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Matador Ivan Fandino killed in France bullfight


The bullfighter caught his feet in his cloak while attempting a turn created to distract the specially-bred fighting animal. Every year several people die in Spanish summer festivals involving bulls running through towns or being chased in the countryside, which often attract tourists. Read More »

Grief turns to anger in neighbourhood near tower fire


Now, you look at the government documents on this building and It turns out this siding, it's a pair of aluminum sheets sandwiched around a composite core. "There is nothing to suggest at this time that the fire was..." The government is struggling to find temporary housing for people who lived in the 24-story tower. Read More »

Montana lawmaker to plead guilty to assault charge


Jacobs, a reporter with the The Guardian , was in Montana covering the election and had been questioning Gianforte about the GOP health-care bill before Congress when the assault occurred. Montana' Republican Congressman Greg Gianforte pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault and was sentenced to community service and anger management. Read More »

At impasse, Bill Cosby jury tests patience of judge, defense

Prosecutors said they would retry Cosby, who remains charged with aggravated indecent assault. Cosby's trial ended without a verdict. The judge in famed American stand-up comedian Bill Cosby's sexual-assault case declared a mistrial on Saturday, after the jury was unable to reach a verdict following six days of deliberations. Read More »

Tony Awards Shine on New Stars

In his acceptance speech last night, Platt summed up the importance of the musical, his role and the larger conversation Dear Evan Hansen has created around mental health in a very quotable few words: "Don't waste any time trying to be like anybody but yourself, because the things that make you unusual are the things that make you powerful". Read More »

Trump Tweets His Frustration With Russia Investigation

One of them, Andrew Weissmann, is also plagued by the scorched-earth reputation he developed as special prosecutor in the Enron investigation, particularly the infamous prosecution that destroyed the Arthur Andersen accounting firm - which Weissmann indicted on very thin proof for, yes, obstruction of justice. Read More »

Trump Announces He's Under Investigation

So, now, Trump tweets it is a witch hunt that Rosenstein is investigating him for firing Comey. Rosenstein took over the investigation after Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself because he was a Trump campaign surrogate. Other presidents have managed to compartmentalize investigations and go about the business of governing, but Trump seems consumed by the Mueller probe. Read More »

Cosby jury hunkers down for 3rd day in sex assault case

Even though Judge Steven O'Neill allowed testimony from Andrea Constand's neighbor, who said the Cosby accuser wasn't herself after the alleged incident, O'Neill refused to allow Jackson to testify. "They are competing for accuracy", MacGregor said, adding that the longer the deliberations, the more likely Cosby walks. Judge O'Neill denied Cosby's lawyers a chance to call Jackson as a witness, saying that her testimony was hearsay. Read More »

Congressional Baseball Game Brings Healing To Fans & Players


Predicting when the congressman would be released from the hospital was hard, the doctor said , adding that "he will require a period of healing and of rehabilitation". The bullet that struck Scalise tore through his pelvis, fracturing bones, injuring internal organs and causing severe bleeding, the hospital said. As congressional Republicans and Democrats joined Thursday night in their annual baseball game, played this year in Scalise's honor, word came from the hospital that he ... Read More »

Beyoncé Gives Birth to Twins


Along with a photograph of herself cradling her baby bump, she wrote: "We would like to share our love and happiness". We have been blessed two times over. Beyoncé's pregnancy forced her to cancel her headlining appearance at Coachella in April, although she is set to headline the 2018 festival. Beyonce is the most-nominated star in the history of the Grammy awards, and her album Lemonade was the world's best-selling record of 2016. Read More »

Jada Pinkett Smith calls Tupac biopic 'deeply hurtful'


They explained to her that everything was great. I respect the hell out of Mrs. Smith. Many will be checking the film's score on movie-rating site Rotten before heading to the theater, and they'll likely be disappointed to find the film scores a paltry 28 percent on the Tomatometer with an average rating of 4.3 out of 10. Read More »

Afghan Soldier Wounds 7 US Soldiers in Insider Attack

The Taliban in a statement did not say if they were directly behind the attack, only crediting a "patriotic Afghan soldier" for the assault. Tabassoom said two suicide attackers died in the suicide vehicle bombings and three others were killed in the following firefight with the police. Read More »

Russian Federation slams Trump's 'Cold War' policy on Cuba


But scheduling the trip indicates the Cuba policy , which has been undergoing drafts for several weeks, will be imminently finalized. Instead of riding around in buses with government-appointed tour guides, US visitors could mostly do whatever they wanted, knowing there was little chance they'd get in trouble with USA authorities if they spent a day at the beach or went out dancing. Read More »

Beyoncé and Jay Z welcome twins

But despite rumblings and guessing games no concrete details regarding sexes or names of the babies have been revealed. The Carters, " she posted. Beyonce's father Mathew Knowles took to Twitter and Instagram on Sunday morning to congratulate his daughter on her new bundles of joy. Read More »

Beyoncé Has 'Given Birth To Twins' With Husband Jay Z

The couple have welcomed twins into their family. He took to Twitter on Father's Day to share the good news with a "Happy Birthday" post of colorful balloons. Beyonce also pulled the plug on plans to perform at the Coachella festival in California in April 2017 upon doctors' advice, and Lady Gaga stepped in for her. Read More »

Wife of Nik Wallenda hangs by teeth from chopper over Niagara Falls


Wallenda had spent the past 15 minutes or so in the air, swaying in the wind on a lyra, the alloy hoop tied to the helicopter, as she performed her aerialist spectacle. Legislators and the Wallendas said the payoff would come later, with the spread of photos and video from the stunt. "As an artist and a daredevil I guess, there is something abut it, something nearly magical that draws you to it", she said. Read More »

ABC Suspends 'Bachelor in Paradise' Production After 'Allegations of Misconduct'


They will take the necessary actions once the process has been completed. Warner Bros ., the production company behind " Bachelor in Paradise ", confirmed that filming was stopped. We're pissed that this whole thing happened", the anonymous contestant said. Production of the fourth season of " Bachelor in Paradise " had begun recently in Sayulita, Mexico. Read More »

58 presumed dead in London tower blaze

Demonstrators pushed their way through an automatic door shouting 'We want justice!' and 'Killers!' as they clashed with security guards in the lobby. But the Conservative leader still struggled to overcome accusations that she lacked compassion because she had failed to meet with victims on her first visit to the devastated site. Read More »

Death toll rises to at least 58 in London tower blaze


May on Friday visited some of the rescued undergoing treatment in Kensington and Chelsea Hospital. The Catholic bishops of Westminster offered their prayers and local parishes opened their doors to offer aid and supplies to those affected by a massive fire at an apartment complex in west London on Wednesday. Read More »

Jurors in Cosby's sex-assault trial start deliberations


The trial will move to closing arguments if no defence witnesses are called. He argued the case is "as straightforward as you're ever going to see in a sex crimes case - ever". McMonagle's tone became tinged with anger as he stressed Constand's misstatements to police about the day of the assault. MORE: 'Can't we stop this?' Bill Cosby's lawyer beseeches juryWould Cosby be hauled off in handcuffs right away? Then pointing to Camille Cosby said: "And she deserved better". Read More »

Gal Gadot shares message of thanks for Wonder Woman success

But one more impressive detail you may not have known was that actor Gal Gadot , who played Wonder Woman , was pregnant while filming. The Scottish actress had to step into the role of young Diana in Wonder Woman , and she spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about the experience. Read More »

Jury finds officer who shot Philando Castile not guilty

St. Anthony Police Department officer Jeronimo Yanez, 29, was found not guilty of all three charges he faced in the death of 32-year-old Philando Castile: second-degree manslaughter and two felony counts of intentional discharge of a risky weapon for endangering the safety of Castile's girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds , and her four-year-old daughter. Read More »

Doctors Upgrade Rep. Scalise's Condition To 'Serious'


He added that Scalise would be in the hospital "for some time" and would need "a period of healing and rehabilitation" after being discharged. Doctors say Rep. In a statement , Mika's family said he would remain in the intensive care unit at George Washington University Hospital at least through the weekend. Read More »

London fire: 58 missing presumed dead

The Met can not confirm the number of missing people. Forensic experts said the fire at Grenfell was so hot it could be compared to a cremation, which is going to make it hard to identify those who lost their lives. Officials are using dental records, fingerprints and DNA samples to try and positively identify victims. A special service was held Friday afternoon at the al-Manaar Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre to pray for the victims - and for the families waiting for news. Read More »

Republican lawmaker Steve Scalise, shot by gunman on Wednesday, making steady recovery


The hospital said Thursday that Scalise had improved in the past 24 hours but that his condition remained critical and he would need additional operations that would keep him in the hospital "for some time". Hodgkinson, a Belleville, Illinois, home inspector who had been living out of his van near the park, had a social media page filled with criticism of Republicans and the Trump administration. Read More »

Bill Cosby sex assault case in hands of jury


It was read to them by the judge. The jury, which is set to enter its fifth hour of deliberations, went straight to the heart of the case with its first question Monday night: Can we hear again what Cosby said he told accuser Andrea Constand when he gave her pills before engaging in sexual contact? The fate of Bill Cosby lay in the hands of a USA jury who deliberated over dinner and into the night on whether or not the disgraced entertainer sexually assaulted a woman at his home more ... Read More »

Tapwrit beats Irish War Cry to win Belmont Stakes

Two of those involved oh-so-close photo finishes, when Commissioner missed by a head against Tonalist in 2014 and Destin was nipped by nothing more than Creator's nose previous year. "The horse was close to being able to compete but we ran out of time", Hagiwara added. They want to be in a tactical position. "He remained very confident in the horse even after the Blue Grass [Stakes] and after the tough trip in the [Kentucky] Derby". Read More »

I will retain my title at Money in the Bank: Jinder Mahal

Ahead of Jinder Mahal vs Randy Orton for the WWE Championship at Money in the Bank , the company have released a video that includes footage of all 50 WWE Champions throughout the title's history. Which one of SmackDown's powerful women will emerge from the historic match with the contract in tow? That will likely influence how each woman in the trio fares on Sunday and could be their undoing. Read More »

Not much new in Trump's Cuba policy

He clamped down on some commerce and travel but left intact many new avenues President Barack Obama had opened. In an announcement given in Miami , Florida , Trump put forward a new policy that confirmed previous speculation that he would rollback "thawed" relations with the island. Read More »

Beyonce and Jay Z 'celebrating birth of twins'


Bey's mama also told The Insider , "It's very different from the last time, so she's feeling a little heavy, but there's two babies". "We are incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by two, and we thank you for all your well wishes", she added, signing with Jay Z . Read More »

Spurs never enjoyed big Finals ratings like Warriors-Cavs

But Steph Curry told reporters Wednesday that while the team will still decide as a group on what they plan to do, he hasn't changed his stance from what he would like that decision to be. It also created lofty expectations for Durant, with many onlookers saying his move would be a failure if the Warriors did not go on to win a title in their first season together. Read More »