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Intel Ends Kaby Lake-G (with AMD Radeon Vega Graphics)

12 October 2019

We're talking about Kaby Lake-G, you know the hybrid Intel processor with a Radeon GPU.

Intel didn't mention gaming performance increases, as the chips are aimed more at creators and researchers, but gamers can probably expect a similarly modest gain.

Back in November 2017, Intel announced it was creating a special line of chips for PC gaming hardware that would pack an Intel Core H-series processor with a "Vega M" GPU chip from AMD's Radeon group, which is best known for creating dedicated graphics cards. The new EMIB interlink could transfer data between the components faster than traditional architecture, it was suggested, and since it was embedded into the substrate it would also make the whole assembly thinner.

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Unfortunately for Kaby Lake-G, however, manufacturers didn't seem so keen. That could possibley come later this year or early next year, though no word of a refresh has been relayed yet. From Intel's vantage point, using G-series chips would allow OEMs to theoretically save space with smaller motherboard designs by forgoing larger dGPU solutions.

Now, predictably, Kaby Lake-G has received its marching orders [pdf link]. After launching its significantly cheaper Core X-series processors last week, on Monday Intel sliced up to 20 percent off of its 9th-gen "F" parts.

Intel is also revising pricing for its current 9th Generation desktop processors with integrated graphics, the S-series processors. "We have more in store from our graphics engine that will bring further enhancements to PCs in the future", Intel said in a statement.

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Even Intel itself was lackluster in the end about the AMD tie-up.

Intel indicated to PCMag its phasing out the Kaby Lake-G line in favor for the company's newly-released 10th generation Intel Core processors, which are dubbed Ice Lake.

For now, the focus is on Intel's Xe graphics, about which only a little is currently known.

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Intel Ends Kaby Lake-G (with AMD Radeon Vega Graphics)