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VPD defends handling of day-long climate change protest on Burrard bridge

09 October 2019

He also has enough food and supplies to stay up there for multiple days.

The protesters, who are a part of the group Extinction Rebellion, said they made a decision to occupy the bridge as part of a broader movement.

Ardern said there were two forms of protest action happening in New Zealand, and she clearly did not favour Extinction Rebellion's approach.

One XR Wigan protestor said: "She's a fearless woman, it's a selfless act". "But this is a public health emergency, and they aren't acting as fast as they should".

Some activists camped at Melbourne's Carlton Gardens overnight before marching to a street corner locked down by more than 100 protesters in inclement weather.

The protest went ahead despite a city ban on activists gathering on the road.

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Activists with a group dubbed Extinction Rebellion blocked traffic on bridges in Halifax, Toronto and Edmonton, with similar protests planned for Victoria, Montreal and Vancouver later in the day.

Protestors covered in fake blood gather around the Wall Street Bull during an Extinction Rebellion demonstration in NY on October 7,2019.

Yesterday more than 400 activists marched from Central Station to Broadway.

They say between 10 and 11 p.m., "police were forced to arrest" environmental protesters who refused to leave the crossing, even after requests and warnings.

This is part of a week-long global mobilisation happening all week in 60 major cities around the world including London, Berlin and Dublin.

Extinction Rebellion activists want to force political leaders to take urgent action to address the climate emergency, and thousands of them have taken to the streets in cities around the world this week in an attempt to do just that.

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In London, demonstrators playing steel drums marched as they kicked off two weeks of activities created to disrupt the city.

Extinction Rebellion Aotearoa protesters block off Lambton Quay in Wellington. (AAP) The XR Red Rebel Brigade will appear at demonstrations across the world in protests expected to bring everyday business to a stand still.

Activists blocked traffic in Berlin, where authorities have said they will refrain from making arrests for the time being.

Similar protests in the United Kingdom earlier this year brought major disruption to London and resulted in more than 1100 arrests.

She was carried away from the protest by around half a dozen officers and taken to a police station, activists from Wigan who were also taking part in the demonstration told Wigan Today.

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VPD defends handling of day-long climate change protest on Burrard bridge