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Barr 'disagrees' with DOJ watchdog report that says Russian Federation probe was justified

04 December 2019

Barr believes other agencies, like the CIA, may have vital information that could change Horowitz's findings, the Post reported.

"The inspector general's investigation is a credit to the Department of Justice", said Kerri Kupec, Justice Department spokeswoman.

"If it follows how his other reports have gone, it will probably include a lot of really damaging information about what the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other parts of the Department of Justice were doing, but it probably won't come down very hard on the people who were doing it", she said.

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The attorney general is reportedly not swayed by Horowitz's determination that an investigation into the Trump campaign was warranted.

Even after initial internal briefings as attorney general earlier this year, Barr told other Justice officials he had information that bolstered some of his qualms about the department's handling of the Russian Federation probe. Horowitz, however, can not be told to change his report because the inspector general works independently from the Department of Justice.

Earlier this year Barr appointed John Durham, a CT federal prosecutor, to conduct what he said was a broader investigation, which is reviewing actions by the CIA and other intelligence agencies that provided information to the FBI probe of Russian interference in the 2016 election. Barr could decide to go a completely different route and instead of writing a formal letter, he could make his objections known publicly.

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In a speech announcing the recipients of the Third Annual Attorney General's Award for Distinguished Service in Policing, Attorney General Bill Barr warned certain "communities" that they could find themselves without protection if they don't respect the men in blue.

While Horowitz noted in his 2018 report that there is no available evidence that political considerations directly impacted investigative decisions in the Clinton probe and that Strzok was not the "sole" decision-maker on any key investigative actions, he concluded the officials' behavior was still highly inappropriate.

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Barr 'disagrees' with DOJ watchdog report that says Russian Federation probe was justified