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House budget leaves out Senate spending cuts

The amended bill, approved 18-13 by the chamber's Republican majority, would also end state income taxes on military pensions and Social Security benefits, similar to the tax bill recently passed by the House. "He felt it was better, as the House did also, rather than take action on the budget tonight to allow him to get involved in the process and see if he can reach an agreement with all sides - the Senate Rs, the Senate Ds, the House Rs and the House Ds". Read More »

Medicaid a target for cuts despite assurance

And in states where leaders are less compassionate, people will fall into the cracks. Your afternoon shot of politics, sent straight from the desk of Joshua Miller. "And also, let me remind you, [Agriculture] Secretary [Sonny] Perdue mentioned that it was a program that was working, why fix it if it's not broken, and he appeared to not be aware that you all were going to recommend these cuts", Lee added . Read More »

Sen. Joe Lieberman is Trump's pick to lead Federal Bureau of Investigation, according to reports

Cornyn had been on the White House shortlist to replace Comey, but with withdrew himself from consideration. Among the four candidates which he interviewed for the objective at White House, Joe Lieberman was his great choice. After leaving the Senate, Lieberman joined the law firm Kasowitz, Benson, Torres , & Friedman, where he is a senior counsel. "He or she can not be perceived as a political appointee or someone representing the interests of the Trump administration", Sanders said in a ... Read More »

AAA expects second highest number of Memorial Day weekend travelers in 2017


The 44 drowning deaths in 2016 was five more than the previous year and 19 people were killed in 116 boating incidents statewide in 2015. Troopers will be looking for excessive speed, careless and aggressive driving. The Memorial Day holiday weekend falls during the Governor's Office of Highway Safety's "Click It or Ticket" seat belt awareness campaign. Highway Patrol says, "The only survivable traffic crash is the one that never happens". Read More »

Republican Gianforte wins special congressional election in Montana

As Gianforte moved on top of Jacobs, he began yelling something to the effect of, 'I'm sick and exhausted of this!' Today, AP employs the latest technology to collect and distribute content - we have daily uploads covering the latest and breaking news in the world of politics, sport and entertainment. Read More »

Gianforte wins U.S. House race in Montana


And the president, in Italy for a G-7 summit, said to journalists after Gianforte's victory: "Great win in Montana". Looking to make the most of the incident, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee released a television ad Thursday that highlighted audio from the wild confrontation. Read More »

White House to hold off on naming Federal Bureau of Investigation director

Lieberman ran for vice president with Democrat Al Gore in 2000 and now works at the same law firm as Trump's longtime lawyer, Marc Kasowitz, which Democrats could find problematic, as one Democratic aide told Politico . Many Senate Democrats hold a grudge against Lieberman for his rightward turn and opposition to some of President Barack Obama's agenda late in his Senate career. Read More »

Senate Republicans start version of Obamacare repeal

Robb also saw problems in the formula: Moving utilities - an operational cost - into the capital outlay budget presents an equity issue; grandfathering in a 33 percent local option budget for some districts puts others with 30 percent LOBs - such as Hutchinson USD 308 - at a disadvantage; and allowing some Johnson County USDs to get extra aid when they have a low at-risk population will raise another equity concern. Read More »

Federal Bureau of Investigation examines Kushner meetings with Russians

Gorelick says he will do the same if he is contacted in connection with any other inquiry. The former Central Intelligence Agency director said he addressed the matter with Russian Federal Security Service director Alexander Bortnikov, who told him he would pass on his concerns to President Vladimir Putin. Read More »

With Senate done, House ready to debate budget ideas

West Virginia lawmakers voted to adjourn until June 5 after two votes indicated just how far apart they still are on how to bridge the budget gap for the coming fiscal year. He listed a series of tax cuts over the years that have reduced revenue for the state. Tuck said the House is waiting on the Senate to appoint a conference committee on oil taxes. Read More »

House intelligence committee Democrat says panel to subpoena Flynn


Moscow has repeatedly denied the allegations and Trump denies any collusion with Russian Federation. Those suspicions lingered but proof was lacking. "It should be clear to everyone Russian Federation brazenly interfered in our 2016 presidential election process and that they undertook these activities despite our strong protests and explicit warning that they do not do so", Mr Brennan said. Read More »

Health care bill: Premiums may decline, but many will pay more

An estimated 23 million people would lose health coverage by 2026 under Republican legislation, dubbed Trumpcare, according to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office report released today. Governor Nancy Wyman responded to the release of the Congressional Budget Office's ( CBO ) estimates on the cost of adopting Trumpcare. The CBO's analysis of the first two versions of the AHCA, the second of which was pulled before even getting a vote in the House, noted that 24 million ... Read More »

Pope gifts Trump texts on peace, environmentalism

A pool report from a gift exchange between the Trumps and Pope Francis ( POTUS received three documents, including Pope Francis' 2015 climate change encyclical) included a sassy comment from the pope to the first lady. Pompei said Trump also told the women that Pope Francis "is an advocate for your stories" of suffering, referring to the pontiff's oft-made appeals to nations to do more to fight human traffickers. Read More »

CBO Estimate of Revised House Health Care Bill Changes Little

People living in states that narrow the scope of so-called essential health benefits might experience "substantial increases in out-of-pocket spending" for certain services or opt to skip them, CBO said . In assessing the effects of the House-passed bill, CBO predicted scenarios in which people in ill health would struggle to obtain insurance , while healthier ones would find it easier. Read More »

FM: US understands Turkey's position against Syrian Kurds


Video shows people pushing past police to confront a small group of protesters across the street in Sheridan Circle. "Groups affiliated with the PKK, which the USA and Turkey have designated as a terrorist organization, gathered yesterday without permit in Sheridan Circle in the immediate vicinity of the ambassador's residence", the Turkish embassy said in a statement late Wednesday. Read More »

Judge rebukes Trump over travel ban

It also suspended the USA refugee program for 120 days. Trump rewrote the entry ban after the 9th Circuit in February refused to lift an earlier injunction. "The Department of Justice strongly disagrees with the decision of the divided court, which blocks the president's efforts to strengthen this country's national security". Read More »

New Analysis of Health Care Law Affirms Increases in Hunger, Poverty


Prior to 2013, insurers were allowed to turn away people with health problems, and there was no federal requirement for a standard benefits package. It would replace former US president Barack Obama's tax subsidies for health insurance consumers with tax credits based largely on age instead of income. Read More »

Did Melania Trump swat president's hand away in Israel?


Moving the embassy to Jerusalem likely would be viewed as an endorsement of Israel's claim to the entire city. Who is Trump, Israelis could have said , to tell Netanyahu that he wasn't welcome to accompany him to the Western Wall, which is considered a national icon of Israel? From Israel, Mr Trump departed for Italy for an audience with Pope Francis. Read More »

Insurers Continue to Hike Prices, Abandon ACA Markets


Of Blue KC's one million members, about 67,000 will have to find another option for health insurance next year. The good news is that 90.5 percent of North Carolinians who enrolled this year are insulated from rate hikes, as they qualify for premium tax credits that will increase to increase along with any gross premium rates. Read More »

Analysts say GOP bill leaves 23m more uninsured

The CBO also said federal budget deficits would fall by $119 billion over 10 years under that bill. Their plan is all about saving taxpayers money by getting people off of programs like Medicaid . Alternating between angry and occasionally on the verge of tears when speaking about his dyslexic son, Huberty said on the House floor Wednesday that the Senate "stripped the bill of all the solid policy work". Read More »

Texas lawmakers finalize deal on $217B spending bill

AUSTIN, Texas - As "bathroom bills" targeting transgender individuals falter across the USA, fizzling even in conservative bastions like Kansas and Arkansas following the upheaval over a North Carolina law a year ago, Texas Republicans are doubling down in their determination. Read More »

Texas Senate revives full bathroom bill with late-night move

Republicans hold a 52-48 Senate majority. But, he says right now, Democrats are standing in the way of reform. "Now we'll have a base of a Senate bill based on all these discussions, based on what the House did , based on the CBO score", he continued, referring to analysis by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office , which measures the budgetary impact of all legislation. Read More »

Defense attorney busted for trying to bribe rape victim to keep quiet


Vasiliades and Rodriguez each accumulated a dozen obstruction of justice and witness intimidation charges for allegedly conspiring to intimidate a victim and witness. ICE agents have been showing up in courthouses to arrest undocumented immigrants, and judges have complained that these techniques will directly lead to witnesses and victims not showing up to testify, making everyone less safe. Read More »

Kansas House approves school aid plan some call insufficient

Health insurers are calling on Senate Republicans to maintain ObamaCare's protections for people with pre-existing conditions as they draft their replacement bill. The Kansas House gave the new school finance bill final approval on an 84 to 39 vote Thursday morning after initially agreeing to the new formula the day before . Read More »

US, Europe swap air security information at laptop ban talks


That ban has resulted in a significant reduction in travel between those countries and the US, according to a report by Emirates Airlines. Schinas said Home Affairs Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos and Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc took part in a conference call Friday with Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly to discuss the possible laptop ban . Read More »

West Virginia Senate passes amended tax bill


That itself was laughable given how much Republicans had properly criticized congressional Democrats for rushing through their health care overhaul without having a full grasp on its effects. The House passed a bill that put more dollars into nearly every district, made needed changes to our funding formulas, and kept more local dollars in local schools. Read More »

It's clear Russian Federation interfered with United States election — Ex-CIA chief

President Trump maintains there was no contact between Moscow and his campaign. "That's very serious stuff, really serious", said Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY). But if congressional committees move to grant Flynn immunity, they would probably have to enter into discussions with the special counsel , Robert Mueller, to determine whether that could impede the FBI's case. Read More »

Punt: White House Delays Controversial Obamacare Decision By Three Months

Meanwhile, Democrats are now interested in investigating whether or not the Trump administration linked the continuation of the cost-sharing payments to support for the GOP's replacement plan. The insurers are threatening to break up with the Obamacare marketplaces without a long-term commitment from his administration that they'll get the money. Read More »

Polls open after candidate charged with assault


The last guy that came here you did the same thing. "Get the hell out of here!" In a robo-call on the eve of Election Day, Trump referred to the GOP contender Greg Gianforte , who later allegedly "body-slammed" a reporter, as "my friend" and "a wonderful guy". Read More »

Central North Carolina facing severe threat


Officials are checking on reports of tornadoes in Iredell and Union counties. The National Weather Service issued a tornado watch Wednesday for a large part of Florida, including the cities of Jacksonville; Gainesville and Tallahassee. Autry told the governor that state Emergency Management officials have been in contact with him about helping. The severe weather outbreak began in eastern North Carolina, when a tornado caused damage in Autryville. Read More »