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Women with transplanted uterus gives birth to ‘miracle’ baby

12 January 2020

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In what is established to be the second of its kind in the United States, a baby born from transplanted uterus of a deceased donor has been delivered.

Penn Medicine announced at a news conference on Thursday that doctors had successfully transplanted and the Gobrecht family welcomed a little boy by the name of Benjamin Thomas.

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33-year-old Jennifer Gobrecht was born without a uterus and underwent a uterine transplant in 2018. "My hope is that through this research, others with similar struggles will have the same opportunity".

"Uterus transplantation is the only way to parenthood with which these women can carry their own pregnancies", she said.

According to, Jennifer found out when she was 17 that she was born without a uterus due to a rare condition called Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome, or MRKH. The syndrome is one of the many conditions collectively referred to as uterine factor infertility.

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Penn Medicine says she is now working with another patient and is also seeking more women to become candidates for a uterine transplant. Gobrecht and her husband had already gone through in vitro fertilization while exploring the possibility of using a gestational carrier so they had embryos available to transfer into her new uterus following the successful transplant.

The Gobrechts holding ultrasound images of their son. "When Drew and I started dating romantically, we always knew that we'd have a family of some sort, whether it be through adoption or surrogacy", she said. "Benjamin is a ideal miracle". According to the news release, the clinical trial will last between five and 10 years and include long-term follow-up after birth, as well as the removal of the uterus after delivery.

"Two years ago, if you had told me I would be sitting here not only a mother but one who got to bear her own child, I simply would have not believe you", Gobrecht said.

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Women with transplanted uterus gives birth to ‘miracle’ baby