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12-Year-Old Wins National Spelling Bee With 'Marocain'

In addition to Ananya and Rohan, her fellow fifteen finalists were: Rohan Sachdev , Erin Howards , Mira Dedhia , Shrinidhi Gopa , Tejas Muthusamy , Sreeniketh Vogoti , Saketh Sundar , Alice Liu , Raksheet Kota , Naysa Modi , Shourav Dasari , Alex Iyer , and Shruthika Padhy . Read More »

Pakistan rubbishes Afghan allegations over Kabul blast


There was no immediate claim of responsibility. He vowed that the attack would not shake Germany's determination to "support the Afghan regime with the stabilization of their country". At least 11 US citizens were reportedly injured in the attack. Many of dead and wounded were women and children, the Afghan government said. Afghan security forces swiftly cordoned off the area and worldwide troops arrived at the site to assist in rescue efforts. Read More »

N Carolina House budget debate heads into night

Although the House otherwise largely gives targeted tax breaks to emerging industries, the Senate cuts corporate and individual income tax rates across the board. "We have a schedule to try to have this process resolved through conference within a couple of weeks". The House and Senate ultimately will hammer out a compromise plan to present to Cooper. Read More »

GOP health bill a far cry from Trump promises


One main reason: almost half of consumers say that their cost of health care will be "worse" under the House GOP's American Health Care Act , according to the poll. More people said the GOP bill would hurt their personal health care than thought the same about a straight repeal of the ACA when asked about that issue in December. Read More »

Paris climate pact needed for sake of Mother Earth - Merkel

However, President Trump feels that the Paris accord is "unfair" and this would put the United States to a very big "economic disadvantage". " Nike believes that climate change is a serious global threat and that the world will need to radically redesign industrial systems and economies in order to enable a low-carbon growth economy", the brand said in the statement . Read More »

Trump Urges Muslim Leaders to Confront Extremism

Advance excerpts of the speech had Trump using the term "Islamist terrorism" - an apparent softening in tone - but the president veered off-script in his delivery. "Absolutely not. Our relationship is with the United States of America and it has great leadership today", Khaled al-Falih, minister of energy, industry and mineral resources, told AFP on the sidelines of summits between Trump and Muslim leaders from around the world. Read More »

Trump chastises North Atlantic Treaty Organisation members at summit

White House press secretary Sean Spicer , traveling with the president, downplayed the absence of Trump's formal commitment to security guarantees during the speech, saying that there was no question of US support for North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and all of the obligations that are entailed in membership. Read More »

Weather Channel website trolls Trump for exiting Paris Agreement


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called Donald Trump to express "his disappointment" with the USA president's decision to pull the United States out of the Paris climate accord . President Trump , and we will pay attention to the impact of that decision on the global community and on Taiwan", Presidential Spokesman Alex Huang (黃重諺) said Friday. Read More »

US buildings light up green in solidarity with Paris climate accord


The global deal is the result of years-long negotiations among countries to arrive at the goal to strengthen the global response to the threat of the climate change , pledging to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In his speech, Trump complained that the Paris Accord required wealthy nations to help developing countries build renewable energy sources. U.S. Read More »

Top CEOs tell Trump: You're wrong on Paris


China plans to spend more than $360 billion on renewable energy by 2020, which it says will create at least 13 million new jobs. "Now, more than ever, we must be determined to solve climate change , and to challenge those leaders who do not believe in scientific facts or empirical truths", DiCaprio continued. Read More »

ICE Says Posters Asking Public To Report Undocumented Immigrants Are Fake


The bill calls for the creation of the ICE Advisory Council that will insure that state and local authorities are cooperating with the immigration enforcement objectives. And 70 percent thought law enforcement should be allowed to ask about individuals' citizenship status during routine patrols. Fellow Huntington Beach Republican Assemblyman Matthew Harper said the measure would hinder immigration officials from doing their jobs. Read More »

Spicer suggests Trump's 'covfefe' tweet was a secret message


During an audio-only press gaggle, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was asked about the mysterious, albeit inconsequential, now-deleted "convfefe" tweet President Donald Trump made in the wee hours of Wednesday morning. The Fox story doesn't even have a reporter's byline on it, so no one wanted to take credit for it. A midnight tweet from President Donald Trump has social media trying to find a meaning in the mysterious term " covfefe ". Read More »

Gov. Scott signs state budget, calls for special session


The agreement, which will be announced at a 10 a.m. news conference at Miami International Airport, was finalized late Thursday night after several days of backstage negotiations mostly involving House Speaker Richard Corcoran , Scott and their top staff members. Read More »

White House reiterates Trump's support for strong US-Israel alliance

The White House has officially delayed its plan to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, a promise President Trump made during his presidential campaign. Abbas's spokesman, Nabil Abu Rdeneh called the decision Thursday an "important positive step" that illustrates the US seriousness about promoting peace. Read More »

Illinois General Assembly sets national record in futility


At least the Senate crafted a budget and debated meaningfully, starting in January, the policy issues that impact the state. Opponents of the bill include the Illinois Department of Revenue, which is a strong indicator that Governor Rauner would be likely to veto any bill that passes in both chambers of the General Assembly. Read More »

Trump's biggest goals at risk as Kushner is sucked into probe


Real estate analysts told ABC News that Jared Kushner's first major acquisition, a Fifth Avenue office tower signifying his family's move from New Jersey into Manhattan real estate, is shouldering a $1.3 billion in loans coming due in two years, and it is not bringing in sufficient rental income. Read More »

Trump pulls USA out of global climate change accord

China and the European Union have swiftly moved to fill the leadership void on the Paris climate pact left by the USA pullout. Obama - who said the inaugural Paris deal puts the people all across the world on the road to a low-carbon future - had achieved an accomplishment with negotiating for the agreement , reports CNN . Read More »

Paris Climate Accord can not be renegotiated on US' request: United Nations body

Even a direct appeal from the Vatican wasn't enough to persuade the president. Less than an hour after Mr. Trump said Thursday the United States will pull out of the Paris climate agreement , China's People's Daily tweeted a link to a Facebook article - using two social-media services censored in China, but created to reach a global audience - saying the foreign ministry had "reassured the world" Beijing would remain steadfast on climate. Read More »

EU, China back climate pact after Trump pullout

He said it was the steady, principled American leadership on the world stage that made the Paris agreement possible. He says the Paris emission reduction commitments were voluntary, which was something the New Zealand Government took advantage of by setting relatively weak targets. Read More »

Stanford blasts Sacramento State 10-0

Connor Seabold (11-4) struck out eight in seven innings, giving up two runs in picking up the win for the Titans (35-21), who will face top-seeded host Stanford on Friday night in a winner's bracket game. However, CSF scored a run on the play and Wood was replaced by lefty Bo Burrup . Bubic (7-6) struck out 11. BYU got another pair of runners aboard in the sixth with two-out singles by Kringlen and Hale, but the tandem was stranded. Read More »

One dead, two missing, others hurt in Wisconsin corn plant explosion

Didion Milling is a family-owned business that processes corn for food and operates an ethanol plant across from its milling facility. One worker was killed and two were believed missing Thursday, Richards said. He said waiting on the news has been very hard for his family. Several fire crews rushed to the scene following the explosion, said CBS News . Sixteen workers were inside the plant when the explosion happened, according to company officials. Read More »

The White House Says It Won't Answer Questions About Russia Anymore

Trump was likely responding to Clinton's appearance Wednesday at Recode's Code conference in California, where she discussed the 2016 presidential campaign at length. That would be a little, I think that's - it's an ongoing conversation, and I think that that's a fair way to put it. Controversy over the Russian Federation issue deepened after Trump fired FBI Director James Comey earlier this month, leading to allegations by critics that the president sought to hamper the agency's ... Read More »

World leaders accuse Trump of turning his back on the planet

The Paris accord, reached by almost 200 countries in 2015, was meant to limit global warming to 2C or less by 2100, mainly through country pledges to cut carbon dioxide and other emissions from the burning of fossil fuels. "I do respect his decision, but I do think it is an actual mistake both for the U.S. and for our planet", he said in a televised speech . Macron was referencing to the President's campaign slogan, "Make American Great Again". Read More »

Trump Announces US Will Withdraw from Paris Climate Accord

Reacting to Trump's imminent withdrawal, Coderre said it was more important than ever that cities, provinces and the federal government "stick together" to address climate action effectively. Trump has repeatedly cast doubt on the science of climate change and once called it a hoax perpetrated by China to weaken USA business. He noted that private businesses in the US have already made clear their support for the Paris agreement, which "opened the floodgates for businesses, scientists, and ... Read More »

Todd Kohlhepp pleads guilty to murdering 7


Kohlhepp, 46, admitted to the killings after a missing woman was found chained by the neck inside a shipping container on his property in Spartanburg County , CBS News reported . The solicitor agreed in exchange for the guilty pleas not to seek the death penalty. Police discovered human remains on his property belonging to her boyfriend, Charles David Carver, 32, as well as married couple Meagan Coxie, 25, and Johnny Coxie, 29, who had been buried there for more than a year. Read More »

Georgia Peach Crop Faces Nearly 80 Percent Loss This Year


Georgia and South Carolina both experienced the second warmest December through February since record keeping began in 1895, according to meteorologist Linda Lam. The peaches that are available will cost more, Corcoran said. "But we just got trees where instead of 500 peaches on it, they have 50 or 100". Peach farms in New England are doing just fine after a rough 2016, and California's peach crop is up from a year ago, so there are still options if you plan on making cobbler this ... Read More »

Explosion at ethanol plant in southern Wisconsin; multiple injuries

Federal records show the plant was cited in 2011 for exposing workers to dust explosion hazards. An explosion at a corn milling plant has rocked a community in central Wisconsin . Williams says there were no evacuations in the area. In the last 35 years, over 500 grain dust explosions have been recorded at grain handling facilities in the US, killing more than 180 people and injuring more than 675, according to OSHA. Read More »

House gives tentative approval to budget bill


There is a big divide among Republicans over whether they can vote to pass a budget resolution in the coming months, and failing to do so could make it much more hard to change the tax code. The House tax proposal inside the budget released Tuesday would cost about $350 million to carry out over two years, with increases in the standard deduction and some tax breaks for businesses. Read More »

Obama And World Leaders React To Trump's Climate Decision

Democratic cities and states , aware that the American public as a whole is increasingly concerned about climate change, are taking their stand, perhaps in recognition that the issue could become a pivotal one in the congressional and governor elections in 2018, and perhaps the presidential race in 2020. Read More »

Portland stabbing survivor speaks out, killer complains of suppression


Ricky Best , a 53-year-old Army veteran and father of four, and 23-year-old Taliesin Myrddin Namkai Meche were stabbed and later died from their injuries. The Oregonian newspaper reported the statement earlier in the day. "I want to send my condolences and honor those families". "Get the fuck out!" "Free speech or die, Portland ", he said. Read More »