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Obamacare replacement bill runs into Republican trouble

Keeping with the campaign promise from President Trump, the bill would strip Planned Parenthood of the $530 million in funding it relies on for one year . "And the tax credits in the bill will also be better designed". The statement also said they would be open to negotiation. PEARSON: The protections around preexisting conditions are still in place in the Senate bill, but the waiver authority gives states options that could include limiting coverage for people with ... Read More »

Key Takeaways From Senate Republicans' Plan to Overhaul Healthcare

Since leaving office, Obama has largely stayed out of the public spotlight, and rarely comments on the political news of the day. PEARSON: The protections around preexisting conditions are still in place in the Senate bill , but the waiver authority gives states options that could include limiting coverage for people with pre-existing conditions . Read More »

Sacramento picks UK's De'Aaron Fox at No. 5

While aiming to be NBA Rookie of the Year, former Kentucky player Malik Monk set an even higher goal for himself. "They can worry about each other and winning". Looking at who was still available when the Hornets selected, they chose to go with the best player available. After three years of seven-round drafts, the draft was shaved to three rounds in 1988 and to its current length of two rounds in 1989. Read More »

Dems win emotional congressional baseball game, 11-2

Scalise, the third most powerful Republican in the House, was shot through the hip. Also wounded was former congressional aide Matt Mika, who now works for Tyson Foods in its Washington office. According to Sava, several operations have controlled the bleeding and Scalise's vital signs have stabilized. Trump later said that we're all here to serve the nation we love, and how that's a source of unity. Read More »

Senate Health Care Bill Could Be In Jeopardy As Conservatives Announce Opposition

But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell , R-Ky., indicated he was open to discussion and seemed determined to muscle the measure through his chamber next week. speaks to reporters during a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington Thursday. Under the House bill, states could choose to opt out of that requirement and let insurance be more expensive for people with pre-existing conditions . Read More »

Obama slams Senate healthcare bill on Facebook

Bob Duncan, executive vice president of the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, and Cathy Mahaffey, chief executive of Common Ground Health Care Cooperative, said it would not be enough time for proper review. The Reform movement sharply criticized a Republican bill in the Senate that would repeal and replace major parts of the Affordable Care Act and make severe cuts to Medicaid. Read More »

Supreme Court Has a Chance to Limit Partisan Gerrymandering

The case started when Republicans gained complete control of Wisconsin's government in 2010 for the first time in more than 40 years. As Daily Kos notes , the Wisconsin GOP took a sweeping majority in the Assembly in 2012 even though Obama carried the state by seven points and more total votes went to Democratic candidates for state-lawmaker offices that Republicans. Read More »

Manhunt snares United States inmates who killed prison guards

Georgia governor Nathan Deal applauded the "tireless efforts" of law enforcement but also turned his thoughts to the families of the two officers, saying their pain remains. "Somehow the couple broke free and notified authorities and that was absolutely critical", Josh DeVine with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations told reporters. Read More »

Thursday marks World's Largest Swimming Lesson


If you or your kid wants to participate organizers ask that you arrive about 15 minutes before the start of the event, to get a wristband and be officially counted as part of the world record. It isn't just children who have difficulty swimming. Drowning remains the leading cause of unintended, injury related death for US children ages 1-4, and the second leading cause for children under 14. Read More »

Funeral, vigil reveal depth of sorrow at Muslim girl's death


Fairfax County Police Chief Edwin Roessler Jr. said police have no indication the killing was driven by race or religion. "We are upset. Our children are not safe", she said. Hassanen was killed early Sunday morning as she too walked with a group of friends for more than a mile, returning from a pre-dawn meal to Ramadan prayers. Read More »

US officials lift Yellowstone-region grizzly bear protection


For the first time in more than four decades, the Yellowstone grizzly bear is set to lose its federal protections under the Endangered Species Act . At least 123 Native American tribes, for whom grizzlies have cultural and spiritual significance, have signed a treaty opposing the removal of grizzly protections, saying federal officials did not take their views into account. Read More »

'Pizzagate' Gunman In DC Sentenced To 4 Years


Jackson said it was "sheer luck" that no one was physically injured when Welch entered Washington's Comet Ping Pong restaurant on December 4 armed with an AR-15 assault rifle and a revolver. Asking for a lighter sentence, Welch told the court he "came to DC with the intent of helping people" and "felt very passionate about the possibility of human suffering". Read More »

Insurance study ties legal pot to boost in car crash claims

Two studies conducted in the states where marijuana is allowed recreationally came to different conclusions about whether it increases risks for drivers. OR voters approved legalized recreational marijuana in November 2014, and sales started in October 2015. After Colorado legalized retail marijuana, the uptick in collision-claim frequency was 14 percent higher than in adjacent Nebraska, Utah and Wyoming. Read More »

Motorcyclist kicks auto in road rage incident, triggers chain-reaction crash


The vehicle swerves right and then left, and hits the center divider in a burst of flames. The motorcyclist keeps on driving as nearby traffic stops to administer aid. The rider can be seen in the HOV lane reaching his right leg out and hitting the side of a small sedan that is in the same lane. "Words went back and forth", he told KNBC . Read More »

Authorities: Ricocheted bullet meant for dog killed teen boy


Deputies initially responded to the residence after receiving a complaint about a party. As deputies approached the home a pit bull charged at them and bit one of them in the left knee, authorities said. "At that point, two deputies engaged the dog in gunfire". The boy was taken to a hospital with gunshot wounds, where he was pronounced dead. "And it is what we're calling an extremely, extremely unfortunate incident", LASD Capt. Read More »

Disclosures show Trump owes at least $315m

But the new report shows that his holdings generated almost $600 million in gross revenue between January 2016 and mid-April of this year, with substantial sums coming from properties outside the United States and hotels that he has spotlighted as president. Read More »

Democratic lawmaker criticizes party brand, Pelosi

Despite the defeat, Democrats could use this his hard-fought campaign as rallying cry for the 2018 elections. In his speech, which lasted over an hour, Trump mocked Ossoff and the blow for Democrats, blaming the "Democratic" media for being biased against Handel. Read More »

Obamacare replacement bill to take centre stage in US Senate

Premiums subsidies: The Senate bill would also largely maintain Obamacare's premium subsidies structure, but tighten the eligibility criteria starting in 2020. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell , defending the closed-door sessions, has said all Senate Republicans have had a chance to participate in meetings on the bill , and that Democrats are not interested in discussing Obamacare repeal. Read More »

Uber Wants Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg as CEO

Kalanick's decision came at the behest of five of Uber's major investors, including venture capital firm Benchmark, one of its largest shareholders, according to The New York Times . Earlier in February 2017, a former engineer released a detailed complaint concerning sexual harassment within the company. They also demanded that Uber immediately hire an experienced chief financial officer. Read More »

Trump disputes Russian interference in 2016 election


Officials say they do extract the technical data related to the attacks and shares the information broadly. We needed to do it well before the election to inform the American voters of what we knew and what we saw and that it would be unforgiveable if we did not pre-election, and I'm glad we did it. Read More »

Milwaukee Cop Acquitted In Fatal Shooting Of Sylville Smith


In May, Betty Shelby was acquitted of manslaughter charges despite video footage showing her fatally shooting Terrence Crutcher, an unarmed Oklahoma pastor who had his arms raised at the time he was shot, last September. The defense argued that Heaggan-Brown believed Smith was reaching for another weapon when he fired the second shot. But Heaggan-Brown's attorneys played bodycam video to show the two shots he fired came just 1.69 seconds apart - illustrating how little time the officer had ... Read More »

North Korea calls Trump a 'psychopath' planning war amid trouble at home

The U.S. and China began high-level security talks Wednesday focused largely on North Korea, amid outrage in Washington over the death of an American college student after his imprisonment in the North. A number of experts, including Christopher Hill, have also suggested the USA demand a full inquiry from Pyongyang over the exact whereabouts of Mr. Read More »

Trump publicly doubting that Russia meddled in election

Russia's actions did not change the final election count, those testifying said, but they warned that Russia's efforts will likely continue. "The DNC has been in regular contact with the Federal Bureau of Investigation for many months and the Federal Bureau of Investigation confirmed the DNC has provided all the information it needed to make its assessment". Read More »

Tech CEOs to Visit White House; Kushner Speaks

The White House Tech Summit featured a meeting of the American Technology Council and some big names in the tech world, including Tim Cook , CEO of Apple, Jeff Bezos, founder an CEO of Amazon and investor Peter Thiel, among others. Read More »

Cubs send Kyle Schwarber to Triple-A


He now owns a slash line of.171/.295/.378 with 12 home runs and 28 RBI over 261 plate appearances. Schwarber's stint in the minors is not expected to be a long one, but sometimes a young player needs to escape the spotlight of the big leagues and rediscover what they do well on the farm to turn things around. Read More »

GOP senators voice concerns on eve of health care bill unveiling

The subsidies are expected to be linked to recipients' income in the Senate bill, a "major improvement" from a measure approved last month by the U.S. In fact, while the cuts will be rolled out a little slower, over time, they will be even greater than the House's version of the bill. Al Franken, D-Minn., about how they say the GOP health care bill could hurt rural Americans, at the Capitol in Washington , Wednesday, June 21, 2017. Read More »

Cindy To Make Landfall Overnight; Life-Threatening Flash Flooding Possible

This is bad news for parts of the Gulf Coast already flooded from previous storms and a rainy spring. The agency is predicting maximum sustained wind speeds of close to 40 mph and says "tropical-storm-force winds" will extend around the center of the storm by as many as 70 miles to the southeast and southwest of the storm's center. Read More »

Intel chiefs tell investigators Trump suggested they refute collusion with Russians

Coats and Rogers appear to have carefully framed their statements, and while talking to the Senate, they stressed that Trump (as he did with Comey) wanted them to publicly say that he wasn't under investigation. Having received no definitive answer regarding the matter from the White House, Coats and Rogers made a decision to play it safe and refused to divulge in specifics during their testimony, which frustrated both the Senate as well as the special counsel. Read More »

Jury acquits former U.S. cop in fatal shooting of black man

Dominique Heaggan-Brown, who is also black, was acquitted of reckless homicide Wednesday in the death of 23-year-old Sylville Smith . Heaggan-Brown fired a shot as Smith threw his gun over the fence, hitting Smith in the chest and firing a second shot 1.69 seconds later. Read More »

Ron Johnson Looking For More Time To Review Senate Health Care Bill

The bill also would cut, by more than $800 billion over a decade, Medicaid , the public program of health coverage for the very poor, elderly or disabled. "It's going to be important to get the president's support to get us across the finish line", No. 2 Senate GOP leader John Cornyn of Texas said Wednesday of White House officials. Read More »