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Brother and sister from Portugal won the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest


Portugal won the Eurovision song contest for the first time in the competition's history, with 27-year-old Salvador Sobral storming into the lead with 785 points. In the late 1990s, however, Eurovision underwent some modernisation, ditching the traditional orchestra accompaniment to songs, introducing a free language rule to end the advantage for English-speaking countries and introducing a televote to allow the TV audience to register a preference. Read More »

Grand Rapids Officers honor the fallen in Washington D.C.

Law Enforcement officials from Anderson County, including the Palestine Police Department, the Anderson County Sheriff's Office, Anderson County Constables and Frankston Police also honored fallen officers at the fallen officer's memorial on the corner of Avenue A and West Oak Street in Palestine. Read More »

7 people killed in fire at Ohio home


Family members of the seven people killed in a house fire in Akron Monday told News 5 they're eager to find out how the fire started. A fire marshal's official says investigators have collected evidence. "It's hard. That was my baby brother". Tyennys Huggins said it did. The death of an unarmed man after police squeezed his neck during a struggle to subdue him outside a Las Vegas Strip casino raised questions about the risks of the technique created to restrict the flow of blood. Read More »

Trusts were told about security patch last month — NHS cyberattack

Nissan Motor Co. confirmed Monday some units had been targeted, but there was no major impact on its business. Other Windows systems had also been affected and just 4.7% of NHS systems were still running XP, he said. In a statement , computer security group Kaspersky Labs said it was "trying to determine whether it is possible to decrypt data locked in the attack - with the aim of developing a decryption tool as soon as possible". Read More »

How lawmakers get their health care


The GOP health care bill, according to published reports , doesn't eliminate that requirement outright, but allows states to let insurers charge people more based on health status, something critics of the bill have said could drive sick people out of the market. Read More »

NHS braced for possible repeat of cyberattack chaos on Monday

He told the BBC the act was "unprecedented in its scale" and warned more people could find themselves affected on Monday morning. It exploited a vulnerability in the Windows operating system believed to have been developed by the National Security Agency, which became public last month. Read More »

10-year-old boy overdoses on marijuana-infused sour gummy candy


Now the boy's father is facing child endangerment charges, with more charges pending. The medicinal marijuana-grade candy, a package of "pink lemonade belts", contained 250 milligrams of THC, Ramapo Police Department officials said, enough to cause an overdose of THC in a young child . Read More »

World licks cyber wounds from ransomware attack


However, security researchers say firms that fail to keep their software up-to-date are also responsible for the ransomware outbreak. Many public computers still have Windows XP installed, and they could be susceptible to the malware if IT administrators have not downloaded the appropriate security patches. Read More »

Six ways to prevent WannaCry ransomware attack

Programs were being installed to fix the problem. It soon emerged that the attack was global with reports of affected computers coming in from all over the globe. "This should be a wakeup call for us", he told ABC radio this morning. It is believed to be the biggest online extortion recorded. How can people protect their computers? In the case of WannaCry, the amount could be anywhere between 300$-600$. Read More »

Researchers see possible N Korea link to global cyber attack

WCry's creators may have deliberately added code found in Cantopee in an attempt to trick researchers into mistakenly believing Lazarus Group is behind the ransomware. This one worked because of a "perfect storm" of conditions, including a known and highly unsafe security hole in Microsoft Windows, tardy users who didn't apply Microsoft's March software fix, and malware created to spread quickly once inside university, business or government networks. Read More »

Theresa May gets mixed reaction from voters on the campaign trail


Cathy Mohan, who lives in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, told the Prime Minister how changes to benefits had left her living on #£00 a month and pleaded with the premier to help her. "And I would like somebody to help me because I can't do everything I want to do". Mrs May was also quizzed about housing and mental health, and chatted to stallholders on the market during the brief visit. Read More »

Nebraska Gov. Ricketts vetoes $56.5 million in spending


The governor said lawmakers' plan to reduce the reserve to 2.5 percent would put the state on "shaky ground". Omaha Sen. Burke Harr said he was disappointed that Ricketts' vetoes adversely and disproportionately affect one segment of the population. Read More »

Ransomware attack should be wake-up call for governements

Microsoft distributed a patch two months ago that could have forestalled much of the attack, but in many organizations it was likely lost among the blizzard of updates and patches that large corporations and governments strain to manage. A 22-year-old British researcher who uses the Twitter name MalwareTech has been credited with inadvertently helping to stanch the spread of the assault by identifying the web domain for the hackers' "kill switch" - a way of disabling the malware. Read More »

That Massive Global Cyberattack Is Bigger Than We Thought

The virus is believed to be linked with the NSA's stash of exploits exposed by Shadow Brokers hacker group. The message in the attack demanded payment of US$300 in Bitcoin within three days; if not, the ransom was to double; by the seventh day and if no ransom was paid, all the files inside the computer would be deleted, according to the spokesman. Read More »

Severe weather outbreak to eye central US


The main threat from the severe weather is large hail and damaging winds. The first warm up of May is upon Wisconsin for this work week with temperatures hitting the 80s in many locations by Tuesday afternoon. "A few tornadoes may be capable of long tracks and extreme intensity", AccuWeather Storm Warning Meteorologist Joseph Bauer said. Risk of severe weather Tuesday and Tuesday night . Read More »

Georgia Death Row Inmate About to be Executed Files Appeal


The then 20-year-old Ledford was found guilty for murdering his 73-year-old neighbor, Dr. Harry Buchanan Johnston Jr., and kidnapping the man's wife to commit a robbery, according to court records . District Court say. Only three states allow for firing squad as an alternative to lethal injection - Mississippi, Oklahoma and Utah. If Ledford "really thought the firing squad was a reasonable alternative he could have alerted the State years, instead of 5 days, before his execution", state ... Read More »

Microsoft President: Governments Must Treat Cyber Attack as 'Wake-Up Call'

But he also said the incident was a "wake-up call" for governments. Labour's shadow health secretary, Jonathan Ashworth, in a letter to Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, said concerns were repeatedly flagged about outdated computer systems. "We've lost all the data from Friday because we've gone back to the back-up on Thursday night, but we're able to see patients perfectly normally this morning". Read More »

Ransomware Cyber attack threat escalating: Europol

The cyberextortion attack hitting dozens of countries was a "perfect storm" of sorts. Meanwhile health authorities are racing to upgrade security software amid fears hackers could exploit the same vulnerability with a new virus. There are apprehensions that a second wave of the attack may arrive Monday as employees return and switch on affected computers. Two security firms - Kaspersky Lab and Avast - said they identified the malicious software in more than 70 countries. Read More »

Sheriff: South Carolina man charged with murder, kidnapping


Marlboro County Sheriff's Office said a body was found Sunday morning in a remote area near McColl. Authorities said Ella Lowery was found dead in the Bennettsville home she shared with her daughter May 5. The girl hasn't been seen since, despite a massive search by state police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Lemon said the arrest constituted a "major break in the case" and added the investigation is continuing and "there is still much work to do". Read More »

Buhari 'God has extended President's lifespan like Hezekiah' - Cleric


Frank, in the statement said, "The global community are also waiting to see how Nigeria will handle the matter as this singular act could make or mar the war against corruption in Nigeria". "Nigeria is better under Buhari, and I can assured that it would be better and stable at the expiration of President Buhari/APC's presidency". Spokesman of the UK High Commission in Nigeria, Joseph Abuku also said the country has confidence in Buhari and Osinbajo. Read More »

Tillerson: Trump Concerned About Moving Embassy to Jerusalem

It said the comment prompted shouting from the Israeli preparatory team. "We want to see our country established on our sovereign territories with East Jerusalem as our state's capital", Abu Rudeineh said. On the campaign trail, Trump voiced solidly pro-Israel positions. US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told NBC's Meet the Press yesterday that Trump was still seeking to assess whether relocating the embassy would help or harm chances for Israeli-Palestinian peace. Read More »

Cholera outbreak death toll in Yemen rises to 180

Yemen's sanitation infrastructure has almost collapsed after more than two years of conflict between Iran-aligned Houthi rebels and a Saudi-led coalition backing Yemen's internationally-recognized government. Since the beginning of the war, more than 10,000 people have been killed mostly due to air strikes that take place nearly on a daily basis in the country. Read More »

Lewis Hamilton relishing 'rawest fight' he can remember after Spain GP win


It was chaos when the race started with a cluster of cars coming into contact at the first turn. Kimi Raikkonen and Valtteri Bottas both retired from the race - the former on the opening lap and the latter deep into the race. But Vettel defended his inside position on a curve, sending Hamilton off as they came close to touching. Bottas, who later retired with a mechanical failure on his auto, also described the incident as unfortunate. Read More »

Federal Budget 2017 to help pensioners, business

However, he projected a bigger A$29.4 billion shortfall for 2017/18 than the A$28.7 billion forecast at the mid-year review in December as it dropped savings measures, including welfare payment reforms, that had been artificially propping up the finances after opposition parties in the upper house of parliament refused to pass them into law. Read More »

Nigerian Government urges calm after new Ebola outbreak

On Saturday, Dr. Matshidiso Moeti, WHO's regional director for Africa, met with national authorities in Kinshasa to discuss ways to mount a response to the outbreak. She said that the findings from the investigation would be communicated accordingly. "An experimental Ebola vaccine proved highly protective against the deadly virus in a major trial in Guinea", the World Health Organization states on its website. Read More »

Ransomware attack should be wake-up call for govts

A local hospital said one of its computers was found early on Sunday to have been attacked by the WannaCry ransomware virus, one day after the government reported there had been no incidents of ransomware infection involving government agencies and hospitals in Taiwan. Read More »

Palestinians hope for settlement curb if peace talks resume

Adelson reportedly said that the Palestinians are always putting forward demands that Israel can not meet and therefore he does not buy Tillerson's explanation that the embassy move would most likely affect the peace efforts. Safadi also noted that Jordan was committed to its stance regarding eastern Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine and western Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Read More »

WannaCry Malware Cyber-Attack Continues


Microsoft issued an update in March to fix the vulnerability, but large organizations need time to test the effect of an update before they install it to ensure that it does not prevent other software from working. "Our immediate priority as a government is to disrupt the attack, restore affected services as soon as possible, and establish who was behind it". Latest estimated has suggested that up to 75,000 people in 100 countries are affected by this huge NHS cyber attack . Read More »

Steyn rules himself out of England series, targets home season return


Even if takes six more months to be ready, I just have to make sure I'm ready to go when I return to the field", Steyn said yesterday. But despite the required time for his rehabilitation passing up, it appears that the Steyn has not fully recovered and hence has backed out from the important England tour. Read More »

Trump May Pick Sam Clovis, Former Business Professor As USDA Chief Scientist


While he initially signed on as former Texas Gov. Rick Perry's top Iowa advisor, he left in August 2015 to become the Trump campaign's national co-chair and chief policy advisor. The department's chief scientist also oversees Agriculture's economic bureaus, including the Natural Agricultural Statistics Service and the Economic Research Service. Read More »

Court hears case for secret no-confidence vote on South Africa's Zuma


Mpofu said his job was to convince this court that not having a secret ballot would be illogical in the totality of the circumstances. "If that is so‚ what we have here is: The only person who is opposing the application that the motion of no confidence should be conducted by secret ballot is the president of the country‚" Mpofu said. Read More »

No report yet of 'WannaCry' hit on Indian network: CERT

The attack was first reported when critical systems of Britain's National Healthcare System (NHS) were frozen by the program, forcing hospitals to refuse patients and significantly disrupting their operations. New variants of the rapidly replicating worm were discovered Sunday and one did not include the so-called kill switch that allowed researchers to interrupt its spread Friday by diverting it to a dead end on the internet. Read More »