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The Engadget Podcast: Do you need Apple's AirPods Pro?

04 December 2019

Apple unveiled its new wireless headphones, the AirPods Pro, earlier this week - and judging by initial reviews, the company may have another hit product on its hands.

Apple has announced the AirPods Pro, coming with the brand new design and the ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) feature.

You might have thought about giving away your old AirPods. Instead, it hangs out with the likes of Kristen Stewart and David Beckham as much as Shah Rukh Khan and Akshay Kumar.

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I found that the noise cancellation is excellent. Additionally, the silicon tips lock in with the main body of the earbuds.

The new design fits more inside your ears - it's a more secure, tighter feel. (The first two AirPods never felt right in my ear). Be sure to read our AirPods vs. AirPods Pro feature comparison and check out our hands-on video! Apple won't be ending AirPods 2, so regardless you'll have the option to buy the earphones at stores and on the web. The AirPods Pro, which comes bundled with silicone tips in three differet sizes, offers a better fit. After all, the device is all about noise cancellation. Apple claims the vent system will reduce discomfort caused by wearing in-ear headphones for extended hours. This feature lets outside noise in so that wearers will be aware of what's happening around them. The result is highly effective, even in a room full of people. Both the AirPods Pro and Echo Buds automatically pause music playback when you pull out one bud. This makes a lot of sense for joggers and those who want to talk without removing the buds. It also allows you to take and hang up phone calls. Press twice to skip forward, three times to go back. That creates a "seal" for better noise isolation (which is, it's worth noting, different than noise cancelation).

Fix specialist iFixit has completed its teardown of Apple's latest earphones and found they're still not replaceable for the average owner. During a treadmill test at the gym, I was fully immersed in my own music, as opposed to ambient sound at the gym and the music playing over the loudspeakers. The earbuds also include a hidden black rectangle chip that could be the force sensor. There has been an improvement across the board - low, mid, high and bass tones. It should last 3.5 hours of talking time with a single charge. Additional charges made using the Wireless Charging Case can deliver over 24 hours of listening time.

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Don't have an iPhone but still lusting after Apple's newest AirPods? But the company also realises the importance of wearables and services.

Fox News Flash top headlines for November 1 are here. Meanwhile, the AirPods are here to stay, whether or not Tim Cook is seen sporting it in public! It's jam-packed with features that were not available on the non-Pro AirPods. Apple now charges $89 for either left or right AirPod, and $178 for the pair.

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The Engadget Podcast: Do you need Apple's AirPods Pro?