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Facebook explains privacy concerns ahead of iOS 13

11 September 2019

"You're in control of who sees your location on Facebook". And there's the brand new tantalizing "allow once" setting that provides an app the power to geolocate a person for a single instant after which not again until further permission is granted. So there's the potential for confusion as to what data is being shared if there's a mismatch between your Android 10 and Facebook settings.

To Facebook's credit, it will use the most restrictive settings a user implements, whether it's in the Facebook app or in their mobile OS. "We understand that this may be confusing if you're already using Facebook's background location setting, and this update may cause a few instances where the Android and Facebook location settings will be out of sync, "wrote McDonald".

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In essence, this is a PSA to reassure Facebook isn't going to do anything shady while most Android users wait for the Android 10 update. But this is coming later this year and is not part of the iOS 13 or 13.1 versions. The notifications will also include a map of what location data an app received.

Ahead of the upcoming public releases of iOS 13 on September 19th, Apple has told developers via its developer website that App Store submissions are open.

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Other features like Find Wi-Fi and Nearby Friends utilise your precise Global Positioning System location, regardless of whether you're now using the app. "We'll continue to make it easier for you to control how and when you share your location", mentioned McDonald.

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Facebook explains privacy concerns ahead of iOS 13