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Fortnite is dead, long live Fortnite Chapter 2

13 October 2019

It also wouldn't be too big of a stretch to assume that Season 11 is essentially "Part 2" of Fortnite.

A closer look at the leaked artwork also reveals that clouds may finally be coming to the game, even though that's not as big of a deal as something like a new island, of course.

A new map certainly seems in line with the alleged title of the update: Fortnite Chapter 2. If so, this Week 10 Loading Screen makes sense.

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Would you like to see Fortnite take on a whole new map, potentially with new gameplay mechanics to boot?

It would be very surprising to have Fortnite players battling it out on a barren, virtually destroyed map for a few days.

Previous leaks have indicated that during the Fortnite live event players, at one point, will be transported to a spot where they get a birds eye view.

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If there is a new map, there's an unanswered question: will it replace the existing map, or supplement it?

That's according to art that was posted early on the Italian iOS App Store, which shows a trio of characters standing on the hill of a new map, under the caption "Fortnite Capitolo 2" - you can probably guess how that translates. This strongly implies that Fortnite is set to get a brand new map.

For those who've been following Fortnite Season 11 developments closely, the idea of adding a new map alongside the next Battle Pass is hardly a surprise.

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The only way to find out the truth for sure is to watch Fortnite's The End live event, which kicks off this Sunday at 7pm United Kingdom time. Teasers are released in order to build hype for the season, but the live event is providing that this time around.

Fortnite is dead, long live Fortnite Chapter 2