Atlanta , Georgia. At Grady Memorial Hospital , WSB-TV spoke with the family of one teen who suffered a head injury. Read More »

Supermarket worker kills three, himself in Pennsylvania store

A Pennsylvania supermarket employee who shot and killed three co-workers overnight posted a video online just before the shooting where he describes his plan in detail. On his Twitter home page, Stair wrote: "I had to die in order to truly live". Mitchell said Stair apparently saw her. Speaking from before and beyond the grave. Read More »

U.S. will hopefully rethink its decision on Paris climate agreement: Rajnath Singh

While India dismissed claims made by Trump that they would receive "billions, billions and billions" of dollars by signing the Paris Climate Accord, Washington categorically asked New Delhi to not meddle in their domestic affairs. The CEOs of major Silicon Valley companies , including Apple , Google, Microsoft and Facebook, have pledged to try and meet the agreements notwithstanding Trump's decision . Read More »

Sen. McCain: Diamondbacks to blame for confusing questions to Comey


John McCain , are you feeling OK? "What makes it egregious is the fact - and I think it's obvious that it is a fact - that the attorney general of the United States was adjusting the way the department talked about its business so as to coincide with the way the Clinton campaign talked about that business", Mukasey said . Read More »

AG Sessions to testify Tuesday at Senate intelligence panel

In his testimony last week, Mr Comey accused the White House of lying about himself and the FBI and repeatedly said he believed he was sacked because of his investigation into whether Donald Trump's campaign colluded with Russian Federation to swing the United States presidential election. Read More »

Lawyer for deputy's husband criticizes murder case

Hernandez, 24, was in a coma after an altercation with Terry Thompson on May 28 outside of a Denny's in Sheldon. "We are gonna keep pushing until we get the justice that John deserves". "This is a high priority administrative review, and I have asked that it be conducted in a timely, thorough manner", Gonzalez said. "We believe that this grand jury true bill is a reflection of our community's belief that a crime occurred", Harris County DA Kim Ogg said. Read More »

Ben Affleck :Adam West exemplified heroism


I will forever miss him". The show lasted just three seasons but has endured in reruns and video sales. It also spawned a " Batman " feature film in 1966. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have given, Mr. Mayor. "They saw the craziness, the comedy". For example, Robin was once almost swallowed alive by a giant clam in an episode with the Joker . Read More »

Church bus crashes in Atlanta area; several injured

But after she prayed and read from her Bible, things were looking up for Harmening. "They were on the mission trip to Botswana", she said. Before she died in a bus crash outside Atlanta , an Alabama teen wrote in her journal that God had called her to a mission trip in Africa for a reason. Read More »

Trump dismisses ex-FBI director Comey as a 'leaker'


Mr Trump added he would be happy to testify under oath in front of special prosecutor Robert Mueller . "I hope you can let this go", Trump told Comey , according to the memo. Mike Conaway and Adam Schiff asked the White House to definitively say whether or not there are any tapes and if there are, to hand them over to the intel committee. Read More »

NSA chief says was never asked to act illegally

Repeatedly, the heads of US intelligence agencies were asked by members of the Senate Intelligence Committee whether President Donald Trump tried to influence their investigations into the Trump campaign's alleged ties to the Russian government. Read More »

Comey, Russia will take lead during Wednesday FISA hearing

However, neither would discuss their conversations with Trump, and declined to say if he asked them to take any action regarding the investigations. In the call, Trump asked Coats to issue a public statement denying the existence of any evidence of coordination between the Russian government and the Trump campaign. Read More »

Trump '100%' willing to testify on Comey


Lawmakers also are asking that Daniel Richman, a law professor at Columbia, turn over memos that Comey took of his conversations with Trump . "When you have the FBI director telling you three times you're not the subject of an investigation and you ask him, "would you please announce that publicly" and he refuses, I can understand why the president would be frustrated by that". Read More »

Louisville, Texas A&M 1st entries in College World Series


The Aggies (40-21) were just 2 for 18 with runners in scoring position before Janca singled through the right side to end the game. Third baseman Eric Jones has no business charging in like this, and second baseman Alex Acosta has second claiming rights to it. Read More »

United States intelligence chiefs deny White House pressure to ease Federal Bureau of Investigation probe


But that did not satisfy Democrats, who said there was no reason for them not to divulge the details . He asked Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats if he would interview with Comey to kill the investigation. "I may or may not have had with the president of the United States ". But then Marco Rubio - Republican from Florida and, of course, one-time presidential candidate - pointed out that this was a little subjective, and he said, we're not asking for classified information. Read More »

Jack Nicklaus Says He 'Feels Bad' for Tiger Woods After DUI Arrest


Florida police say tests showed Woods had no alcohol in his system, but he failed a roadside sobriety test. Woods, now recovering from a fourth bout of surgery on a back injury in three years, is taking four separate medications - including the painkiller Vicodin, according to the affadavit. Read More »

Bounty hunters and fugitive shoot each other dead in Texas


Schulte believes bounty hunters Fidel Garcia and Gabriel Bernal of Corpus Christi failed to follow basic law enforcement protocols created to protect civilians and themselves. A customer and an "associate", Ford said, arrived after 7 p.m. and the two men then approached the man. He or she also must pass a criminal background check almost as rigorous as one needed to get a Texas peace officer's license. Read More »

Pelosi says Trump abused power in interactions with ex-FBI chief


She said she's advised Trump to get more sleep and to take care of his mental acuity: "I think his family should be concerned about his health". Pelosi went on to describe the unorthodox nature of dealing with Trump's position of leadership and juxtaposed it with her relationship with former President Bush - even going as far as saying that she now wishes he were holding office instead of Trump, adding, "I wish Mitt Romney were president". Read More »

Rally against Islamic law in Atlanta

However, Seattle police used tear gas to disperse rowdy demonstrators and made several arrests following an anti-Shariah rally and a much larger counter-protest. The marches were on the backdrop of an uptick in anti-Muslim incidents, including arson and vandalism at mosques, harassment of women wearing Muslim head-covering and bullying of Muslim schoolchildren, according to The Associated Press. Read More »

Minnesota officer charged with murdering black motorist to testify

The footage shows Yanez screaming in the aftermath: "I told him not to reach for it!" After following Castile in his marked squad vehicle for two miles, Yanez discovered Castile had a broken taillight and used the traffic violation as a reason to pull him over to investigate further. Read More »

London Bridge terrorists planned larger attack using heavy truck and Molotov cocktails

Witnesses described seeing the 39-year-old Echeverria using a skateboard against attackers before he fell to the ground during last Saturday's attacks on and near London Bridge. Then, eight weeks later, three Islamists staged a carbon-copy attack on London Bridge. "Getting hold of a 7.5 tonne lorry - the effects could have been even worse", commander Dean Haydon said yesterday. Read More »

Virginia joins U.S. Climate Alliance

Sir, - President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate agreement has been greeted with a chorus of disapproval around the world. In this April 24, 2017 photo, U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley speaks to the media during the daily briefing in the Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House in Washington . Read More »

Costliest Congressional Race In History Sees First Debate


Handel asked Ossoff , bringing to light that he lives outside of the 6th District. Ossoff made those two promises more than a dozen times combined. Handel said the federal government worked best on such issues when it gets out of the way. She emphasized her support for GOP orthodoxy on cutting taxes and regulations, arguing such moves would spur "3 or 4 percent growth" in the economy — the same assumptions used in Trump's proposed budget and one that many economists reject. Read More »