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Trump confirms al Qaeda bomb maker was killed

12 October 2019

Yemeni security officials say al-Qaida's chief bomb maker behind the 2009 Christmas Day plot to down an airliner over Detroit was killed in a U.S. drone strike earlier this year.

"This will confirm for the first time that Ibrahim al-Asiri, a senior al-Qaeda bomb maker and terrorist coordinator, was killed two years ago in a United States counterterrorism operation in Yemen", the assertion stated.

Washington had long sought al-Asiri, a Saudi-born militant with al-Qaeda's Yemen branch who was known for his ability to create hard-to-detect bombs, including some implanted in suicide bombers.

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The President did not reveal details of the operation which took out al-Asiri, nor did he explain why he has now chosen to make the news public.

The Saudi Arabian native was the mastermind behind the "underwear bomb" attempt to detonate a flight above the skies of Detroit on Christmas Day in 2009.

U.S. President Donald Trump on Thursday confirmed that the top al Qaeda bomb-maker, believed to be the mastermind behind a failed bombing of a U.S. -bound airliner in 2009, has been killed.

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However, the bomb failed to explode and Abdulmutallab was tackled to the ground by a fellow passenger.

Al-Asiri, who studied chemistry in the Saudi capital of Riyadh, had also designed bombs disguised as printer cartridges that al-Qaeda attempted to send to the U.S. via cargo planes in October of 2010.

Trump's statement said that al-Asiri also built an explosive device meant to be used against a passenger aircraft in 2012, and the device used in the attempted assassination of the former Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia.

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His specialty was making bombs that were small enough to get past security at airports.

Trump confirms al Qaeda bomb maker was killed