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'Jesus Shoes' filled with holy water sold out in minutes

12 October 2019

The repurposed Nike Air Max 97 sneaks, injected with holy water from the Jordan River, were created by New Yorkdesign company MSCHF.

But it's not just any water you'll walk be walking on in MSCHF X INRI "Jesus Shoes," but actual Holy Water.

According to the brand's website, the shoe contains 60 cubic centimeters of holy water sourced directly from the River Jordan.

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The sneakers' Biblical illusions continue throughout, with an inscription from Matthew 14:25 on the toebox, a steel crucifix on the shoe laces and a red sole alluding to the Vatican's cardinal footwear. Now, we only have a passing knowledge of the bible from school RE lessons, but seem to remember something about Jesus getting angry once in a marketplace over profiteering?

The "Jesus Shoes" weren't made in partnership with Nike.

If you think that it's only the holy water that soared up the price tag, then take a look at another feature of the kicks.

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The shoes originally retailed for a whopping $1,425USD, but are being re-sold for at least $2,499USD, with prices spiking up to 8x the RRP. "We weren't making a religious statement, but more saying, 'Hey, collab culture is getting out of hand, '" says Greenberg. The shoes are now being resold for over $3,000.

When Jesus blesses a shoe, it gets sold out in minutes!

Greenberg, who dropped out of college after his freshmen year and is now studying two days a week at New York University while working full-time at MSCHF, tells Yahoo Lifestyle while rushing to class, "We're not a shoe company and we did not believe many would buy these or pay freaking $1,425".

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On the company, MSCHF says more will be available October 22 and subsequent second and fourth Tuesdays of each month.

'Jesus Shoes' filled with holy water sold out in minutes