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Trump's Latest Affordable Care Act Move Adds to Insurers' Uncertainty


The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has suspended payments to health insurers with a large number of sick Obamacare clients. Payments for 2017 are $10.4 billion. In February, however, the federal district judge in New Mexico issued a decision voiding the formula used in calculating risk adjustment payments for the 2014-2018 benefit years. Read More »

Salman Khan calls Katrina Kaif 'baby' during an interview


All these pictures are in the shades of black and white. But Arjun had quite a amusing take on it as he commented, "U got dandruff Katrina"! Katrina is now in New Jersey with Salman Khan, Daisy Shah, Jacqueline Fernandez, Sonakshi Sinha , Prabhudheva, Maniesh Paul and Guru Randhawa for the Dabangg Reloaded Tour. Read More »

Eight boys rescued from cave in northern Thailand

For the final operation tomorrow, Mr Narongsak said the rescuers would use the same plan with some adjustments because the number of survivors to be extracted would be five instead of four as was the case for the last two days. He said those conditions will not last if the rain resumes. The first stage of the mission ran "smoothly" and the rescued boys were in "good health" , according to the Thai authorities. Read More »

CDC Reports 212 Confirmed Cases of Cyclospora in Midwest


A recall was also issued in mid-June for the Del Monte trays, which included baby carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, and dill dip, and were labeled for sale by Jun 17. Cyclosporiasis is caused by Cyclospora cayetanensis , a single-celled protozoa most commonly transmitted on produce contaminated with human fecal matter, particularly from tropical or subtropical regions where the parasite is native. Read More »

Donald Trump still pondering Supreme Court pick as big reveal nears


Distinction: If Trump is looking to make history, Barrett could have some appeal. "This is a nightmare for red-state Democrats to oppose a highly qualified nominee, and all four of these people are highly qualified, been on the court, know what they're doing, mainstream judges", Graham said. Read More »

After initial tests, HIV vaccine trial on 2600 African women


The researchers who carried out the trial published their findings in The Lancet . An estimated 37 million people live with HIV/Aids, according to the World Health Organisation. It consists of pieces of many different viruses. There are limitless HIV strains across the world. Study participants in the APPROACH trial were taken from 12 clinics located in east Africa, South Africa, Thailand and the USA. Read More »

Trump administration takes another swipe at 'ObamaCare'

All in all, the program was slated to shift $10.4 billion among insurers in 2017, according to the agency. "Any action to stop disbursements under the risk adjustment program will significantly increase 2019 premiums for millions of individuals and small-business owners, and could result in far fewer health plan choices", said Justine G. Read More »

West Nile Virus Found in Mosquitoes in Worcester, Auburn


The Vector Control Division sent crews to those areas and fogged the Berkeley and Campostella neighborhoods. Olivares says in Hidalgo County, the Health and Human Services' Infectious Disease Surveillance Program conducts active, passive, sentinel, and syndromic surveillance investigations on notifiable conditions with local medical providers, hospitals, schools, and universities, and other public health stakeholders. Read More »

America's first dogs came from Siberia, disappeared after Europeans arrived


Scientists sequenced the genomes of ancient dogs using both mitochondrial DNA genes inherited from both parents, and mitochondrial DNA, genes passed from mothers to their offspring. The pre-contact dogs , however, shared genetic similarities with the ancestors of the Siberian Husky. "This paper makes really clear that the ancient American dog appears to have nearly entirely vanished, though nobody seems to have any good explanations for why", said Elinor Karlsson , a University of MA ... Read More »

Somerset drunk gulls found 'stinking of alcohol'


Clara Sully, animal collection officer, said: "These birds were clearly wearing their beer gog-gulls when they scavenged their meal for the day and they've really been suffering with hangovers after a gulls' night out". The theory that they are scavenging alcohol on beaches came after firefighters had to rescue a drunk gull which had fallen off a roof in Lyme Regis, Dorset. Read More »

'I'm walking': Heartwarming moment girl, 4, with cerebral palsy takes first steps


Maya Tisdale from MI was born 4 months early and weighed 1 pound and 10 ounces. "I'm walking!" Maya exclaims on video. Her fighting spirit in the NICU earned her the nickname "Mighty Miss Maya" among family and friends. Little Maya, affectionately called "Mighty Miss Maya" by her family, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the age of one. "We're always trying to help her and she always says, 'No, I can do it!'" she said. Read More »

July 2018 - Nuts may boost male fertility - News - SHOWCASE

Fertility specialists in Spain examined the sperm of 119 healthy young men before and after a 14-week study during which half were randomly assigned to have 60g of mixed nuts added to their diet each day. "The fact that the study has taken place is good", said Virginia Bolton, a consultant embryologist at Guy's and St Thomas's hospital in London , "but we need to see this translated into an effect on fertility ". Read More »

Johns Hopkins evacuated after staff accidentally drops deadly tuberculosis sample


Fire crews are on the scene at Johns Hopkins hospital in Baltimore after reports that people may have been exposed to tuberculosis when vials there were broken. It can be fatal if it goes untreated. In 2016, 10.4 million people around the world developed TB illness, and there were 1.7 million deaths, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention . Read More »

At The Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest


Chestnut, who made his debut at Coney Island in 2005, has won every Fourth of July hot dog eating contest at Nathan's Famous since 2007 with the exception of 2015, when he was upset by Matt Stonie . The men's portion of the event begins at 12:00 PM Eastern and can also be streamed via the WatchESPN app if you don't happen to be around a TV. Eating's elite gather each year to see how many hot dogs they can stomach in 10 minutes. Read More »

HPV test better at detecting cancer than a Pap smear


Cervical cancer is one of the simplest gynecologic tumors to control, for which two screening tests can help diagnose the disease at its very earlier stage. Where it is hard to apply HPV tests over pap smear for U.S. as there hasn't been head to head comparison until now. By adding the Pap test to the HPV group, an additional three lesions were found. Read More »

Artificial Ovary Could Help Young Cancer Patients Preserve Fertility


Pors, on Monday, would be addressing and telling in a yearly meeting of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology at Barcelona, about the method with which the team implanted the artificial ovary . However, there is a small chance that grafted ovarian tissue could reintroduce cancer cells. Pors says that the hospital has around 100 referrals a year, estimating that it represents around 80% of patients who could benefit from this type of treatment. Read More »

Fourth of July events to be held around the area


Parade line up starts at 10:30 Cherry Valley Elementary School. The fireworks will be set off at Townsend Field, which is situated between Old Mill Road, North Tennessee Avenue and Interstate 81 at the west end of the city. On July 4 and December 31, fireworks can be discharged until 12:30 a.m. Some areas also have ordinances related to the times when fireworks are allowed. Read More »

People do not wash hands correctly 97 percent of time


Children, older adults and those with compromised immune systems are especially at risk. Food safety inspectors from the US Department of Agriculture brought nearly 400 participants to a test kitchen in North Carolina and had them prepare a faux meal - including washing their hands beforehand. Read More »

'Fish Pedicure' Causes Woman to Lose Her Toenails


The report , published in the journal JAMA Dermatology , describes a woman in her 20s who is believed to have contracted an infection called onychomadesis from a fish pedicure . In the United Kingdom, "the salons themselves were really popular here; they sprung up very rapidly", said Amanda Walsh, a senior scientist with the Emerging Infections and Zoonoses team of Public Health England. Read More »

Scientists: "Artificial ovaries" will help to get pregnant after chemotherapy

Hence, to combat such a risk completely, the researchers from the Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen chose to develop artificial ovaries for patients who were due to undergo cancer treatment. She presented the results at the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology's annual conference in Barcelona, Spain, on Monday. Next, early stage follicles are thawed and reintroduced into the scaffold in the lab. Read More »

Flooding in Southern Minn., Excessive Heat Watch for 4th of July


Tuesday is expected to be about 96 degrees, with heat index values as high as 104. The average high for the month is 86 degrees and we are starting things out well above that with temperatures on Sunday that rocketed into the middle and upper 90s and with another scorching afternoon on tap for Monday and likely through the whole week, July is definitely living up to its climatological history. Read More »

Coffee drinking may lead to a longer life, study finds

We've guzzled down similar findings before: Just last summer, two separate studies delivered similar good news about coffee and mortality. In a survey of over a half-million people in the United Kingdom, researchers found that people who drank up to, or more than, eight cups of coffee per day had a lower risk of early death compared to those who didn't. Read More »

Air Pollution Plays Significant Role in Diabetes


It has primarily been associated with lifestyle factors like diet and a sedentary lifestyle, but new research suggests that pollution may also play a major role. " We wanted to thread together the pieces for a broader, more solid understanding ". The Lancet study examined data from 1.7 million USA veterans who did not have a history of diabetes and were followed for 8.5 years. Read More »

Romaine lettuce outbreak tied to contaminated canal water


A recent deadly e-coli outbreak was linked to romaine lettuce keeping people from being able to enjoy the vegetable when it was pulled out of produce aisles and temporarily off restaurant menus. Many of those hospitalized developed a type of kidney failure called hemolytic uremic syndrome, according to the CDC. It is also unclear how the pathogen contaminated the canal water. Read More »

Mosquitoes test positive for West Nile virus in Benton County


The risk of West Nile virus infection will be high until mosquitoes go away after the first hard frost. This marks the second year GRDHD has trapped and tested mosquitoes for the virus. During dusk and dawn, when mosquitos are most active, individuals should wear trousers and long sleeves to avoid mosquito bites. Once a week, empty out items that hold water such as tires, buckets, planters, toys, pools, birdbaths, pet bowls, flowerpots, and trash containers. Read More »

Woman has 50-pound cyst removed after months of unexplained health issues


Last month, when the pain became too overwhelming the 30-year-old's mom took her to the emergency room at Jackson Hospital in Montgomery, Alabama. (23 kilograms) mass on one of her ovaries . Department of Health and Human Service's Office on Women's Health . "It grows very slowly but can end up quite large", she explains. One of the doctors in the operating room holds the 50-pound cyst after it was removed from the woman's body. Read More »

601 people charged in major health care crackdown


According to the CDC, 42,000 people died from opioid overdoses in the 2016 alone. While the Justice Department has been conducting investigations into some opioid manufacturers like OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma LP, the cases stemming from the sweep did not focus on wrongdoing by major corporations. Read More »

Study says more U.S. Adults are exercising - and more are obese

The CDC report, published Thursday, reveals that this goal was surpassed; 22.9% meet it. Looking at differences between physical activity among states is important because local government play an important role in facilitating access for exercise and responding to unique needs of the population, the authors wrote. Read More »

Amazon to acquire PillPack online pharmacy


PillPack was reported in April 2018 to be in talks to be acquired by Walmart , for a price of less than $1 billion. PillPack pre-sorts pills into date- and time-stamped packets for patients who take multiple drugs - common for older people dealing with several chronic conditions. Read More »

West Nile virus found in Marquette


Those infected with WNV may show severe symptoms, mild symptoms or no symptoms at all. " Most people who become infected don't have any symptoms". Symptoms that may be present are: high fever, headache, neck stiffness, muscle weakness or paralysis, and confusion. Read More »

Department of Health offering HIV testing this week


Studies indicate that providing antiretroviral therapy as early as possible improves a patient's health, reduces transmission and can eventually lead to undetectable HIV viral loads. can show in tackling other communicable diseases through expanding access to testing, treatment and prevention". Finally , HIV Test Kits market report gives you details about the market research findings and conclusion which helps you to develop profitable market strategies to gain competitive advantage. Read More »

Mom Reminds Us It's Super Dangerous To Go Down Slides With Kids


In a study conducted by the American Academy of Pediatrics , researchers found that almost 352,700 children under the age of six were injured on slides in the US between the years 2002 to 2015. Meadow was 12 months old at the time. "I thought everyone took their kids down the slide", she continued. "I had no idea", Clare explained. Dr. John Torres, the medical correspondent for NBC News, told " TODAY " that parents should never go down the slide with their child . Read More »

GE to sell off Baker Hughes


The move, which has already been approved by the conglomerate's board, comes almost a year after GE completed the $7.4 billion merger of its oil and gas business with Baker Hughes . The company is still trying to sell the lighting business that Edison started. Furthermore, GE can not sell more than 15% of the company to a single entity without conflicts committee approval for three years beyond July 2019. Read More »

Flight Attendants Show Higher Cancer Risks


Irina Mordukhovich, corresponding author of the study, said the research is one of "the largest and most comprehensive studies of cancer among cabin crew to date". They were surveyed about their health in 2014-15, when they were an average age of 52 years old. They compared the self-reported cancer diagnoses with figures on a matching cohort of 2,729 men and women with similar economic status collected as part of the National Health and Nutrition Examination survey during the same years. Read More »