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Congress Likely To Avoid Government Shutdown (At Least For Another Week)


That put pressure on Democrats to drop their insistence on Obamacare funding. Such funding disputes could resurface later in spending bills for the next fiscal year starting in October. The Obama administration appealed, but after Trump won the election a year ago the case was put on hold. " Our major concerns in these negotiations have been about funding for the wall and uncertainty about the CSR payments crucial to the stability of the marketplaces under the Affordable Care Act", she ... Read More »

Lawmakers: Congress close to deal on coal miners' benefits


According to Manchin, the conversation was "nice" and the senator was headed to meet with Chris Christie to discuss the state's opioid epidemic. "This is time we can make it happen", Manchin said. In 2015, McConnell blocked a bill aimed at shoring up miners' pension and health care. "It's because of their hard work that we are so close to securing a permanent health care fix and I thank them for dedicating their time and energy". Read More »

Trump turns to once-mocked executive orders to tout wins

A February poll by Gallup found that 62 percent said they thought Trump keeps his promises; that number dropped to 45 percent by April. The survey showed declining ratings on two top issues - healthcare and immigration. At the same time, Trump's numbers across key personal attributes have dipped since a post-election boost that appears to be the closest thing Trump had to a honeymoon. Read More »

Woman shot, killed on Walnut Creek street


Police said an investigation is ongoing and there is no indication the public is in danger. She was shot outside the Lindsay Wildlife Experience, which takes in and cares for injured and stranded animals. A shelter in place has been issued for residents in the area of Buena Vista Avenue between San Luis and Geary roads while police follow up on the suspect's vehicle and the area around the vehicle. Read More »

Court Filings Ahead Of Arkansas's Last Execution Before Drug Supply Expires


Arkansas has executed three men in the past week as part of its plan to kill eight over an 11-day span before its supply of midazolam expires in at the end of April. He killed Boren, stole guns and Boren's truck and then drove away to Missouri. Public opinion has for decades tilted in favor of the death penalty, with a Gallup poll from 2016 showing 60 percent of respondents supporting a death sentence for someone convicted of murder . Read More »

Arkansas to Execute Fourth Man in 8 Days Tonight

If Williams is put to death at 7 p.m. CT, the state will have carried out four executions since last Thursday, including a double execution Monday, the nation's first since 2000. Attorneys for Williams have started to court action. "Mr. Williams was intellectually disabled at the time of his crime, and he remains intellectually disabled today as he awaits his imminent execution", his attorneys with the Federal Defender Services say in an April 21 request for a stay of execution. Read More »

Sean Hannity tweets his worry about Fox News' future


It's not Fox News co-president Bill Shine fans should be the most anxious about, but the "Fair and Balanced to President Donald Trump" Sean Hannity. "Done. Best Sean", he wrote in the first of five tweets about Sherman's report. The Murdoch boys declined, leaving Shine's future in question. He also portrayed Shine, a longtime friend of Hannity's and his former producer, as an essential member of Fox News , and said the network would "end" without him. Read More »

Pope warns leaders to 'act humbly' in surprise TED talk

The pope's video message was played for the audience at the conference where he had a warning to world leaders saying, "power is like drinking gin on an empty stomach". "People who call themselves "respectable" [often leave] behind entire populations, on the side of the road", he said. 'The more powerful you are, the more your actions will have an impact on people , the more responsible you are to act humbly, ' he said, while sat at a desk. Read More »

Pentagon warned Flynn against taking foreign payments, documents show

Flynn was bold, italicized and could not have been clearer". Attorney Robert Kelner says Flynn also talked with the Defense Intelligence Agency staff after he returned from the trip and answered any questions they asked. The inspector general of the Department of Defense has opened an investigation into whether former national security adviser Michael Flynn reported money he received for a speaking appearance in Russian Federation. Read More »

Trump orders visa and government purchase reforms


Second, under a paragraph entitled: "Ensuring the Integrity of the Immigration System in Order to 'Hire American, '" the EO requests that various agencies and departments promulgate new rules and guidance to "supersede or revise previous rules and guidance, if appropriate" under existing law to protect American workers. Read More »

Senators Given Briefing On North Korea At White House

The White House says President Trump want to pressure North Korea into dismantling its nuclear, ballistic missile and proliferation programs, and is engaging the worldwide community to persuade Kim Jong Un's government "to de-escalate and return to the path of dialogue". Read More »

Arkansas prepares to wrap up aggressive execution schedule

On Wednesday, the Arkansas Supreme Court denied another request to halt the execution. After learning 21-year-old Jasmine hadn't seen her father in 17 years, Greenwood reached out to her Tuesday, with her mother offering to pay for her and her 3-year-old daughter to fly to Little Rock to see Williams before his execution. Read More »

Trooper slaying suspect shot dead


Sealy fled in the Honda then called family members, police say, and said he shot a trooper at the Wawa. The barricade situation unfolded after Cpl. Cpl. Now, multiple Special Operations Response teams and Conflict Management teams are trying attempting to make contact with the man to persuade him to surrender. Read More »

US Republican leaders hunt for votes for healthcare bill


Reflecting the pressure on Republicans to pass a health overhaul, Sen. But will Democrats approve the stopgap measure until the omnibus spending bill is passed? The House legislation eliminates the Chevron Deference, while the Senate one creates a judicial review process where courts can decide if agencies comply with the law and then remand non-compliant rules to agencies. Read More »

Ryan: New revisions are winning support for GOP health bill

House Speaker Paul Ryan says the latest Republican effort to scuttle the health care law is winning support, but he stopped short of promising a vote anytime soon. "I simply believe I can be a more effective voice in support of our conservative policies outside of the caucus now that we have a President who will sign our conservative legislation". Read More »

Chaffetz Says He May Not Finish His Current Term In Congress

Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) announced he will not seek re-election to the House when his term ends in 2018, news that evidently has McMullin licking his chops, reports the Independent Journal Review ( IJR ). In February, Chaffetz speculated that the protesters who became staples of his town hall events did so "to bully and intimidate" him. Chaffetz, who came out hard against Trump in the 2016 election, is in a odd position now. Read More »

Here's what could be next for Trump's sanctuary cities order

Trump said in a tweet on Wednesday, referring to the San Francisco-based federal appeals court and its judicial district. But the judge said the executive order was written broadly to reach all federal grants and potentially jeopardized hundreds of millions of dollars in funding to San Francisco and Santa Clara. Read More »

Police Identify Suspect in Fatal Shooting of Delaware State Trooper


He graduated from the police academy in 2009. "This is a sad day for our state and the Delaware State Police family". Burgon Sealy Jr. was identified by sources, according to Delaware Online Thursday . "Out of respect to the officer, our associates and all those affected, the store will remain closed until Saturday". The trooper's SUV remained parked at the Wawa without its emergency lights on as police investigated. Read More »

Russian Hackers Reportedly Tried To Interfere With France's Election

Macron, shown simultaneously at his meeting in a nondescript room, looked every inch the aloof technocrat: in the wrong place at just the right time for Le Pen. Many voters can't stomach either candidate. But while Mr Macron was meeting a delegation of unionists in the city centre, Ms Le Pen made a surprise visit to the Whirlpool workers on the picket line, opposing closure of the plant next year by its USA owners. Read More »

Ex-Trump aide likely afoul of foreign payments law


Michael Flynn , Sr., retired lieutenant general and world-record holder for the shortest-serving national security advisor, is still in trouble. Chaffetz told reporters that Flynn, as a former military officer, was required to seek permission before accepting payments from foreign powers, the Weekly Standard said. Read More »

Purdue University to Acquire Online School Kaplan University


But locking the taxpayers of IN into a deal to take over Kaplan and retain Graham Holdings [for non-academic services] for decades doesn't look like the right way forward, even if Purdue says New University "will be self-sufficient and will not require an appropriation from the state". Read More »

Audio On Arkansas Practice To Restrict Execution Audio

Attorneys for Williams were granted a temporary stay by Judge Kristine Baker after they argued Jones' execution had complications. Lawyers for the second of two prisoners scheduled to be killed by lethal injection by Arkansas state on the same day dramatically halted his execution after it was suggested the first execution had been botched. Read More »

Trooper ambush killer sentenced to death in Pennsylvania

Eric Frein, the would-be revolutionary who shot two Pennsylvania troopers, one fatally, in a late-night attack at their barracks, was sentenced to death late Wednesday, April 26, 2017. Prosecutors played a jailhouse phone call in which Frein's father told his son the defense strategy would be to portray him, Eric Frein's father, as a "nut job". Read More »

Jury selection starts for former Florida congresswoman


Her attorney James Smith said she was duped by her former chief of staff, Elias "Ronnie" Simmons. Simmons' multiple romantic attachments came up during opening statements. Smith also argued the events mentioned by the prosecution were not lavish parties, but community development events where Brown helped constituents. Read More »

Jeff Sessions bashes Hawaii, federal judge in defense of Trump's travel ban


Correction: An earlier version of this story said Hawaii was the only USA battlefield in World War II. We expect to prevail on appeal. "So this is a huge matter", Sessions said . " Jeff Sessions' comments are ignorant and unsafe". In a brutal response to Sessions , Mazie Hirono tweeted "Hawaii was built on the strength of diversity & immigrant experiences". Read More »

Up against NRA, gun control advocates still voice optimism

The first in a series of challenges targeting new California gun laws prompted by the San Bernardino terror attack has been lodged by a state affiliate of the National Rifle Association. They include a ban on large-capacity ammunition magazines. Jerry Brown, prohibit the sale of semi-automatic rifles with magazines that can be quickly detached, and possession of high-capacity magazines holding more than 10 rounds. Read More »

Trump tax plan leaves Congress, Paul Ryan with 'heavy lift'

But most American companies pay nothing like those rates for two key reasons: they can take advantage of a host of tax breaks, and profits earned overseas remain untaxed as long as the cash isn't brought home. And top Democrats on the House Ways and Means Committee labeled it "a rerun of the same failed tax policy that led to the Bush tax cuts in 2001 and 2003, which cost us trillions of dollars, did nothing to help working families, and, in part, contributed to the Great Recession". Read More »

Trump slams overreach of Judge blocking sanctuary cities

Trump also got wrong the court in which his order was struck down. The sanctuary city order was among a flurry of immigration measures Trump signed after taking office in January, including a ban on travellers from seven Muslim-majority countries and a directive calling for a wall on the Mexican border. Read More »

Trump desperate to revive failed, unpopular GOP health care plan


Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan reversed course just minutes before a scheduled vote, after it became that there were not enough GOP members in support of the bill. Trump on Friday played down the need for Congress to act on the legislation before he reaches his 100th day in office next weekend, telling reporters, "We'll see what happens - no particular rush". Read More »