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Amnesia Collection out today on Nintendo Switch

13 September 2019

Ring Fit Adventure is an upcoming Nintendo Switch game that will use the Ring Con, a circular controller that employs the Joy-Cons from the system to detect certain motions during the game.

Unlike Labo's companion software, however, Ring Fit Adventure doesn't feel like a mere tech demo for Nintendo's newest fitness device.

Amnesia Collection out today on Nintendo Switch
Amnesia Collection out today on Nintendo Switch

The game takes players an "expansive world" with enemies to battle through real-world physical exercise.

So instead of casting a Fire spell or swinging a sword, Ring Fit adventurers inflict damage by flexing the Fit-Con, performing squats, or executing a ideal warrior pose.

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The Ring-Con is pressure-sensitive, tracking upper-body movements. Make it past the two-minute mark in the video below, and you'll see that this is actually an RPG disguised as a fitness game. One Joy-Con attaches to the ring while the other goes on a player's leg with the included leg strap. This will let them continue every day at an activity level that's comfortable for them. On your turn, you pick from a variety of Fit Skills to determine what kind of attacks you use.

The game looks like a classic fantasy adventure where players control a hero that has to fight through enemies to save the land from a bodybuilder dragon.

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The Ring-Con accessory is the key component of this experience.

A bundle that includes Ring Fit Adventure, a Ring-Con and a Leg Strap will be available beginning October 18 for $80.

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Two peripherals were revealed today: Ring-Con and Leg Strap. We've got screenshots and lifestyle photos (a first) in the gallery below.

Amnesia Collection out today on Nintendo Switch