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Amazon Launches First Battery-powered Portable Echo Speaker

04 December 2019

The e-commerce giant today unveiled the Echo Input Portable Smart Speaker Edition, a new variant in the lineup that includes a built-in battery. Likewise, the new Echo can also be taken into the bedroom, dining room, kitchen... wherever you have a strong Wi-Fi signal.

As the name suggests, the Echo Input Portable has been created to work wirelessly and can be easily carried around.

The idea is that you can move the speaker from room to room as you go without the faff of unplugging it and plugging it back in.

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Powered by Alexa, Amazon's Echo smart speakers can do a lot of things.

The speaker boasts all the trademark features of the Echo series such as the Alexa voice assistant which can answer queries, make a call, play music and control other compatible smart devices at home. How about it, folks, would you like to see this thing rapidly expanded to the United States and other countries? Dubbed the Amazon Tap, the rechargeable smart speaker wasn't well received by customers and never rolled-out to the United Kingdom and Europe.

Amazon later rectified the issue, which was presumably to save battery life on the rechargeable product, but the Tap was still discontinued previous year in the United States - suggesting that users didn't flock to it after the action that gave it its name was dropped from the product.

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Amazon's new Echo Input Portable speaker comes with a 4,800mAh battery inside, which can offer up to 10 hours of continuous music playback and up to 11 hours of standby life, according to Amazon.

For those in the West, there are some third-party accessories created to bring portability to the Amazon Echo.

We got a chance to spend a few minutes with the Echo Input Portable and found audio output to be on par with the latest generation of the Echo Dot. You know that the device is fully charged when all the 4 LEDs turn off. It starts at 4,999 rupees (which converts to roughly £50, or $70) and will ship on December 18, 2019. All in all, this feels largely like an experiment meant to gauge interest in portable and compact smart speakers, which is why it's not that shocking to see the Echo Input Portable Smart Speaker Edition exclusively released in one (big) market. for now. After the introductory price ends, it will cost 5,999 rupees (£64, or $84).

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Amazon Launches First Battery-powered Portable Echo Speaker