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Japan vows to take action with U.S. after North Korea missile test

United States officials said it flew for about six minutes. It landed in Japan's exclusive maritime economic zone, which is set about 200 nautical miles off the Japanese coast, Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said. "This is in direct opposition to our demands in regards to the denuclearization and peace of the Korean Peninsula". "We have strongly protested to North Korea and condemn its actions in the strongest terms", he added. Read More »

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation unaware if in 2000 Putin, Clinton discussed Russia's accession to alliance


The Russian president joked that people can now blame the ill effects of global warming on Trump and America. "Technology experts can invent anything and put the blame on anyone". "I remember one of our last meetings with President Clinton when he came to Moscow". "What else is the ambassador supposed to do?" He's paid for holding meetings, discussing current affairs. Read More »

Men probing Ivanka Trump brand supplier in China detained, missing: NGO


Rights groups and journalists have documented widespread abuse of the system over the years.Last Thursday activist Hua Haifeng, 36, left work and tried to travel to Hong Kong to meet journalists, including an NYT reporter. "I appeal to President Trump, Ivanka Trump herself, and to her brand to advocate and press for the release of our activists". The White House and Ivanka Trump's lawyer did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Read More »

White House Won't Confirm Or Deny Trump's 'Covfefe' Tweet Was A Typo


The National Archives has instructed the White House that it needs to keep a record of everything Mr Trump posts, even if he then goes on to the delete the posts. "Despite the constant negative press covfefe ", he wrote, and. that's it. You need to be Logged in to sign up for Express Login. Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham had a pointed political theory: "It's so bad-the collusion b/t the Dems & the press, the establ vs the ppl, that we needed a new word to describe it all". Read More »

Actually, Hillary Clinton makes a good -- and awkward -- point


Maxine Waters loses it after constituent threatens to impeach HER: 'You can't impeach me!' "The Russians, in my opinion, and based on the intel and counter-intel people I've talked to, could not have known how best to weaponise that information unless they had been guided", Clinton said. Read More »

Trump's ties to Russian Federation are well-documented

Gergen, who served under four Presidents, described the complexity of working inside a White House that's being investigated. President Trump, who is supported by the GOP, was assailed by a number of questions related to Russian Federation. Read More »

Austrian officials join international criticism of Trump Paris agreement withdrawal

China is the world's largest emitter of greenhouse gases, but also the world's largest investor in renewable energies. They disagree with Trump about how to spend their money. For years, Trump has been calling global warming a hoax, sometimes alleging that it was invented by China. "Leaving Paris is not good for America or the world", Musk said in a Twitter post on Thursday. Read More »

China rules out renegotiation of Paris climate deal

It's unclear why the USA would need to start such negotiations given that the climate agreement gave each country the ability to set its own targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Since the election, administration officials have laboured to explain that Trump does not intend to insulate the USA from the rest of the world or leave allies in a lurch. Read More »

Panicked White House goes into lockdown, refuses all Russian Federation questions

Dubke's hiring was meant to lighten the load on Sean Spicer , the White House press secretary, who had also been handling the duties of communications director during Trump's first month in office. White House Communications Director Mike Dubke announced yesterday that he's stepping down from his post after just three months on the job. "The president has a lot of meetings", Spicer said. Read More »

Emmanuel Macron to visit India for world solar alliance meet

Paris: French president Emmanuel Macron will visit India towards the end of this year for a meeting of the International Solar Alliance - an initiative that is the brainchild of Prime Minister Narendra Modi . "She said that the Paris Agreement provides the right global framework for protecting the prosperity and security of future generations while keeping energy affordable and secure for our citizens and businesses". Read More »

The Chinese outrage at Trump's climate decision

Trump said he wanted to negotiate a better deal for the U.S. or re-enter the accord on improved terms. "Regardless of President Trump's decision , the great cities of the world, in particular the twelve American C40 cities, remain resolutely committed to doing what needs to be done to implement the Paris agreement", she said referring to 91 global cities that are have vowed to fight global warming. Read More »

Ex-FBI chief Comey to testify next week in Russian Federation probe

The Comey associate, who wasn't authorized to discuss details of the testimony and spoke on condition of anonymity, declined to discuss the content of Comey's planned testimony. As the Russian Federation investigation has consumed Washington , congressional Republicans and President Donald Trump have repeatedly attempted to shift the focus to questions about "unmasking", charging that Obama administration officials intentionally revealed the names for political reasons. Read More »

Federal court blocks Trump's travel ban


Lower courts have found that the travel ban violates the USA constitution's First Amendment, which bars the government from favouring one religion over another. The executive order "speaks with vague words of national security ", wrote Chief Judge Roger Gregory, "but in context drips with religious intolerance, animus, and discrimination ". Read More »

Mayors to Trump: We'll enforce Paris accord without you

Trump's main justification for walking out of the Paris deal was that it was "unfair" to the U.S., and that it did not put similar level of obligations on "top polluters" like China and India . Trump peddled dozens of wildly disproved falsehoods in justifying exiting the agreement, which prompted swift backlash from the worldwide community; diplomats; Trump's own Secretary of State , Rex Tillerson; and major usa companies such as Apple, Microsoft and Intel. Read More »

Putin says patriotic hackers could be fighting for Russian Federation

Putin was responding to a question about possible Russian meddling in upcoming federal elections in Germany, after USA officials accused the Kremlin of interfering in the 2016 presidential vote to help Donald Trump win. "In the carefully scripted world of Kremlin power politics, Putin is taking a calculated risk that Trump will emerge from what the US president has called a 'witch hunt" and deliver on his pledge of better relations with Russian Federation. Read More »

Trump may block Comey testimony

Mr. Trump said in one post, shortly after The New York Times reported the request for the loyalty pledge. Peter Shane, an Ohio State University professor and the co-author of a casebook on separation-of-powers law, said that executive privilege would presumably cover Trump's conversations with Comey, but that a judge would have to balance the president's interest in privacy against other interests, like Congress' need for information to perform its legislative and oversight duties. Read More »

MIT Is Not Happy That Trump "Misunderstood" Their Paris Agreement Study

The EU's commissioner for climate action and energy, Miguel Arias Cañete, said the climate accord would continue and that it would be global leaders who would fill the void left by the United States departure from the deal. That means the US would remain in the agreement, at least formally, for another three-and-a-half years, ensuring the issue remains alive in the next presidential election. Read More »

No budget deal yet as IL nears end of legislative session


The budget out of Senate was not voted on yesterday because Democrats did not vote on a deal that included a sales tax and income tax increase, knowing Rauner would veto the measure. No district would receive less than they now do under the plan. House Speaker Michael Madigan of Chicago says Democrats in his chamber will work with the GOP during June to approve a balanced budget. Read More »

Vehicle rams into pedestrians on London Bridge


An hour after reports of a van ploughing into people on London Bridge , the USA president tweeted: "We need to be smart, vigilant and tough". As emergency services rushed to respond, reports came in of multiple stabbings at Borough Market, a popular gourmet food market with restaurants that were open and busy on a Saturday night. Read More »

Prosecutor urges jail for Penn State ex-president in sex abuse scandal

He also ordered Spanier to pay a $7,500 fine. The sentence of two months in jail plus another two under house arrest against a once-leading figure in American higher education marks a low point in the largely distinguished career of Graham Spanier , who was Penn State's president from 1995 to 2011. Read More »

How Trump climate decision is seen as an economic win

As Trump made his announcement, we saw the world's leaders condemn Trump's move and pledge to take further action to meet the global targets set out in the Paris Accord along with countless states in the U.S. Robert Orr, one of the architects of the Paris accord and a former special advisor to the UN secretary general on climate change, told AFP that the United States had already been on track to achieve about half its Paris reductions commitment. Read More »

Watch Texas Tech's Orlando Garcia Blast a Home Run Against Delaware


Robie Rojas hit a tiebreaking three-run homer in the sixth inning, leading Sam Houston State to a 5-4 victory against Arizona in the first round of the Houston Regional on Friday night. The delay lasted 2 hours, 18 minutes. A solo homer from the Wildcats' Alphonso Rivas in the top of the 12th was the difference -finally putting UD away. Read More »

Trump quitting climate treaty 'very regrettable' - Angela Merkel


The EPA administrator was asked repeatedly whether Trump believes climate change is a hoax , as Trump previously claimed, but refused to give a straight answer. "Measuring with precision, from my perspective, the degree of human contribution is very challenging". "And by strengthening global action over time, the Agreement reduces future climate damage to people and organizations around the world". Read More »

Johns County student falls short in National Spelling Bee finals


Asking the language of origin, Vinay was told it was "gibberish". Loeffler said it was special knowing Ananya was from Fresno , saying "it was a little difficult" to not be excited. This was the 90th National Spelling Bee, an event celebrated on social media, shown on ESPN , and generally, something that serves as a true delight for even the most casual of word nerds. Read More »

Does Trump Believe In Climate Change? White House Won't Say

Its own video uses the same format - background, font, images and music - as the White House version but adds facts to debunk the White House claims. In 2012, Trump tweeted that climate change was a hoax perpetrated by China, and this week his aides repeatedly declined to answer directly when asked if he believes in the phenomenon. Read More »

Regressive Politics: Trump Pulls Out of 'Unfair' Paris Agreement

The two wrote a letter to Energy Secretary Rick Perry saying that maintaining the commitment to the agreement and to United States leadership on climate change will help protect future generations. WASHINGTON (AP) - Secretary of State Rex Tillerson downplayed the significance of the USA pullout from the Paris climate pact, arguing Friday that America still will continue taking steps to cut heat-trapping pollution . Read More »

Former Penn State president gets jail time for failing to report Sandusky

Former Penn State President Graham Spanier and former Vice President Gary Schultz will have to spend two months behind bars, while former athletic director Tim Curley will spend three months in jail. The initial conspiracy and endangerment case against Spanier and the two other administrators had languished for years, managed through multiple Pennsylvania attorneys general and dissected and reshaped by appellate court decisions. Read More »

London police unsure if attackers still on the run, report says

No-one has so far claimed responsibility for the terror attacks in central London . Armed police officers were sent to the scenes and shots were fired. Reporters for Reuters and The Spectator in London have confirmed that there is a heavy police presence on the bridge now, with more than 10 police vehicles present. Read More »

London Mayor: Some injured in attack are in critical condition

British Prime Minister Theresa May has called the London Bridge incident a " potential act of terrorism ". "Our thoughts are with those who are caught up in these awful events", she said in statement . "We have armed police at the scenes". His sister, Freddy, says he's in an induced coma after being stabbed in the face, neck and stomach. He said a lot of police suddenly came from the other direction. Read More »

U.S. states, cities and firms unite behind Paris accord

The $15 million would cover the US share of the convention's operating budget, according to Bloomberg spokesperson Carl Pope. The New Zealand Science Media Centre asked climate change experts to talk about the implications of the United States leaving the Paris Agreement . Read More »

Fugitive and bounty hunters killed in Texas auto dealership shootout

Garcia and Bernal drew their weapons and Hutchinson responded by drawing his own pistol, which he dropped, according to a statement from Greenville spokesperson Kathy Lucas. Hutchinson and the two investigators died at the scene. Greenville police also released 911 calls placed during the shooting, including a woman who said she was hiding in the bathroom while asking police to "please, hurry". Read More »

Mom of slain Portland light-rail train passenger writes Trump


According to an affidavit of probable cause, while in the police vehicle, Christian allegedly said that he was a "patriot" and admitted to the crime and saying, "that's what liberalism gets you". "When I did pull my headphone off my ear, what I heard the attacker say was "I pay taxes this is my train" and he was making reference to colored people ruining the city and he had first amendment rights", Macy said. Read More »