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Labour's Corbyn offers support hailing courage of Belfast shipyard workers

11 September 2019

LABOUR will set up a brand new employment rights ministry alongside a new workers' protection agency to bang up bad bosses, Jeremy Corbyn pledged at TUC Congress today.

"Anybody who says it's all - this stuff about it being anti-democratic - I mean donnez-moi un break - what a load of nonsense", the Prime Minister said on a visit to a primary school in London.

Mr Watson will claim going to the polls would not break the Brexit deadlock and insist that while a vote "might at this moment seem inevitable, but that doesn't make it desirable".

"I want to thank the people of Bassetlaw for the friendship they have given me and my family and I wish you all the very best into the future".

"If you're a worker with a boss who makes you work extra hours for no pay or forces you into unsafe situations, you deserve a government that's on your side and ready to step in to support you".

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In the event of another general election in the coming months, Mr Watson says Labour must be "crystal clear" about where it stands on Brexit if it wants to get a hearing for the rest of its domestic policy agenda. "We're ready to unleash the biggest people-powered campaign we've ever seen".

"Boris Johnson has already conceded that the Brexit crisis can only be solved by the British people".

And it will probably delight Boris Johnson, who would expect to campaign against opposition parties with significantly differing degrees of commitment to reversing the result of the 2016 referendum.

Watson's intervention is likely to be viewed as less than helpful by the Labour leadership.

Shortly before the Commons rose for five weeks - meaning MPs return with just 17 days to the Brexit deadline - they voted 293 to 46 in favour of a snap election, falling short of the required super-majority.

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He announced that shadow labour minister Laura Pidcock would be made employment relations secretary in an incoming Labour cabinet, with responsibility for "rolling out collective bargaining across the economy, sector by sector". "And I think that's unbelievable, that decent people who have devoted their entire lives to mainstream politics are being driven out by this culture of extremism and in some cases, anti-semitism.I have to be honest and the truth is that I have become ashamed of the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn".

In his speech, Corbyn accused Johnson of symbolizing the "born-to-rule establishment" and wealthy individuals who "hoard the prosperity and dodge their taxes".

"Labour will treat our workers with the respect they deserve and will be on their side, not the side of asset strippers and austerity".

The imminent Brexit, set for October 31, has deepened the United Kingdom political crisis since 52% of the population voted to exit the European Union in the 2016 referendum.

McDonnell suggested on Sunday the party would not seek to open lengthy negotiations with Brussels, but would be hoping to rubber-stamp something like Theresa May's deal, with the addition of the compromises Labour had secured during the cross-party talks earlier this year.

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Corbyn began by asserting laws which search for to reinforce worker's rights and boost the electrical power of the unions.

Labour's Corbyn offers support hailing courage of Belfast shipyard workers