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Parliament can not stop Brexit, Johnson to tell Macron and Merkel

19 August 2019

The revelations come just before Boris Johnson takes his first official foreign trip as prime minister to meet with French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel in advance of this coming weekend's G-7 summit in Biarritz, France.

"Compiled this month by the Cabinet Office under the codename Operation Yellowhammer, the dossier offers a rare glimpse into the covert planning being carried out by the government to avert a catastrophic collapse in the nation's infrastructure", the paper wrote.

"These reports are no surprise to those of us on this side of the Irish Sea who have been voicing our very real concerns on the consequences of a No-Deal Brexit for a considerable period of time directly with the British government and the European Commission", she said. At the moment, negotiations are at a standstill. It's unclear whether Johnson would win such a vote.

The announcement of the Act's repeal, posted on the UK Government's website, marks a historic step in returning law-making powers from Brussels to the UK. But the Yellowhammer findings anticipate that measures to avoid a hard border will probably "prove unsustainable".

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Davis highlighted how, for example, Hammond had blocked attempts to provide small businesses with information on how to adapt to new customs arrangements if Britain left the European Union customs regime as long ago as March 2018 - "So it is a bit rich for the former Chancellor to complain that the United Kingdom is not ready for No Deal when his own department actively prevented preparation" - but added that, "Of course, this was not the only way in which the Treasury - and the Bank of England - acted to undermine our negotiating position".

The report also outlined that trade will be severely disrupted, with the agri-food sector hit the hardest. And the black market could grow, especially in "border communities". The litany of anticipated impacts also includes delays at airports and, potentially, protests around the country that would suck up police resources.

Mr Gove also claimed some MPs were "frustrating" the government's chances of securing a new deal with the EU.

But the leaked documents say Britain is mostly unprepared amid "EU exit fatigue" after the United Kingdom missed a planned departure date in March, according to the paper.

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Gove, in a message on his social media website, said: "We don't normally comment on leaks - but a few facts - Yellowhammer is a worst case scenario".

"If parliament was to force the government to pass an extension, it can easily change the date again", said Maddy Thimont-Jack, a senior researcher at Institute for Government.

"We have dealt with all issues relating to the flow of goods, foodstuffs, waste, medicines and the flow of people and vehicles across the frontier", Chief Minister Fabian Picardo said in a Gibraltar government statement.

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Parliament can not stop Brexit, Johnson to tell Macron and Merkel