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Alleged Kendall Jenner homemade intruder arrested for raid

04 December 2019

Still, going through this whole thing multiple times must be a non-stop nightmare for the supermodel... If she were, she would never go outside during the commotion, according to TMZ, and must have remained safe the entire time.

The suspect, to be named 27-year-old Richard Eggers, didn't get far after Kendall's security took control of the situation and held the man until LAPD arrived to arrest him.

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Sources have told the publication Richard told police he was at Kendall's property as part of a door to door mission to collect signatures to impeach the current USA president Donald Trump. He was allegedly seen on her security cameras back in September, but escaped before anyone caught up with him.

" width="650" Celeb life has principally been REALLY good to Kendall Jenner, however that is one space we will't even think about having to cope with frequently!"

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It's unknown if the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star was present during the security scare, but it's not the first time she has faced the threat of intruders. Riiiiight. At midnight. Whereas carrying all black. In recent years she has had several intruders and stalkers popping up at her home, nearly to the point where this unfortunately appears to be happening. Ugh. And whereas hopping a number of safety fences to do it. The cops didn't buy it and booked Eggers for misdemeanor trespassing. Sadly, it's not a serious cost, and he'll be again out on the road instantly, however, uhh, no less than he bought caught early this (second) time round?

It should be noted that Fai, 28, has followed Kendall to many high-class events as she tells fans "He's my date but we do not date".

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Alleged Kendall Jenner homemade intruder arrested for raid