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South Park Banned In China After Episode Mocking Chinese Censorship

12 October 2019

Numerous praised South Park makers Trey Parker and Matt Stone as "prophets", and uncommon Western media figures ready to demonstrate "solid spine" because of the Chinese government's endeavors to smother global free discourse.

Eager to get a greenlight from Chinese censors, Hollywood studios take steps to avoid irking the government.

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South Park has existed as one of the few shows that really seems to enjoy sparking controversy in an overt way that doesn't take into account just how serious matters are going to get or how much offense anyone is going to take. Also, Winnie the Pooh is removed in China, accounting for this. He instructs the boys to cut references to the Dalai Lama (seen by the Chinese government as a separatist), organ transplants (China has been accused of harvesting prisoners' organs) and homosexuality (nothing is wrong with that subject "unless you want to make money in China", he says). As it happens, Towelie, Randy's former business partner, bashes China for its human rights violations and condemns anyone who does business with them. Significant organizations in the city, including its lead aircraft Cathay Pacific and the MTR Corporation, which runs the domain's indispensable tram and rail framework, have capitulated to business weights from Beijing by terminating staff individuals who voiced help for the fights. Earlier, Randy was selling weed in China. The government did not give a reason, but Pooh's appearance has been compared to President Xi Jinping's, and the character has been used as a symbol of resistance to the Chinese government.

In hindsight, this was expected after the "apology" of the creators. XI doesn't appear to be Winnie The Pooh in any respect. "We too love money more than we love freedom and democracy", the duo wrote.

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Wednesday night's episode on Comedy Central, called "SHOTS!", reached a milestone as the series' 300th - and included a profane response to Beijing. "Like the National Basketball Association, we welcome Chinese censors into our homes and into our hearts", they said a statement. May this autumn's sorghum harvest be bountiful! "We great now China?"

Clearly, their reaction hints at something special.

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Meanwhile, another group of characters - Stan, Jimmy, Kenny, and Butters - formed a metal band, which caught the attention of a Hollywood manager who wanted to produce a film about them but constantly modified the script in order for the movie to be distributed in China.

South Park Banned In China After Episode Mocking Chinese Censorship