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'Misleading' Deliveroo ad banned after attracting 300 complaints

04 December 2019

The ad received 40 complaints, which is a lot for the ASA. The woman walks through the front door, shouting: "DELIVEROO - Chinese, KFC, Wagamama, Greek salad - no carbs before Marbs, eh Karen?"

Viewers complained it modified into deceptive, declaring that Deliveroo potentialities needed to affect separate orders - with separate provide charges - if they wished food from different restaurants.

The advert, which first aired in September 2019, showed a woman receiving an order, before diving into a single bag and distributing meals from various restaurants. On-screen text stated "Geographical restrictions apply". A Deliveroo spokesman said the advert highlighted the range of food available through the app. KFC was also censured by the ASA - for a printed advert featuring the phrase: "What the Cluck?!"

The firm claimed that as the action unfolded it became clear that the ad was not set in an ordinary household and that it was not showing an ordinary Deliveroo order.

Although nothing glaringly obvious, anyone who has ever ordered from Deliveroo before would spot one simple issue - you can't order from various different restaurants in one order.

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"Deliveroo had however chosen that scenario in order to demonstrate one of the real-world benefits of their service, namely the wide variety of restaurants from which their customers could order". Coming in at number three, its "magic bag" TV ad prompted 300 people to get in touch with the ad watchdog down to concerns over its "misleading" content.

However, the ASA said that the domestic setting of the ad and the reference to "All your family favourites, now on Deliveroo" "strongly implied" people would be able to order together from different services.

"In that context, it was therefore material information that a separate delivery charge would be applied to each order from a different restaurant".

And while it acknowledged Deliveroo's willingness to include additional on-screen text, it felt this would sufficiently alter the overall impression.

The logos of all the restaurants.

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For this reason, it told Deliveroo that it must not broadcast it again in its current form.

But it failed to show it is not possible to get a single delivery from multiple chains using Deliveroo.

The GoCompare advert, featuring a male opera singer involved in a auto accident, received 336 complaints, mostly arguing it trivialised crashes and was distressing.

Some 336 people said it trivialised vehicle crashes, but ASA did not consider the rules to be broken.

Cheltenham Fireworks received the second most complaints for a poster that featured a picture of a dog wearing ear defenders.

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