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Who Trump called as health bill finally collapsed: 'Hello, Bob'

Two months into office, the Trump administration has already faced a number of setbacks. Would the Republican plan improve health-care coverage by making it cheaper or simpler to obtain? No. "Price. and you add Phase Three, which I think we would have gotten, it became a great bill. but that is okay". But as it turned out, the only thing GOP policymakers agreed on was that they hated "Obamacare" - and they had absolutely no idea what to put in its place. Read More »

Trump blames Republicans for defeat of health bill


One day later, Trump and Speaker Paul RyanPaul RyanPete King: Freedom Caucus to blame for failed healthcare bill Fox News host promoted by Trump calls on Paul Ryan to step down Dan Rather: Failure to repeal ObamaCare most "staggering loss" so early in a term MORE (R-Wis.) made a decision to pull the legislation moments before a planned House floor vote after it became clear it would not pass. Read More »

Trump and GOP leaders scramble to push Obamacare repeal bill through House


In an effort to appease critics, House Republican leaders already capitulated on the AHCA essential benefits requirement, amending the bill on Thursday to let each state define its own EHBs by 2018, as opposed to issuing a federal mandate. That gravity, among moderates and some mainstream conservatives, altered votes. The Freedom Caucus felt the bill didn't get rid of enough Obamacare regulations. Read More »

CHP reports two fatal crashes on I


The first accident occurred around 3:04 a.m. south of Las PositasBoulevard in Pleasanton. Officers say the driver lost control of the vehicle before hitting the center divider, and being ejected from the auto. CHP officers say a white colored sedan collided with the pedestrian, and continued northbound. The drivers of the other two vehicles stopped and gave officers statements. Read More »

Texas police investigate possible sighting of Tad Cummins


Thomas, who is a freshman at Culleoka Unit School in Maury County, Tennessee was reported missing on March 13th. The latter charge stems from an alleged kiss between him and Thomas, in January on school property, according to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. Read More »

What's In The Health Care Bill Changes Unveiled Late Last Night


Big importers like Wal-Mart and Nike (NKE), both members of the Dow Jones industrial average, along with Best Buy (BBY) and many other retailers have fought hard to defeat it. But that would require changing the rules, thus repeating an intense and unpopular move that Democrats pulled four years ago. "We couldn't get one Democratic vote and we were a little bit shy, very little, but it was still a little bit shy, so we pulled it", Trump said. Read More »

Obama health law's 'essential benefits' may be in jeopardy


It now heads to the Senate, where its fate is uncertain, experts say. Turning back the essential health benefits requirement would be a big step forward toward efforts to lower health care costs, expand consumer choices, and reverse the federalization of health policy inherent in President Obama's signature health care law. Read More »

Casey issues statement on GOP health care bill


The former president did acknowledge that health care premiums are on the rise under Obamacare but said "the vast majority" have not seen premiums skyrocket. A single-payer platform which includes everyone, is portable if changing a job or getting a divorce, uniformity of benefits, physician choice, removal of insurance industry interference and the profits that goes to the insurance corporations and setting cap laws that pharmaceuticals must follow, or allow Americans to get their ... Read More »

Did Paul Ryan Say He Wants to Destroy Health Care?


What's more, Paulsen is a strong backer and a friend of Speaker Paul Ryan . Additionally, the old promise of political support for casting tough votes doesn't carry the same weight. A more straightforward way of putting it is that the social safety net remains stitched together because the American Health Care Act did not promise to inflict almost enough violence upon it to satisfy the Freedom Caucus. Read More »

Many Governors Welcome Demise Of GOP Health Care Bill

Joseph Antos, a health economist with the American Enterprise Institute, a Washington, D.C. -based conservative think tank, said the ability for young adults to stay on family plans represents a "critical mistake" within the health law, cutting off insurers from a large, healthy demographic that likely would be able to afford a health care plan. Read More »

Governor declares emergency ahead of storm


They are Interstates 78, 80, 81, 83, 84, 176, 283, 380, the Pennsylvania Turnpike east of Morgantown, the entire Northeastern Extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, and all non-interstate expressways outside of the five-county Philadelphia region. Read More »

The Health Care Albatross


The failed vote - despite Republican control of the White House and both houses of Congress - highlighted severe cracks within the GOP that Trump's presidency won't easily mend. Whereupon Trump will turn to the moderate Democrats and offer them a deal - perhaps catastrophic health coverage in exchange for repealing Obamacare. Read More »

GOP health care failure will make tax reform much harder


The President met with House Speaker Paul Ryan earlier in the day, then spoke with him by telephone when it was clear the party did not have the votes to get its plan across the finish line. "The president gave his all in this effort", Ryan said at a news conference after pulling the bill. "Health care is a very, very complicated issue", he said at a Friday event hosted by Axios . Read More »

Republicans at war over Trump's healthcare bill


Here's a look at what happened in the 24 hours before the bill was killed. After years of disagreement on how to oppose the Democratic White House, the party is just as divided in how to lead with a Republican White House. The President agreed to pull the vote after it became apparent it would not get the minimum Republican votes needed. "But the people who vote for this will have this vote tattooed to their foreheads as they go forward". Read More »

Rep. Mac Thornberry releases statement on health care bill

The law - properly known as the Affordable Care Act and more commonly known as Obamacare - started March with its best-ever average on Real Clear Politics at plus-5.3. The documents don't say whether the ads have appeared throughout the market or just in parts, but the group says it is targeting the Republican Meadows and Rep. Read More »

Las Vegas Bellagio armed jewelry store robbery sends panicked guests fleeing


People got alarmed, both tourists an the guests of the hotel had to flee immediately after they heard about the possible attack. Authorities said initial reports indicated there was an active shooter but that proved to be false. One suspect was in custody and being interviewed by investigators Saturday. According to police, parts of the hotel and casino remained closed during the investigation. Read More »

Supporters rally behind Trump, call for critics to 'give him a chance'


The rally in Philadelphia was one of many around the country Saturday, but it wasn't long until there was a bit of a hostile takeover by hundreds of anti-Trump protesters. Apart from the incident, in which the anti-Trump demonstrators were pushed out of the fray, the rally was reportedly peaceful. Demonstrators protest at the beach in support of President Trump during a rally in Huntington Beach, California, U.S., March 25, 2017. Read More »

Easter Bunny comes to the Lima Mall


It's a subdued Easter Bunny photo experience for children with special needs. Starting at 10 a.m. March 24, children will be able to visit and take photos with the Easter Bunny. All of the mall's Easter celebration festivities are sponsored this year by Simon, a global leader in real estate. The bunny will be at the mall Monday through Friday from 11 8 p.m.; Friday and Saturdays from 10 8 p.m. Read More »

SC vs. Quinnipiac in the 2017 NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament


The Quinnipiac Bobcats were the story of the NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament, and No. 1 seed SC wasn't about to become another chapter in the round of 16. "Their size, speed and length was disruptive to us", said Quinnipiac coach Tricia Fabbri, whose team shot 13 3s. What: No. 1 SC vs. For the Bobcats, this marked the third time in five years that the team made the tournament as conference champions. Read More »

US Investigating Reports That Airstrikes Killed 200 Civilians In Iraq


But the basements of those buildings were filled with civilians, and officials are now looking into whether their deaths were part of an ISIS ploy to shut down airstrikes and garner public support. The head of the Mosul city council, Basma Baseem, told CNN Friday that the recovery operation was continuing in the west Mosul neighborhoods and that the death toll would likely rise. Read More »

Should there have been a vote on the health care bill?


But can he come through on his promises? The GOP rushed ahead with a "misguided and unfixable bill that was indifferent to the devastating impact it would have on American families", she said in a statement . Rescinding the requirement to cover essential health benefits, including maternity care, preventive services, and mental health care. Health care providers in at least a dozen cities will conduct coordinated actions in support of universal guaranteed health care. Read More »

Obama defends health care law as GOP set to vote


And these are 10 categories of services that insurers must cover under the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. According to a February poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation, 48 percent of Americans surveyed view Obamacare favorably, the highest favorability level of the scores of polls conducted by the group since the Affordable Care Act was passed in 2010. Read More »

Woman looking for wedding dress after husband accidentally donates it


It wasn't until two weeks later that the couple realized the $1,000 dress was caught in the mixup. There is just one problem-Natalie's husband accidentally packed up her dress and dropped it off at a local donation center. You can't buy your wedding dress again, even if I were to buy the same exact one from David's Bridal. "I'm so so so upset and posting this in hopes whoever bought it might see this", the post read. Read More »

Meals on Wheels receives uptick in donations after Trump's budget proposal


California Democrat Linda Sanchez said the Trump administration is "literally taking food away from seniors", and even Florida Republican Gus Bilirakis is said to have helped Meals and Wheels deliver food to seniors. The Dorrells built their house 44 years ago atop Helmer Gulch in Rifle. Meals served at the center have decreased 13 percent over the last two years. Read More »

Armed burglar in pig mask holds up Bellagio Rolex store

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said the situation was under investigation on Saturday morning and denied reports of an active shooter at the scene. "This incident is being treated as a barricade at this time". The eyewitness claimed the individual was carrying a gun. A gunman wearing a pig mask sparked panic at the world-famous Bellagio hotel and casino after attempting an armed robbery on a Rolex watch shop, it has been reported. Read More »

NY paramedic struck and killed by stolen ambulance


Ernest Watson, 67, said he had known Arroyo since she was 12, and had watched her grow up from a bright young girl into a strong, dedicated mother of five boys who had raised her sons right. Multiple foundations are now accepting donations that will go to the five sons left behind by the FDNY EMT fatally struck by a stolen ambulance earlier this week. Read More »

De Blasio Won't Be Prosecuted Over Fundraising Allegations


New York City mayoral elections are scheduled for November 7. He was linked to more than $50,000 in donations to de Blasio, whose office, sources say, contacted the city's leasing agency twice during a fight over arrears. "The mayor, one day ahead of St. Patrick's Day, must have a four-leaf clover in his pocket", said George Arzt, a Democratic political consultant and former aide to NY mayor Ed Koch. Read More »

RI Leaders Relieved GOP Health Plan Off The Table

News the bill had been pull did not come as a staggering surprise, even for a president who had promised his followers they were going to get "sick of winning", given Trump's early morning blame-game shot via Twitter , and White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer's laying-the-groundwork Pre-Defeat briefing. Read More »

Controversial Health Care Bill Is Pulled


While far more Democrats than Republicans agreed with that statement, there were significant changes by income: A majority of Republicans (52 percent) with annual incomes under $30,000 agreed with the proposition (up from 31 percent in 2016), as did over a third of Republicans making $30,000 to $74,999 (up from 14 percent in 2016). Read More »

NYPD Increases Security Following Deadly London Terror Attack


The counterterrorism department deployed long-gun teams to the British Consulate, City Hall, and the Grand Central Station. In response to the suspected terror attacks Wednesday in London, Nassau County police said the department was "intensifying patrols in various locations", with "no known imminent threats" to the county. Read More »