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Vodafone offers AWS "edge computing" to business customers

04 December 2019

"This new service is created to let you get some hands-on experience with qubits and quantum circuits", said AWS vice president Jeff Barr.

Quantum computing is upon us.

Apart from quantum system simulations, AWS envisages Braket could be used to explore solving of optimisation problems in industries such as financial services and logistics, and machine learning. They can now build and test circuits in a simulated environment and run them on an actual Quantum computer. The company has now bumped up the Inc. subsidiary's status to "preferred cloud, artificial intelligence and machine learning provider", a move that will entail the company building several new AI projects on AWS.

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As a result, AWS is moving forward with three new services based around its quantum offering. They share a partner in IonQ, but AWS is opting for D-Wave and Rigetti over Azure's Honeywell and QCI. It takes its name from Bra-ket notation, which is commonly used to denote quantum mechanical states. Quantum Computing is one of the hardest fields in computing to be ever touched. "And with our AWS Center for Quantum Computing and academic partnerships, we join the effort across the scientific and industrial communities to help accelerate the promise of quantum computing". "It is a very powerful tool that can solve certain types of problems that are hard or impossible to solve classically".

The more qubits connect, the vastly more powerful a quantum computer becomes. As such, it is best to think of them like a GPU (graphics processing unit) or a math co-processor.

The AWS Center for Quantum Computing is a new research center at the California Institute of Technology. With our Amazon Braket service and Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab, we're making it easier for customers to gain experience using quantum computers and to work with experts from AWS and our partners to figure out how they can benefit from the technology.

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Braket is not Amazon's only initiative related to quantum computing.

It is expected the lab will help all involved identify practical uses of quantum computing, and accelerating the development of quantum applications.

In addition, Fox will be using the first AWS Local Zone within its operations, a new type of AWS infrastructure deployment that places compute, storage, database, and other select services closer to customers for applications in particular locations where their customers expect single-digit millisecond latency.

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Vodafone offers AWS