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Brexit: Nigel Farage election pact proposal rejected by No 10

12 September 2019

"If you are a worker with a boss who makes you work extra hours with no pay, or forces you into a unsafe situation, you deserve a government that fights for you", Corbyn said.

Lewis told MPs: "Because [Jeremy Corbyn's] leadership has the led to the party of anti-racism and equality becoming the party of institutionalised antisemitism, so much so Mr Speaker that the majority of Jews in this country feel they would not be safe in the event of him becoming Prime Minister".

Johnson announced on August 28 that parliament would be prorogued, saying the government wanted the suspension so it could then launch a new legislative agenda.

Britain's opposition party leader committed to holding a second Brexit referendum if the Labor Party wins the next general election.

Johnson, who took office on July 24 to replace Theresa May, promises to carry out Brexit on the agreed date, with no excuses.

Voting against a general election offered by the sitting PM when Labour has been calling for one for months is not a good look.

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"A no-deal Brexit is really a Trump-deal Brexit", he said.

Speaking on the Andrew Neil show he said: 'It was tribal, party politics and I'm asking for whoever put that statement out, can't we rise above that?

Mr Farage has offered a "non-aggression pact" between his party and the Conservatives, on the condition that Mr Johnson sign up for "a clean-break Brexit" - in other words, no deal.

"I want to lead a Labour government that will bring people together, and a relationship with Europe, either in the European Union or an effective trading relationship with Europe, in which we have a dynamic relationship on regulations and rights so we don't become a Donald Trump island, on the edge of Europe, undermining the social advances that have been made".

In an excoriating judgment, the Scottish judges - who are part of the United Kingdom's legal system - ruled that the principal reason for parliament's suspension was to stymie lawmakers and allow Johnson to pursue a no-deal Brexit policy.

"It's time they made up their minds".

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Tories are hijacking the referendum result to help "the rich". "We will put power in the hands of workers", Corbyn said.

If Labour doesn't commit to remain during the election, then it hopes to be inoculated against the charge that it would waste time negotiating a Leave option that it would never endorse.

First priority is to stop a no-deal Brexit before heading to an election.

Shortly before the Commons rose for five weeks - meaning MPs return with just 17 days to the Brexit deadline - they voted 293 to 46 in favour of a snap election, falling short of the required super-majority.

Johnson, who was a figurehead for the Vote Leave campaign in the 2016 referendum, when 52 percent of voters backed Brexit, has rejected opposition complaints that he was undemocratically denying parliament the right to debate Brexit.

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Brexit: Nigel Farage election pact proposal rejected by No 10