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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered releases on January 23rd

11 September 2019

Prepare for the journey of a lifetime.

While we still have a few days to go before Tokyo Game Show officially opens its gates, the announcement is indeed associated with the upcoming event in Japan.

The updated game that released on the GameCube will come to PS4, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices this January 23rd.

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The success of the original Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles spawned a franchise for Nintendo platforms, which saw releases for the Wii and Nintendo DS. Whether you're playing with friends or solo, Square Enix says that you'll explore a "stunning fantasy world" and "make new memories with fantastic characters and fun action-RPG gameplay".

Long ago, a giant meteorite fell on the land, and deadly miasma blanketed the world.

Team up with faraway friends to take down fearsome foes! Luckily, multiplayer in the remastered edition won't be anywhere near as headache-inducing. The trailer also states that the game will support cross-play online multiplayer for the game's various platforms. You can also play your saved game on one platform, and pick it back up on another. Along the way, players will encounter brand new monsters, bosses, and never before seen dungeons.

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Other additions to this version of the game include new post-game content such as tougher bosses and new dungeons along with new skins for each of the characters.

New Character Appearances and Items - Stand out with brand-new looks and artefacts to equip and use throughout your magical journey. Today, we learned when the remastered version of Crystal Chronicles will launch, and it isn't too far off.

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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered releases on January 23rd