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Martin Scorsese urges people to not watch ‘The Irishman’ on a phone

04 December 2019

"She's terrific and it resonates". Peggy never directly addresses her father's role in Hoffa's disappearance, but the implication is clear: he's involved in some way.

Upon meeting Jimmy Hoffa as a child, Peggy Sheeran immediately took a liking to the man, looking at him more favorably than Frank and Joe Pesci's Russell Buffalino.

"She was very powerful and that's what it was", he said.

"She was very powerful and that's what it was", De Niro told USA Today. Her anger boils over, and they share a tense exchange in their living room.

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It's a pivotal moment in The Irishman - Frank later reveals that Peggy "stopped talking to [him] that day" and "disappeared" from his life forever - but some viewers have criticized Scorsese for using Paquin only in this one scene. "Martin underused Anna Paquin SO much", wrote one viewer.

Here's how the conversation - if you want to call it that - happens in the film between De Niro and Paquin's characters, according to CNN Entertainment.

This week, De Niro finally stepped in to defend Scorsese's long-gestating mob drama.

The fact that Anna Paquin was given so little to say in The Irishman has drawn polarizing reaction, but Robert De Niro has given his take on the matter, saying how she gave an exemplary performance despite the lack of dialogue.

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The veteran filmmaker addressed the criticism ahead of the movie's theatrical release, arguing in conversation with Spike Lee in NY that Peggy "doesn't have to say anything" to make an impact.

Rodrigo Prieto, the cinematographer who worked with Scorsese on The Irishman, as well as other Scorsese movies including Silence and The Wolf of Wall Street, confirmed the plans to Collider, including the March, 2020, start date.

"Nope, nobody was doing any "ordering, '" she responded to Twitter users insinuating that Scorsese forced her to play a supporting role".

We got the veteran actor right on the heels of the new flick landing on Netflix and asked for his thoughts on it. considering he starred in Marty's "Casino" and tons of other crime movies.

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Martin Scorsese urges people to not watch ‘The Irishman’ on a phone