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Climate crisis education to be made compulsory in Italian schools

10 November 2019

According to Fioramonti, Italy is the first country to adopt a climate change curriculum in public schools.

Lorenzo Fioramonti, Italy's Education Minister, announced his decision to require 6 to 19 year olds to have a minimum of one hour a week on topics like ocean pollution, sustainable living and renewable resources as well as to incorporate the environmental theme across the Italian curriculum.

In a meeting in his Rome office on Monday, Fioramonti said all state schools would commit 33 hours out of every year, very almost one hour for each school week, to environmental change issues from the beginning of the following scholastic year in September. He said sustainability lessons will be worked into several traditional subjects, including geography, math and physics.

Fioramonti is a 42-year-old lawmaker for the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement party, which has a history of supporting environmental policies.

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Hinting at how the climate crisis will be taught, Fioramonti said that for children aged between six and 11, the ministry was thinking of using "the fairy-tale model", where stories from different cultures will be used to inform them about environmental challenges.

Considering the fact that turning out to be minister, Fioramonti has been criticized by right-wing opposition parties for supporting placing college students protesting weather adjust and backing taxes on plastic and sugary drinks.

Furthermore, Fioramonti said that the programme will be overseen by a number of climate experts including Kate Raworth of Oxford University's Environmental Change Institute and the Harvard Institute for International Development's director, Jeffrey D Sachs.

Fioramonti said the new government, which has got off to a shaky start with weeks of bickering over the budget, "will only last if it is fearless", and stops letting Salvini set the news agenda.

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"The 21st-century citizen", Fioramonti said, "must be a sustainable citizen".

But as President Donald Trump began pulling the United States out of the landmark Paris Agreement this week, Fioramanti said that every country needed to do its part to stop the "Trumps of the world" and that his ambition was to show children there was another way.

"I need to make the Italian training framework the main instruction framework that puts the earth and society at the center of all that we learn in school".

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Climate crisis education to be made compulsory in Italian schools