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Mac Pro unboxing video roundup

10 December 2019

The 2019 Mac Pro is finally available to order, with prices starting at $5,999.

The new machine, built in Austin, Texas after Apple got tariff relief from the Trump administration, starts at US$5,999 for specifications that some programmers, video editors, and photographers might consider measly.

Professional users who have been waiting years for a customizable Mac Pro will have no hesitation dropping $5,999 on the new model today. But for most consumers, the Mac Pro's price is shocking.

On Tuesday, the company finally gave us the answer.

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Spend another $7,000 and you can upgrade to a 28-core (28 cores!) Intel Xeon W processor clocked at 2.5GHz, with Turbo Boost to 4.4GHz.

To increase the computer's RAM memory from 32 gigabytes to 1.5 terabytes is US$25,000 extra, the main reason the price can exceed US$52,000.

But you'll be amazed at what you can get if you go all-out. Oh, and let's throw in the special Apple Afterburner accelerator card that's capable of decoding up to 6.3 billion pixels per second (+$2,000), allowing you to play back three 8K ProRes RAW video streams simultaneously, and throw on some wheels (+400) to the frame.

The grand total for all this hardware is $52,748. Apple said a version of the Mac Pro created to be racked in data centers costs an extra US$500 and will launch later.

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Unfortunately, the monitor doesn't come with a stand.

If you include the display and the accessories, the new Mac Pro will set you back $60,444.98.

Morrison states in his video that the Pro Display XDR's nano coating technology is a "game-changer", but you do need to see it in person to really appreciate it. Plus, if you're looking for a cheap MacBook with a reasonable 128GB of SSD storage, you simply won't find one anywhere else.

According to Apple's website, the company also plans on selling a "rack version" of the Mac Pro that can act as a server in a data center. It appears to be designed in more of a horizontal box, as opposed to the traditional desktop tower.

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Mac Pro unboxing video roundup