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Main » Pakistan tycoon hands over $244m to settle United Kingdom corruption probe

Pakistan tycoon hands over $244m to settle United Kingdom corruption probe

04 December 2019

Britain's National Crime Agency (NCA) stated it had concurred money by which Hussain would pay a house, 1 Hyde Park Place, appreciated at 50 million pounds, and cash frozen in British lender accounts.

The National Crime Agency of the United Kingdom on Tuesday announced it had agreed to a settlement of £190 million with Malik Riaz Hussain to resolve an investigation into his assets in Britain.

The settlement is the result of an investigation by the NCA into Malik Riaz Hussain, a Pakistani national who on Twitter styles himself "Pakistan's Leading Real Estate Developer & Philanthropist".

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As per the details of the case, in August 2019, eight accounts freezing orders were issued by Westminster Magistrates' Court in connection with funds totaling around £120 million.

A senior communications officer for the NCA confirmed to Newsweek Pakistan via email that "all the assets have now been returned to Pakistan".

The settlement rekindles hopes for Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan's anti-corruption drive, which includes thus far neglected to restore the vast amounts of bucks that their federal government states resistance political leaders have actually stashed overseas. In December 2018, account freezing orders were also sought for the investigation of £20 million. The proceedings were against the funds themselves, not against any named individual.

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Furthermore, the ARU revealed that the property included in the settlement was sold to the family in 2016 by Hassan Nawaz, former premier Nawaz Sharif's son.

The settlement, they added, is a civil legal procedure that is not considered admission of guilt. I sold our legal & declared property in United Kingdom to pay 190M £ to Supreme Court Pakistan against Bahria Town Karachi.

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Pakistan tycoon hands over $244m to settle United Kingdom corruption probe