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Why The 82 Freed Chibokgirls Are Chubby - Femi Adesina


While commending President Muhammadu Buhari , the Federal Government and all the other partners, the group also believes that the rehabilitation of the girls as well as reuniting them with their parents is another key step that should be taken immediately. Read More »

Tax Probe Against Gandhis: Will A Court Appearance Be Next?


AICC in-charge of communications department, Randeep Surjewala, said Young Indian had raised certain fundamental jurisdictional issues challenging the authority of Income Tax authorities and the Delhi High Court directed IT authorities to decide all issues with IT department and satisfied with it, Young Indian withdrew the petition. Read More »

Pop sensation Justin Bieber lands in India

Now, the concert that took place on Wednesday at the DY Patil Stadium in Mumbai, had Justin enthralling the teens with his performance. The 23-year-old is to perform to a sellout crowd at the D Y Patil Stadium, a venue more used to hosting cricket and football matches than worldwide pop stars. Read More »

4 steps hospitals must take to address the nursing shortage


In nursing you not only put your brain to work by critically thinking to provide the best care but your heart and soul as well to give compassionate care. To do what nobody else will do, in a way that nobody else can, in spite of all we go through; is to be a nurse. Nurses are fantastic people. A Clinical Nurse Specialist from Camden Clark says, "Whenever I do wear a white coat, I'm always referred to as a physician or as a doctor". Read More »

UK hospitals report tech problems in possible cyberattack

NHS Merseyside, which operates several hospitals in northwest England, tweeted that "following a suspected national cyberattack, we are taking all precautionary measures possible to protect our local NHS systems and services". "We are aware of a major IT secure system attack. It appears to be a giant campaign that has hit Spain and Russian Federation the hardest", said Travis Farral, director of security strategy for cyber security firm Anomali Labs. Read More »

Ebola Returns to the Democratic Republic of Congo

A spokesman for the World Health Organization told Reuters on Friday that a person in the Democratic Republic of Congo had died after becoming infected with Ebola - a contagious virus that causes hemorrhagic fever . Dr. Allarangar Yokouide, the World Health Organization representative in Congo, said the first teams of specialists should arrive in the affected area of Likati on Friday or Saturday. Read More »

Head of NYC jails to resign after flap over ethical lapses


De Blasio has maintained Ponte got bad advice that he was allowed to use the vehicle for personal use, although written guidelines explicitly ban the practice. A week after the report on vehicle use came out, the DOI issued another report alleging Gregory Kuczinski, the deputy commissioner for the Investigation Division and Correction Intelligence Bureau, directed subordinates to spy on DOI undercover operations. Read More »

Haniyeh's election augurs well for Hamas

Saeed al-Lawendy, expert with state-run Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies said "Hamas' split from the Brotherhood will lead to lifting its name from the terrorist group list and will beautify the group's image that has been seen as bloody by some world powers". Read More »

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo


The celebration spread as Hispanic culture grew in the USA, getting a commercial boost in the 1980s when restaurants and bars began cashing in on the event. When the Civil War finally ended, the USA forced France to withdraw its troops from Mexico and their empire collapsed. Roosevelt helped popularize Cinco de Mayo in the U.S.: Cinco de Mayo became a popular holiday in the U.S. Read More »

Sangamo shares jump on Pfizer collaboration, quarterly results


Transcription factors are proteins that turn genes on or off by recognizing specific DNA sequences. Sangamo's gene therapies are based on its multi-platform technology, including its zinc finger nuclease (ZFN) knock-out gene tool, and both adeno associated virus (AAV) and messenger RNA delivery tech. Read More »

Texas House OKs giving adoption agencies 'religious refusal'


Under the bill, faith-based providers that contract with the state could not be compelled to make a foster or adoptive placement that violates their religious beliefs, such as placing a child in the home of a gay or lesbian couple. The agencies are private but receive state funding. "Or (they're) not allowing a child to be adopted by a Muslim family because (they're) a Jewish agency". Read More »

Sushi warning after man gets parasitic disease


Under EU regulations, commercial shellfish is regulated and tested but the Food Standards Agency advises that older people, pregnant women, very young children and people who are unwell should avoid eating raw or lightly cooked shellfish to reduce their risk of getting food poisoning. Read More »

Shinzo Abe Congratulates New South Korean President

Veteran liberal politician Lee Nak-yon was nominated to serve as prime minister. Lee's appointment requires parliamentary approval. Domestically, Moon begins his term facing multiple challenges, including the aftermath of the huge corruption scandal that saw his conservative predecessor Park Geun-Hye impeached and swept him to power, but leaves the country bitterly divided. Read More »

Central Intelligence Agency plotted to kill Kim Jong-un, claims North Korea

Officials at South Korea's National Intelligence Service weren't immediately reachable for comment. Meanwhile, tensions between North Korea and the U.S. "Korean-style anti-terrorist attack will be commenced from this moment to sweep away the intelligence and plot-breeding organizations of the USA imperialists and the puppet clique". Read More »

Tesla Begins Taking Orders For Its Solar Energy Roof Tile Systems


Tesla will sell the glass tiles minus the solar panels for about $11 per square foot to provide a seamless look for your roof. According to Tesla, the warranty for the solar roofs will last for as long as the house is still standing and Musk even claimed that the tiles are going to outlive the buildings because of how tough they are. Read More »

Companies must use technology to tackle rising workplace mental health issues

In a report released this week, it said that just 13 per cent of people report living in good mental health, with younger people suffering more because of issues ranging from job insecurities, low incomes and living alone. "We also want an annual report on the nation's mental health to go to parliament". There are effective treatments and supports for all mental illnesses. Read More »

Banks planning to move 9000 jobs from Britain because of Brexit

Now Mrs May has said she will not participate in any debates whatsoever. Angela Merkel says the May government still harbours "illusions" about what could be achieved through Brexit . While both sides say they want an early agreement to guarantee the status of European Union nationals after Brexit , there are indications that it may be more complicated than first imagined after European Union officials toughened their demands in recent weeks. Read More »

British Columbia Energy at Stake With Vote Too Close to Call


Christy Clark's Liberals won 43 seats, the NDP under John Horgan got 41 and the Greens led by Andrew Weaver achieved a major breakthrough by picking up three seats. But Horgan would not make a commitment to working with the Green leader in a minority government. That could change after absentee ballots and judicial recounts in certain districts are tallied later this month. Read More »

Crews repairing collapsed nuclear waste tunnel in Washington state


The Energy Department was warned in a 2015 report it commissioned that both tunnels were vulnerable to a collapse from an quake or deterioration of tunnel building materials caused by intense radiation, the report said. Photographs showed a gaping hole, plainly evident because the tunnels are largely aboveground. Workers in the area are wearing protective suits and breathing masks, the department said, and there is air monitoring in the area. Read More »

All white water rapid-style rides shutdown in wake of schoolgirl death


Evha's family also requested that the ride is suspended until the inquiry has concluded and the "full facts" are established. In a statement , Drayton Manor said the park would remain closed on Friday. The family said their "world was torn apart" following Evha's death. Erfana Bora, headteacher of Jameah Girls Academy, said: "Yesterday, one of our children, Evha Jannath, passed away in tragic circumstances". Read More »

Pentagon tries to ease Turkey's concerns with arming Kurds


The YPG has joined with another militia group called the Syrian Arab Coalition under the banner of the US -backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to battle ISIS. Ankara has urged Washington to take back the decision, but the Pentagon said the move will not endanger Turkey. Images of USA troops in armored personnel carriers with American flags and maneuvering down rural roads in northern Syria spread quickly on social media, triggering alarm in a region where there are political ... Read More »

Texas House OKs adoption agencies barring LGBT families, non-Christians


Tuesday night, the Texas House of Representatives gave initial approval of a bill that would allow foster care and adoption services to discriminate against LGBTQ families on the basis of "religious freedom". Frank, says it's about protecting religious providers from frivolous lawsuits, and that it could help expand the foster care network and help solve the ongoing foster care crisis. Read More »

Attorneys Say 8-year-old Was Bullied Before Killing Himself


The boy's mother hired attorney Jennifer Branch to investigate what happened at Carson Elementary School the day Taye went unconscious, according to Fox 19 Now . "Though the connection between this incident at school and (Taye's) suicide are not clear, the district shared this video with police investigators at the time of the incident". Read More »

President Trump breaks from predecessors, doesn't host Cinco de Mayo celebration


Napolean III had multiple motives on May 5th: For the leader of France, Napolean III, the battle at Puebla was an attempt at not only spreading his empire but at conquering a key Mexican access point to the USA, where he meant to lend support to the confederate army during the Civil War in an effort to keep the US divided and consequently less powerful. Read More »

Heroin epidemic pushing up hepatitis C infections in US

A man injects himself with heroin using a needle obtained from the People's Harm Reduction Alliance, the nation's largest needle-exchange program, in Seattle, Washington April 30, 2015. The authors say the findings highlight the importance of ensuring that women of childbearing age have access to hepatitis C screening and treatment. Read More »

Bieber lip-syncs: Is it too late to say 'Sorry'?


Bieber's maiden India concert concluded with a bang in Mumbai on May 10 and during his trip to India , the 23-year-old is expected to visit New Delhi , Jaipur and Agra. Another fan at the event said, "I attended Coldplay's concert and I think that was much better than this". In the run up to the headlining act, DJ Sartek and DJ Zaeden set the ball rolling, paving the stage for Norwegian DJ Alan Walker , who has a huge fan following of his own. Read More »

Snap Shares Crackle And Crash

Snap Inc. reported a net loss of US$2.21 billion in the first quarter, versus losses of $ 104.6 million in the same period of 2016. For the first quarter of 2017, Snapchat earnings reported are $149.65 million in revenue. You could use it with just one other person, if you wanted. From a long-term business perspective, Snap Inc . has to come up with ideas to not only expand its user base beyond messaging, but also beyond millennials. Read More »

NFL, Twitter announce more content, including 30-minute show


NFL Network talent will be hosting the show, which itself will cover things like game highlights, breaking news, fantasy projections, pre-game updates, and more. In May, during the company's first-ever presentation at Digital Content NewFronts, the digital content conference put on by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), Twitter announced a slew of new content deals that will bring hundreds of hours of new exclusive original programming, live games and events and live syndications to a ... Read More »

Pentagon: US Serviceman Killed in Blast Near Mosul


The military also said 42 reports of civilian casualties remain under review, including several last month in Mosul where there have been reports of many civilian deaths. Iraqi forces estimate the number of ISIS fighters still in Mosul at 200 to 300, mostly foreigners, down from almost 6,000 when the offensive started. Read More »

How to cut an avocado properly and avoid 'avocado hand'


The injury even has its own nickname, " avocado hand ", a serious cut resulting from failed attempts at penetrating the fruit's tough skin, and slippery collisions with the inner stone. It needs to be recognisable. At another hospital, St Thomas, staff say they record a "post-brunch surge" on Saturdays. The safest way to do this, the site notes, is to lay the avocado horizontally on a flat surface, place a hand on top of it, and slice into the fruit horizontally, twisting the avocado ... Read More »

11 arrested in Oklahoma after nationwide gang operation led by ICE

Officials say 1,098 were arrested on federal and/or state criminal charges, including 21 arrests for murder-related charges and seven for rape and sexual assault charges. Ten of those arrested were classified as unaccompanied minors who crossed the border illegally. But not all were accused of being gang members. Out of the 1,095 confirmed gang members and gang-affiliated suspects, 137 were linked to the Bloods gang, 104 with the Crips, 118 with the Sureños group and 104 with the MS-13 ... Read More »

WR Floyd agrees to sign with hometown Vikings


Among players with at least 75 targets last season, Floyd ranked 38th in Net Expected Points per Target at 0.68. He was cut by Arizona last season after his arrest for drunken driving, an abrupt end to his time with the Cardinals after they drafted him in the first round in 2012. Read More »