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Ellen DeGeneres defends friendship with George W. Bush

09 October 2019

"Here's the thing", she continued. I was aware that I was going to be surrounded with people from very different views and beliefs.

"I'm sitting in the Cowboys suite, the owner of the Cowboys, and secretly cheering every time the Packers scored", she said.

"And I'm friends with people who [are] furry, as a matter of fact", she said to laughter.

"Eagle-eyed fans spotted the comedian sitting next to the former president during Sunday's matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers".

"But here's one tweet that I loved: this person says, 'Ellen and George Bush together makes me have faith in America again'".

The backlash over the pictures caused DeGeneres to defend her "friend" on her talk show on Monday. "I mean be kind to everyone".

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Bush, who served two terms as U.S. president, has also faced condemnation for leading the country into war with Iraq and Afghanistan.

"President and Mrs. Bush really enjoyed being with Ellen and Portia, and they appreciated Ellen's comments about respecting one another".

At the game, a picture was shared of DeGeneres and Bush sitting next to each other and she said it received mixed responses on the Internet.

It's refreshing to see someone as high-profile as DeGeneres asking her viewers to prioritize true tolerance in their interactions with other people. "They respect her", Freddy Ford, Chief of Staff for President George W. Bush, said in a statement to CNN.

Ellen DeGeneres will not be Twitter-shamed for who she spends time with.

A slice of social media lost its collective mind over the weekend after a photo of Ellen DeGeneres at Sunday's National Football League game between the Packers and the Cowboys surfaced online.

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OUT Magazine voiced similar disapproval: "Ellen DeGeneres laughing it up with someone who has actively tried to harm our community feels disappointing, irresponsible, and unsafe".

Addressing the controversy that ensued she said: "People were upset".

It's not earth-shattering news that Bush continues to be a beacon for unusual and unexpected friendships.

Yes, that was me at the Cowboys game with George W. Bush over the weekend. Critics - who are predominantly part of the LGBT community - derided DeGeneres for getting close to a president who actively stood against the legalization of same sex marriage.

Some Twitter users vehemently criticised her for sharing the Republican's company, calling him a "war criminal".

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Ellen DeGeneres defends friendship with George W. Bush