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Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin demands recanvassing of ballots after results show loss

10 November 2019

And if nothing else, the GOP's struggle across the South on Tuesday revealed that Republicans don't have a plan to fix it.

Trump's campaign manager, Brad Parscale, said in a statement that Bevin was a weaker candidate than the other Republicans who emerged as winners.

For the first time in almost a quarter-century, Democrats hold all levers of power in Virginia.

In the end, neither strategy was a sure victor. In Virginia, which has a Democratic governor, the Democrats took control of both the Senate and the House of Delegates.

Tuesday's election didn't have marquee races here in the North Country.

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Trump came to Kentucky on Monday to rally votes for Bevin and at the rally, he noted the stakes for him and for 2020.

Let's start our world news in the United States and the local elections that may offer some clues to how next year's presidential election could unfold.

Trump tried to avoid this dynamic, holding an election-eve rally with Bevin and acknowledging the governor's fate would be intrinsically linked to his own. With Republican Gov. Phil Bryant term-limited, GOP nominee Tate Reeves defeated Democrat Jim Hood to extend the GOP's 20-year hold on the state's top office.

But the GOP's challenge was laid bare in lower-profile elections across the nation on Tuesday. And the third time that Democrats have fared better than Republicans, often wildly better. Trump notably did not campaign in the state down the stretch, even as he sought to flex his political muscle in Kentucky and Mississippi.

Until now, the prospect of a voter backlash has led Democratic leaders to approach impeachment with deep caution. Democrats now control all statewide executive offices, from Governor Ralph Northam on down, as well as both houses of the legislature, giving them full responsibility for the right-wing policies that will be carried out in relation to health care, public education, and the build-up of the police and other repressive forces. But taken together it was a strong night for the Republican Party, which flipped Clinton County's legislature from Democratic Party control.

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These legislative elections attracted millions of dollars in advertising from progressive lobby groups. The Republicans still did well there by running on the tax issue.

Trump may depend on MS, where he also campaigned in the final stretch before Election Day, for something to crow about. The president obliged, sending Vice-President Mike Pence instead.

Struggling for a unifying message, some Republicans turned to impeachment, trying to tie local Democrats to their counterparts in Washington and the effort to impeach Trump. President Trump said during the rally that if Bevin lost the elections the media will say that Trump suffered his greatest political career but Trump believed that it will not happen in Kentucky. McConnell is favored to win reelection next year in Kentucky, even as national Democrats harbor hopes of defeating him.

Now, many teachers have translated that energy to the realm of electoral politics, helping elect candidates who pledge to protect education funding while ousting lawmakers who opposed their causes. Each of the five statewide Republican candidates had vote totals that would have secured Bevin a victory. State Democrats are now expected to push through some gun reforms, despite Virginia's Fairfax County being the national headquarters of the NRA. Beshear also found another 74,000 Democratic votes in urban Jefferson County, home of Louisville. Beshear's margin over Bevin is less than 0.4 percentage points. While Beshear called for a "smooth transition", Bevin has refused to concede the race.

Republicans were quick to blame Bevin for his stumbles. Trump will visit the state on Wednesday to help boost Rispone. "The path to victory is in these suburbs, but there are a lot of warning signs that the environment is going to be tougher in 2020 than in 2016". In that race Republicans ran a controversial candidate in Chris Shambo, a guy who had posted offensive stuff on social media; he was accused by police just previous year of "domestic assault", a case that was later dropped. "That trend, if not reversed, is a death spiral".

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Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin demands recanvassing of ballots after results show loss