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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare offers first free DLC

10 November 2019

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has only been out for two weeks but Activision is making sure that there is plenty of content for the game in the near future. With the release of Modern Warfare, fans can play together through crossplay and cross progression, and look forward to a ton of new content and the start of live seasons coming free to all players on all platforms. The return to form wouldn't be complete without otherwise good maps ruined by spawn camping and points of extremely limited engagement and the latest instalment to the series doesn't disappoint in that regard. The community has been very vocal about campy matches and questionable map design.

If you are apprehensive about leaping into Modern Warfare, try our important newbie's ideas. Shoot House finds itself in traditional multiplayer modes, while Krovnick Farmland is the larger Ground War map. It's nice to have a map where the combat feels completely grounded.

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Players will see all content they can earn, so you don't have to rely on RNG to get the gear. Tell us what you think below. This comes after the popular "Night mode" has already been added along with the "Kill Confirmed" multiplayer mode.

As previously promised, Call of Duty will be launching their first battle pass for the Modern Warfare reboot just in time for Christmas this year (2019).

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When your team is within the hardpoint, your teams' score increases, though if none of your team have made it to the hardpoint, there are no points gained.

Modern Warfare multiplayer style director Joe Cecot side that eternity Ward is functioning on extra changes and updates to return later. "Shoot-House" is designed for 6v6, close-quarters gunfights, and caters to players who've been asking for more of a three-lane map design. Compared to the previous maps of this size and scale, Krovnik Farmland provides a distinctly different atmosphere. Today's update addresses a lot of these major issues that really punished players for moving around.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare offers first free DLC