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Boris Johnson ‘considering building bridge from Scotland to Northern Ireland’

13 September 2019

To date the British government has offered "nothing that comes close" to what is needed to secure Irish and European Union agreement, but British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has shown a "willingness to try and explore new approaches", Ireland's Foreign Minister Simon Coveney told reporters on Thursday.

Mr Coveney added that those who dismiss the threat of a disorderly Brexit are "not being fully upfront about the challenges and complexity of no deal".

Rights campaigner Raymond McCord, one of three people backing the case, said he would fight the decision in an appeal that will begin in Belfast on Friday and hoped ultimately to join the other challenges in the U.K.'s highest court next week.

Meanwhile, Mr Johnson's decision to suspend Parliament until October 15 has been ruled "improper" and "unlawful" by three senior Scottish judges, who concluded it had been done with "the objective of stymying Parliament".

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said on Tuesday "there is a way" of reaching a fresh Brexit deal, as he attempted to defend his decision to suspend United Kingdom parliament for five weeks.

Any appeal would first have to be heard by the Court of Appeal in Belfast.

"The UK parliament will not accept the current withdrawal agreement, there is no way that is going through".

Mr Johnson now has five weeks, while Parliament is suspended, to start negotiating with Brussels. He also ousted rebellious Conservative lawmakers, including former Cabinet ministers and Winston Churchill's grandson.

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The disclosure of the document - which warns of medicine shortages, severe delays at Channel ports and an increase in food prices if the United Kingdom leaves the European Union without a deal - was forced on the government by lawmakers, who voted on Monday to approve its release.

He had previously called for a similar bridge to be built across the English Channel in a bid to bring France and England closer together after Brexit.

"The reliance of medicines and medical products' supply chains on the shore straits crossing make them particularly vulnerable to severe extended delays; three-quarters of medicines come via the short straits", the report says.

Those risks may have declined this month: On September 4, Parliament passed a law that requires the prime minister to request a Brexit postponement if he and Parliament can't reach an agreement on future relations with the EU.

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Boris Johnson ‘considering building bridge from Scotland to Northern Ireland’