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Ann Coulter Vows To Speak At UC Berkeley Despite Cancellation

The topic of her speech was immigration. 'We have been unable to find a safe and suitable venue, ' officials wrote in a letter to the campus Republicans on Wednesday. As with other USA colleges and universities, it has tried to find a balance between ideological openness, student safety and student opposition to what some describe as "hate speech". Read More »

Policy Change: United Airlines will no longer take seats from boarded passengers

United Airlines said it will no longer allow employees to take the seats of civilian passengers on full flights following an incident in which a man was forcibly dragged off an overbooked plane. United is reviewing the circumstances that led to the forcible removal of Dr. David Dao, of Kentucky, by Chicago aviation police officers on April 9. Read More »

Trump calls 100-day assessment "ridiculous"


The president said Thursday that Republicans will have a health care solution "soon" but could not commit to having it done by the 100 day mark. Then there's the specific construct of the 100 days as a critical way station by which to judge a president. Read More »

Sen. McConnell on Justice Neil Gorsuch


There has been some controversy in the past decade over whether it was appropriate for a newly confirmed justice to be sworn in at the White House. Gorsuch will take over junior justice duties from Justice Elena Kagan, who has held the spot since 2010. Read More »

Religious Liberty Case Brings First Supreme Test for Gorsuch

Gorsuch's questions suggested he disagreed with previous Supreme Court decisions that had let federal district courts consider lawsuits that claim violations of federal discrimination laws as well as civil service laws. He asked crisp and colloquial questions, and he kept asking them if he did not find the lawyers' answers satisfactory. "No, just to continue to make it up", Gorsuch shot back with a grin, indicating he believed previous court decisions had strayed from the text of the law. Read More »

President Trump blasts Canada, labels trade practices a 'disgrace'


Canada's Ambassador to the United States, David MacNaughton, sent a letter to two USA governors on Tuesday night, a few hours after President Trump's speech in Wisconsin. "With respect to softwood lumber, our producers and workers have never been found in the wrong", Freeland added. Its first attack, launched from Wisconsin, targets the rules of the Canadian dairy market, which would unfairly favor Canadian producers against American producers. Read More »

United Airlines Controversy: New Footage Shows Passenger's Conversation With Security


The Louisville, Kentucky-bound flight attracted worldwide attention earlier this week when crew members called law enforcement to remove a ticketed passenger from the aircraft to make room for United employees. But the CEO of United's parent company, Oscar Munoz, has been notified of the hearing scheduled for Thursday. Now, the LA Times is reporting that another man, who'd purchased a full-fare first class ticket and was sitting is his seat on a United Flight , was threatened with ... Read More »

Trump says he plans tax reform announcement on Wednesday

It requires them to hold more capital in reserve in the event of financial emergencies. The latter is spurred ny new economic policies and taxes. "They are too complicated", the President said, during signing ceremony in the Treasury Department. Read More »

Jason Chaffetz exploring private sector jobs


During that time he sometimes clashed with the committee's Democratic side, in particular over investigations into politically charged issues such as the attack on the US facility in Benghazi, Libya; Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server; and the administration's responsiveness to his investigations. Read More »

US judge puts hold on Arkansas plan for successive executions

Lawyers for the state of Arkansas faced fights on multiple legal fronts Monday to begin a series of double executions before a key sedative used in lethal injections expires at the end of the month. "I understand how hard this is on the victims' families, and my heart goes out to them as they once again deal with the continued court review; however, the last minute court reviews are all part of the hard process of death penalty cases", the governor's statement read. Read More »

Man arrested in Dortmund bomb attack on suspicion of stock plot


Police originally suspected an "Islamist motive" after they found two letters at the scene, each claiming responsibility. The 28-year-old man, who has both German and Russian citizenship, was apprehended in the southern city of Tuebingen on Friday, the Federal Prosecutor's Office said in a statement , Bloomberg reported. Read More »

Arkansas Sidesteps Legal Wrangling, Executes First in List of Inmates


Kissel). On Wednesday, the Arkansas Supreme Court halted the execution of the Stacey Johnson, who was scheduled to be put to death on the same day as Lee. Lawyers raised concerns about his intellectual capacity as well as personal conduct and conflicts of people involved in his trial. Jeff Rosenzweig, an attorney for Jones, said the inmates' conditions raise the likelihood of complications that were not apparent in Lee's execution. Read More »

Killing of three white men in California city racially motivated

Williams was a supervisor for Toys "R" Us who was at his second job at a Motel 6 when Muhammad shot him multiple times after an argument, police and the mother said . "You can't have terror and you can't have race at the same time", he said. Martin was charged as an accessory and has been released from jail. Randalls had a wife and two young children, according to police. Read More »

H-1B change will need approval of Congress

None responded to requests for comment. Commenting on 18 April when President Donald Trump's "Buy American, Hire American" executive order was due to be signed-off, the president and CEO of the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) said it was a positive step in ensuring full enforcement of existing Buy America laws and ensuring the steel industry remains competitive. Read More »

House GOP plans health care bill showdown next week

But House GOP leaders are dubious. "Generally, we have said we believe a federal stability fund for high-risk pools, appropriately funded, would be a positive step toward stability", Grow said. Conservatives said the plan didn't combat the rising cost of premiums, while centrists anxious sick patients would be deprived of access to affordable, quality health insurance. Read More »

Trump says media won't give him credit for his accomplishments


That is, until you realize Lowry and Rubin are far right Never Trumpers, making it a four to one advantage for the anti-Trump faction. In a tweet posted at 6:50 a.m. White House correspondent Maggie Haberman highlighted Trump's unique disposition in the White House as the first incumbent president to have no prior military or political experience. Read More »

DOJ to Chicago: Comply with immigration laws or lose money


New York City's mayor says the Justice Department's claims about its violence are "out of touch with reality". The US Justice Department singled out Chicago and NY as two cities that are "crumbling under the weight of illegal immigration and violent crime", even though NYC is experiencing its lowest crime levels in decades and experts say Chicago's recent spike in violent crime has little to do with illegal immigration. Read More »

March for Science events to take place around the globe


Working with national organizers, Greb gathered up a leadership team, social media groups and fundraising. "Science is more than a body of knowledge". It's a nonpartisan event that policy makers and politicians to treat scientists and scientific research as legitimate, and to realize how much harm they could be doing if they cut scientific funding or ignore warnings. Read More »

Justice Dept. tells Philly that law enforcement grant money at risk

The Justice Department sent letters Friday to nine jurisdictions warning it would withhold coveted law enforcement grant money unless they document cooperation. The Democratic mayor called the "soft on crime" characterization "absolutely outrageous". The city had the fewest shootings in history in 2017, and was down 17 percent from last year's record low, he said. Read More »

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal Endorses Karen Handel For 6th District Runoff Election

Jon Ossoff , a Democrat making his first bid for elective office, narrowly missed an outright win in a traditionally Republican House district in Georgia, a race seen as a referendum of President Donald Trump . The district includes suburban households outside Atlanta , a stronghold for Republicans that is showing cracks since the 2016 election. A young Democrat, Jon Ossoff , in the U.S. Read More »

Pence announces $10bln in deals on Indonesia trip

Pence made the remarks ahead of a meeting on Saturday with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and other Australian officials in Sydney. Mr Turnbull opened the talks with Mr Pence with a reference to Australia and America's long history of military alliance, one the PM noted stretched back more than a century to World War I before formal alliances were brokered 60 years ago. Read More »

Justice Dept. tells 9 sanctuary cities grant... 1:10 pm Fri

The Mayor's Office said they will release a statement on the DOJ's letter this afternoon. Through April 16 the city had seen 74 killings in 2017, according to the police department, which would put it on pace to have the fewest number of murders since it began keeping accurate records on homicides. Read More »

Arkansas executes first murderer since 2005

The execution began at 11:44 p.m., and Lee's eyes "began drooping" about a minute later, according to an Associated Press reporter who witnessed the execution. The. Surely that challenge would be enough to halt the scheduled executions. Authorities received the go-ahead to execute Lee after the U.S. Supreme Court rejected his last appeals. Read More »

California lawmaker rejects Justice Dept letter

The letters are the latest move by the Trump administration to make good on campaign promises to cut federal funding to cities that don't fully comply with federal immigration enforcement efforts. Later, Police Commissioner James O'Neill issued a statement pointing out that a year ago, NY experienced fewer shootings than since the city had started keeping records. Read More »

Muslim Black Man Kills Four White in USA


The families of the victims from Tuesday's shooting spree in downtown Fresno, are in mourning. The suspect behind a shooting rampage that killed three people in just minutes in Fresno, California Tuesday has been charged with murder from a previous killing. Read More »

Sanders promoting new blood in Democrats but impact unclear

The cheers turned to boos as Sanders noted Utah's entire congressional delegation, governor and legislative majority are all Republicans. "... which puts you in a great position", he joked. It was fitting. Because while Perez and Sanders weren't visiting Reno, Chicago, Fargo and Minnesota, their itinerary was kind of close: Maine, Kentucky, Florida, Texas, Nebraska, Utah, Arizona and Nevada. Read More »

Clawson Easter Egg Hunt Scores Big on City Field

Pallion Traders are working in partnership with the Parker Trust and Pallion Action Group to organise an Easter Egg Hunt on Wednesday 12 April, as part of family activities over the school holidays. Colored eggs, pickled eggs, deviled eggs, egg salad, homemade noodles, baked goods and more will be available. Aimed at children ages 1 to 12 years old, organizers say those attending should bring their own baskets to carry the plastic eggs children will find at the park. Read More »

Survivalist who ambushed police seeks to avoid death penalty


Tonkin asked the jury to find Frein guilty of Dickson's murder, the attempted murder of Douglass, and other charges including terrorism. The trial will now enter the penalty phase where, after hearing from witnesses from both sides, the jury will decide if Frein will be sentenced to life in prison or if he will receive the death penalty. Read More »

US Supreme Court Lifts Stay, Inmate Ledell Lee Executed

A prison spokesman said Lee on Thursday declined a last meal and opted instead to receive communion. "Justice was carried out". "While reasonable people can disagree on whether death is an appropriate form of punishment, no one should be executed when there is a possibility that person is innocent". Read More »

Senate Confirms Neil Gorsuch to Supreme Court


The White House is praising Neil Gorsuch following his confirmation as the next Supreme Court justice. The move comes in the wake of a contentious battle this week in the Senate over the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch when the Republicans who control the chamber used the "nuclear option" to neutralize the filibuster for nominees to the Supreme Court. Read More »

A new high: Poll finds record support for pot legalization

But DeKeuster pointed out that her former employer, Berkeley Patients Group in California, operated an on-site cannabis "lounge" as part of its medical marijuana dispensary for years. He's not going to rubber stamp anything, he's not going to waste anyone's time and I think he's a smart governor and politician and he wants to listen and gather all the information", Ross said. Read More »

Justice Department Sends Warnings To NYC, Other Sanctuary Cities


City spokeswoman Lauren Hitt said Friday, following receipt of the letter , that the city was already aware of the requirement to comply with the law cited in the letter. Meanwhile, the leader of California's state Senate is rejecting notification. De Leon has been an outspoken critic of the administration's immigration crackdown. Read More »