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Main » Epic Games removes Jarvis from Fortnite 'for using aimbot'

Epic Games removes Jarvis from Fortnite 'for using aimbot'

08 November 2019

Jarvis Kaye, known in the Fortnite community as a member of the eSports team FaZe Clan, has shared the news online in a video released to his two million subscribers on YouTube. "As of late, I've posted a few recordings of me utilizing aimbot in performances and play area mode".

The Fortnite's Terms of Service agreement, which does ban the use of "cheats, bots, scripts, or mods not expressly authorized by Epic" that give players an unfair advantage in-game.Jarvis later stated that he should have paid more attention to terms of service. Jarvis, who is a member of the e-sports team FaZe clan, posted an emotional video on his YouTube channel on Sunday explaining to his almost 2 million subscribers why he received the ban and emphasizing how his professional career depends on the game. However, players were recently given a huge reality check when Epic Games banned a popular streamer for life when he was caught cheating.

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The video in question showing the aimbotting was removed from his YouTube channel shortly afterward, though user Fortnite Area reposted the video, revealing the extent to which Jarvis was using the aimbot.

In the video that led to the ban, Khattri suggests he is not actively playing on his principal account and that he will perform "a activity or two without having aimbot" to steer clear of ban detection.

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Clearly upset, Jarvis posted a video explaining why he has been banned and apologising for cheating. The ban from Epic Games has sparked a debate in the gaming community since some gamers believe it was too much. Epic needs to outline the punishments for different forms of cheating, and it should probably warn players before an instant ban. Other members of the FaZe clan have also voiced support on social media. "I'm going to take accountability for my actions, and I understand completely why this has happened", Jarvis tweeted.

"He shouldn't have cheated, but yeah it's pretty harsh", KSI said.

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Epic Games had a new update Tuesday for Fortnite, and at some point you'll stumble across a new weapon: Harpoon Gun. On the other, you could argue that a lifetime ban on all accounts just for someone trying to entertain their fanbase is perhaps a little extreme. Are you playing Fortnite? "My youngest son Jarvis made a genuine, naive error of judgment and is now banned for life from something he loves", she wrote.

Epic Games removes Jarvis from Fortnite 'for using aimbot'