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Medical examiner confirms how Kate Spade died


They were married for 24 years before her death . "She doted on her daughter". "Long before we talked about 'authenticity, ' she defined it". He appeared to confirm the cause of death as suicide in his statement, which was obtained by the Mirror, recalling: "We were in touch with her the night before and she sounded happy". Read More »

Opioid overdose antidote recalled over particulate matter


Package labeling recommends visual inspection to detect the presence of discoloration or particulates before administration, which would diminish the risks for using these lots. Naloxone is also available in the intravenous form, intramuscular, and subcutaneous. The CDC released a report in March that shows that 115 Americans are dying every day from the opioid epidemic. Read More »

Report warns of Medicare, Social Security financial problems

The Social Security program will pass an ugly milestone this year, as its costs exceed its income, according to its trustees. The program is now expected to deplete its funds by 2026, down from last year's estimate of 2029. With Social Security that could mean sharply reduced payments for some retirees, many of whom are already on tight budgets. But speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Treasury officials said the cuts were set to decrease revenues for both programs. Read More »

Immunotherapy for Prostate Cancer Could Have Spectacular Results


However, more than a third of those men who have been treated with a new drug, could stop the proliferation of malignant cells. Researcher Prof Johann de Bono told the BBC: "This is the first evidence that a subset of prostate cancer patients do spectacularly well on immunotherapy". Read More »

Five Dead, Nearly 200 Sickened in Romaine Lettuce Outbreak


The Food and Drug Administration have pinpointed the source of the E. coli contamination to farms in the Yuma, Arizona region. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC ) in an update on Friday, nearly half of the 197 infected people have been hospitalized. Read More »

70 per cent breast cancer patients don’t need chemo


Judy Perkins, an engineer from Florida, was 49 when she was selected for the radical new therapy after several rounds of routine chemotherapy failed to stop a tumour in her right breast from growing and spreading to her liver and other areas. Read More »

Miss America drops swimsuit competition, won't judge on looks


The former evening gown competition will now give participants "the freedom to outwardly express their self-confidence in evening attire of their choosing while discussing how they will advance their social impact initiatives". In this August 30, 2017, photo, contestants attend a welcoming ceremony for the Miss America competition on the Atlantic City, N.J., boardwalk. In another first, all three leaders are former pageant winners in the Miss America system. Read More »

Experimental Treatment Puts Breast Cancer Patient In Full Remission


A long-awaited clinic trial is changing the way doctors are treating some patients. These included hormone-driven breast cancer, ovarian cancer and prostate cancer. Among younger women with scores 16 to 25, outcomes were slightly better in the chemotherapy group. A POTENTIAL cure for cancer may have been found in the USA after a woman suffering from an "incurable" breast cancer that had spread to some of her organs was cured of the killer illness. Read More »

Medical marijuana can be sold in Wickliffe, Painesville Township


Overall, there were 376 applications for the medical marijuana dispensaries. Cresco Labs Ohio LLC on Main Street in Wintersville in Jefferson County was approved for license. They may sell only to patients with recommendations from state-certified physicians. "I think it's definitely a good move to have medical marijuana in OH, although I do feel it needs to be opened up in some form", Mr. Read More »

Major Study Finds Many Women Diagnosed With Breast Cancer Can Skip Chemo


Jeffrey Abrams, associate director of the National Cancer Institute's Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program, said in a statement . As many as 65,000 women in the United States alone could be affected by the findings. And while celebrating this genuine advance, we should remember just how far we have to go in finding effective therapies for metastatic breast cancer, and other breast cancer subtypes for which treatment options are still limited. Read More »

Wynne admits she won't win provincial election


Because, as I've said, it's not about me. The Liberals have been trailing the NDP and PCs in the polls, and Wynne admits her party can not win the June 7th vote. She won the NDP leadership in 2009 and since then has played the part of political chameleon, blurring her political stripes depending on what she perceived would win her the most seats. Read More »

Deceased jawan's samples test negative for Nipah virus


She had also urged those people who were in close contact with the victims to get in touch with the control room functioning in the government guest house West Hill in the city. To find out the source of the virus, a number of samples from a particular variety of bats were taken, but they turned out to be negative. The health minister, however, said that the situation didn't warrant the shutting down of the court, and people who were in contact with the victims are under surveillance. Read More »

Five die in U.S. lettuce E. coli outbreak


According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration , the last shipments of romaine lettuce from the Yuma growing region were harvested on April 16, 2018, and the harvest season is over. Although the deaths and cases continue to add up, the CDC assure that it is now safe to eat romaine lettuce again. It is the largest United States outbreak of E. Read More »

New blood test could detect cancers before they develop


Professor Nicholas Turner, from the Institute of Cancer Research , London, described the findings as "really exciting". The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) said niraparib will be made available to adults with relapsed, high-grade serous epithelial ovarian, fallopian tube or primary peritoneal cancer who have had two or more courses of platinum-based chemotherapy. Read More »

Colon cancer screenings should start at 45, not 50, cancer society says


But he noted that younger people are also at increased risk. Only about two-thirds of people 50 and older have been following screening guidelines . Experts aren't sure why there has been a 50 percent increase in cases since 1994. "This appears to be a real phenomenon". A colonoscopy can remove polyps - small growths that may develop into cancer if left alone - before they turn into cancer. Read More »

Virginia, after 5-year battle, passes Medicaid expansion for 400000 poor people


Bryce Reeves (R-Spotsylvania), whose senate district includes parts of Albemarle and Orange County voted against the legislation. Earlier this year, Utah also met the threshold. "The House Democratic Caucus has worked for almost 6 years, alongside our Senate Democratic colleagues, Governor Northam and Governor McAuliffe, to make this day possible". Read More »

Death toll rises to 5 in USA tainted lettuce outbreak

In the update Friday on the nation's largest E. coli outbreak in a decade, health officials said 25 new cases have been added, and at least 89 people were hospitalized. Meanwhile, government authorities are still trying to figure out how and why the outbreak happened. Symptoms, which begin about three to four days after consuming the bacteria, can include watery or bloody diarrhea, fever, abdominal cramps, nausea and vomiting, according to the CDC. Read More »

Anti-smoking programs still remain on paper in Armenia, minister says


This year's theme: 'Tobacco and Heart Disease, ' focuses on tobacco use as a key risk factor for developing heart and related diseases, including stroke. "We are committed to the next phase of our work, which aims to drive down tobacco use by Canadians to less than 5% by 2035". With one billion smokers in the world, and one billion people projected to die from smoking in this century, the Foundation's task is urgent. Read More »

People who need to wear glasses are more intelligent


The study is said to be the largest genetic study of cognitive function and as a result, they have identified some genetic variations between the persons who wear glasses and un-wearers on the thinking capacity. Scientists said that the results could help understanding of the decline in cognitive function that happens with illness and age. Researchers also found connections between reaction time and bipolar and ADHD as well as genetic links between cognitive ability and hypertension. Read More »

Relay for Life set for First Friday


While producing a local TV morning show at a now defunct station in Branson, she was sacked on April 1, 1994, and at first believed it to be an April Fools' Day joke. "His diagnosis came about after he could not catch his breath", she explained. No one understands how vital these services are more than local cancer survivor who utilized the American Cancer Society Road to Recovery, Hope Lodge or another vital program. Read More »

Deadly Nipah virus, which can harm brain, experiencing outbreak in India


NDTV is one of the leaders in the production and broadcasting of un-biased and comprehensive news and entertainment programmes in India and overseas. Director of Health Services Dr Ajay K Chakraborty has dismissed reports about suspected Nipah virus cases in the state. "This virus can be tackled with precautions", Ekbal said. Read More »

Colon screening should start at 45, not 50, American Cancer Sociey says


The recommendation lowers the age for the initial screening test by 5 years, which ACS officials acknowledged is in response to recent evidence that colorectal cancer (CRC) is occurring more often in younger people . "When we began this guideline update, we were initially focused on whether screening should begin earlier in racial subgroups with higher colorectal cancer incidence.", said Richard C. Read More »

22000 children severely obese when they leave primary…


Almost twice as many children in year six are classed as severely obese as those in reception, figures show. For adults, a person who has a BMI of 40 is considered to be obese. The LGA is calling for reductions in public health grants to be reversed by the government and for further reforms to tackle childhood obesity . Read More »

UAE bans imports of Kerala fruit, veg following virus outbreak


Health officials in Kerala, which attracts many tourists, aims to soon issue a travel advisory, tourism official P Bala Kiran said. We will have to wait for test results. "There is no need to panic", he stated. "Even recently on Gurugram Namaz case , Vij had said that" Namaz should follow in open only if someone is needed, it is wrong to pray Namaz with the intention of occupying any place. Read More »

Scientists have created the first 3D-printed human corneas


On top of that figure, around five million people are suffering from complete blindness due to corneal scarring commonly caused by lacerations, burns, diseases, and abrasions. Having lost my own vision while at university, I know all too well how debilitating poor eyesight can be, so being able to "regrow" fundamental parts of the eye could be a gamechanger. Read More »

Popular Supplements Found To Provide No Health Benefits


On one somewhat positive note, the authors found that in several of the meta-analyses they examined, B-complex vitamins and folic acid did help to reduce the risk of stroke . "Supplements can play an important role in supporting our health when sufficient nutrients are not obtained through the diet alone, but they must be taken as recommended", Mr Scarff said in a statement . Read More »

Scientists said that in some cases chewing gum helps weight loss


Chewing gum might not be the most nutritious of habits but according to a new study , chowing down on a packet of gum while walking could help men to burn more calories. In each trial resting heart rate, mean heart rate during walking, distance covered, and cadence (rate at which they took steps) were measured. If they did nothing but sit and chew gum, researcher calculated that they would lose 11 pounds at the end of a year. Read More »

Colon cancer screening should begin at 45, say US doctors

Exact Sciences stock jumped as much as 13 percent on Wednesday after the American Cancer Society said people should be screened for colorectal cancer at age 45, lowering its guidelines from the current recommended age of 50. Experts aren't sure why there has been a 50 percent increase in cases in younger adults since 1994. She applauded the move toward earlier screening, saying it "will benefit the general public". Read More »

Nipah claims two more lives in Kerala, toll touches 16


Seenu Prasad (28) was on one-month leave in Kerala before joining his duty on May 13, a spokesman of the Army said . He was admitted to the Command Hospital on 20 May and passed away on 25 May, the spokesman said. Earlier this week, a health advisory was issued by the Himachal Pradesh health ministry after over 18 dead bats were discovered a day prior to that in the premises of a government school in Nahan, triggering a panic among locals. Read More »

Drugmaker recalls birth control pills packaged in wrong order


A physician reported that four placebo capsules were packaged in the wrong order where active capsules should have been, drugmaker Allergan said in a statement . The packs affected by the recall belong to Lot# 5620706, Expiration May-2019 of Taytulla (norethindrone acetate and ethinyl estradiol capsules and ferrous fumarate capsules) 1mg/20mcg, 6x28 physicians sample pack. Read More »

Take a swig of cockroach milk, the next great food trend

These particular bugs give birth to live young rather than laying eggs, and they produce a crystalline "milk" to feed the embryos. A research done by the Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine in India claims that the "milk", produced by a specific type of roach called the "Pacific beetle cockroach" - which are found in Australia - is hugely rich in energy. Read More »

Cockroach Milk Could Be The Latest Milk Trend


Cockroach milk, or post-natal fluid, is the latest fad for foodies looking for dairy alternatives in tea and coffee. "The crystals are like a complete food - they have proteins, fats and sugars", Sanchari Banerjee, one of the study's researchers, explains to the Times of India back in 2016, according to TIME. Read More »

1 new Ebola death confirmed in Congo, bringing total to 12


Congolese Health Minister Oly Ilunga Kalenga flew by helicopter to Bikoro and Iboko on Saturday to see the deployment of health workers who will be tracing people who have been in contact with Ebola cases and inoculating them with a new experimental vaccine. Read More »