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Rare full moon to illuminate night sky on Friday the 13th

10 September 2019

But, for the casual observer, the nightsky on Friday, September 13, will be dominated by a basically full moon.

While Friday the 13 is usually considered a day of bad lucky, you may be fortunate enough to view the Harvest Moon, especially if you try in the middle of the night.

So why is this timing so special? The last time this happened was October 13, 2000, and it won't occur again until August 13, 2049.

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Alena Kiel said: "Anyway so my birthday is on Friday the 13th and there's a Full Moon so I guess I'm gonna be extra powerful this year".

Jose Herrera said: "Next Friday is Friday the 13th and it's gonna be a Full Moon so if y'all see me in the woods dancing naked, mind your business".

How well will we be able to see the moon on Friday?

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Here, in the Eastern Time Zone, this month's full moon will peak just a few minutes into Saturday the 14th, at 12:33 a.m.

According to NASA, it's called the Harvest Moon because it's the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox. So in the days before the Harvest Moon, the moon will rise less than 27 minutes later each night providing more light to farmers after the sun sets.

Technically, a full moon occurs at a specific moment.

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The opposite of a micromoon is a "supermoon" when the the moon is at perigee, or at the closest point to the Earth in its orbit. As a result, the full moon this week will appear about 14 percent smaller. This is because the moon is also nearing its apogee-the point in its almost month-long elliptical orbit at which it s furthest away from Earth.

Rare full moon to illuminate night sky on Friday the 13th